More and More People are Adopting Pets –– and Here's Why

Looking back through this COVID era, it’s easy to see a lot of doom and gloom, but Ann Dunn, the director of Oakland Animal Services in California, sees the rise of pet adoption during this time as a thin silver lining. As employers moved to work-from-home arrangements and people emptied offices for remote set-ups, pet adoptions across the country boomed.

Animal shelters and rescue agencies reported a huge increase in the number of requests to foster and adopt that coincides with the country’s lockdown measures. During the first few weeks of shelter-in-place orders, the ASPCA reported nearly a 70% increase in foster placements from the previous year. And, this was all in a time when socially-distanced walks and Zoom interviews were replacing in-person adoption events.

Growing the Family


While the numbers are pretty impressive, it’s not difficult to see why more people are seeking to adopt pets during this time. When you don’t have to spend most of your day commuting and office bound, you suddenly have more time to devote to the needs of a dog. You’re available to take those daily walks, make sure they get enough run time, and structure your work routines to accommodate pet care.

But more than just time, pets of all kinds are great for our mental health. Along with the physical health crisis, COVID has brought along a pandemic of stress and anxiety. Routines were changed overnight and “normal life” came to a screeching halt, which left a lot of people feeling unbalanced and uncertain about the future. Adopting a pet offered a chance to create a new routine and provide companionship through the isolation caused by quarantine. More than that, pet ownership is often filled with joy, and people tend to feel more hope for the future with furry friends by their side.

Beloved Fur Babies

Along with this increase in the number of pet adoptions, people are spending much more time with their pets and are building deeper connections and bonds with them. Pets have always been seen as a member of the family, but now, more than ever!

Having extended family out of reach, and long stretches of time without nurturing our friendships in person, cats and dogs have stepped into that role for many people. Opportunities to foster and adopt pets have also faced much stricter competition because of the increased demand, so once an adoption is complete, the new pet already has a special place in their heart.

Treat Them Well


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