Salty Bath Review – October 2016

Posted by Kendra

Salty Bath is a monthly bath and beauty self-care service curated to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each delivery features all-natural and vegan bath salt blends, an essential meditation oil, a meditation-inspiring mandala card, and more luxurious spa-oriented gifts.

Price: Starts at $27.95/mo. (Review is for Luxe tier, which starts at $39.95/mo.)
Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Coupon: Use coupon code MARKETPLACE to take 20% off your first month


Do you ever have those dreary gray days where no matter what, you just can’t seem to wake up? I was slogging through one of these when my October Salty Bath came in the mail, and even before opening it, the bright lemongrass fragrance that wafted from the box was a brilliant jolt to the senses. A bath and beauty box that made me feel refreshed before even unboxing it? Color me intrigued.

I signed up for Salty Bath because I loved their all-natural, holistic approach to bath and beauty—and because life’s too short not to treat yo’self, I splurged and went for the Luxe tier. Turns out I wouldn’t regret it! Let’s take a look at the goodies in the October box:

Salty Bath Luxe Item #1: Detox Soak with Citrus, Bergamot and Lavender

As bath salts are the namesake of Salty Box, I dove into this right away. This month’s concoction, “Detox Soak,” is made with Dead Sea salts, epsom salts, and wonderfully fragrant, bright-smelling citrus, lavender and bergamot essential oils. The package instructed me to use ½ cup per bath, but the scent was so powerful that I was able to scale back and use about half that, and still have a luxuriously scented, relaxing bath that made me feel like I was in a spa.


Salty Bath Luxe Item #2: Lemongrass Aromatherapy Oil

I love essential oils, and lemongrass, with its natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and insect repelling properties, is a must-have in your personal essential oil library. The Salty Bath packaging is neat and attractive, with an eyedropper top that makes it easy to add drops to your bath, aromatherapy blends, lotions, and more.

Salty Bath Luxe Item #3: Citrine and Rock Salt Crystals

I loved lining these crystals along the side of my tub while I was bathing! Salty Bath’s insert explains that the citrine promotes good fortune and success, and that rock salt is a purifying stone, protecting against negative energies. Whether or not you’re a crystal person, I love relaxing in a beautiful space, and these gently glowing stones added to the ambiance of my bath and made me feel luxurious. Plus 5 spa points.


Salty Bath Luxe Item #4: Reiki-Charged “Nirvana” Candle

A handsome little votive with a powerful scent throw. I like coupling this with a non-salted bath and letting the fragrance permeate the steamy room organically. My insert notes that this is a bonus item with my first box, but I hope to see more of these beautiful candles in future boxes.

Salty Bath Luxe Item #5: Mantra Card

This mantra card features a watercolor mandala in soothing colors, coupled with the phrase I am at peace, whole and balanced. It’s lovely, printed on a heavy, high-quality cardstock. I’ve got it propped up on my desk at work, and it reminds me to breathe and recenter myself when I look at it—a small thing, but a nice reminder!

Salty Bath Luxe Item Bonus Item: Organic Body Butter

Who doesn’t love bonus gifts? This full-sized (4-oz) jar of organic grapefruit body butter is a delightful treat, with a smooth, light texture that absorbs quickly and leaves my skin, no lie, actually baby soft, with none of the oiliness or stickiness that accompanies some all-natural body butters. Everything in this box is amazing, but this was definitely my favorite item! If Salty Box ever makes a body butter-centric box, I’m signing up in a heartbeat.

The verdict:

Salty Bath delivers an incredibly luxurious, pampering spa experience featuring a focus on meditative, spiritual health as well as all-natural, organic products that left me feeling soft, clean, and ultimately relaxed. Between the body products, the crystals, candle and card, this is a perfect subscription for anyone (or yourself!) who’s seeking a high-quality, lovingly curated at-home spa experience. I can’t wait to see what next month brings—until then, I’ll be in the bath. Five of five stars.