ScrawlrBox Review | March 2017

ScrawlrBox is a cool new monthly box of art supplies, professional-grade products for the artist in all of us. Each month comes with a Scrawlr Challenge, too, asking subscribers to create a work of art inspired by that month’s theme. March’s theme? “New Beginnings.” How fitting for the (at last!) beginning of spring!

Price: Starts at £15.00/month ($18.71 USD)
Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United Kingdom

Item #1: Seawhite of Brighton Brush Set

These golden, synthetic paintbrushes are gorgeous, with soft and malleable bristles. I’ve only tried them with watercolors and acrylics so far, but I love their flexibility.

Item #2: Acrylic Paints by Amsterdam and Palette

This month’s box came with four tubes of paint: Raw Sienna, Lamp Black, Vermilion, and Titan Yellow. The sienna and black blend really well together, and the vermilion and yellow create a funky, almost neon palette.

To my delight, these paints dry quickly, so I can easily tweak any mistakes I make. This month’s box also comes with a firm oaktag “palette” to mix your colors as needed! No dirtying your cups today.

Item #3: Toma Acrylic Marker

I’d never used an acrylic marker before, and I have to say, I’m in love — this gives me a great new way to precisely get onto the canvas exactly what I mean to.

Bonus Gift! Scrawlr Sticker and Lollipop

When isn’t it a good day when you get a free sticker and lollipop? I’m holding off on eating it until I complete the Scrawlr Challenge.

Item #5: Fabriano Pittura 400gsm Paper

This paper feels like the world’s thinnest canvas. The grainy texture is woven and thick, and the fact that it’s acid-free makes it perfect for handling acrylic paint. I’m already sketching out my next masterpiece.

Item #6: Art Print by Annatomix I love the meshing of geometric texture with a natural subject, from space rocks to small birds, so I was obsessed with Annatomix’s art as soon as I saw it. The vibrant colors! The robot shine of those feathers!

I’m already following her on Instagram, and I can’t wait to see who ScrawlrBox features in April.