Get Ready to Unbox Your Favorite Cause with Ribbon Honors

Looking for a way to support a friend or loved one who is battling an illness? Good news! Ribbon Honors is an upcoming subscription box that celebrates those who fight the good fight every single day.

When you decide to have these monthly boxes sent to your loved one, you can select the recipient’s gender and their ribbon cause like diabetes, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and others.

We’ve received Ribbon Honors‘ first month’s box so that we can give you an exclusive first look!

Ribbon Honors

Subscription Box: Ribbon Honors
Price: $44.95/month

Theme of the Box:

Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem & Smarter Than You Think

Ribbon Honors

Item #1: T-Shirt

This incredibly soft black shirt spells out theme of the box in large white letters on the front. The bold, high-quality printing on this shirt sends a loud, powerful message that reminds the wearer of their own worth. Everyone deals with their own struggles, and sometimes all we need is a self-confidence boost to remind us that we are better than we think.

Item #2: Journal

Journaling during difficult times serves as one of the most therapeutic ways to express one’s feelings, concerns, and doubts. This particular journal comes in a cool, grey color printed with the “Smarter Than You Think” part of the message in bright white on the front.

Beneath the tastefully smooth hardcover are relatively thick and durable off-white pages. In addition to its classy features, the journal also contains a white ribbon bookmark that ensures you won’t lose your spot.

Item #3: Pillowcase

This grey pillowcase printed with “Braver Than You Believe” correlates with the journal, finishing the quote right where it picked off. It fits perfectly on a 20 x 20 display pillow and is thick enough to survive many washes. The opposite side is pure white, so it will match any furniture set! I appreciate the effort of matching both the journal and pillowcase, since I imagine they’ll be used together pretty frequently.

Item #4: Mug

This generously-sized mug makes for a superb addition to this box, because when one is ill, it’s always the little things like a cup of hot tea or coffee that keep you going. Continuing with the theme of empowerment, the full box theme message is printed across the front of this transparent glass mug. And when we say it’s generously-sized, we’re not kidding: when I made my Earl Grey tea earlier, I felt like I could keep pouring and pouring the hot water!

Items #5 + #6: Paperweight and Keychain

Both the paperweight and the keychain also reflect this month’s theme: the keychain is shaped like a small dog tag with the message etched into its silver body, while the paperweight has the message printed on one side. Both items are functional and a conveniently small size, but don’t let their size fool you — they still pack a powerful message!


Ribbon Honors is exactly what a person who is battling against an illness or disease needs. The thematic consistency across all the items makes it evident that this box went above and beyond with curation. There was even a certificate of courage included that echoes all of the thought, love, and care put into the box. For anyone who knows somebody with a ribbon disease who needs all the extra support they can get, I cannot recommend this subscription enough.