Manifest Your Best Life With 3 Mystical Subscription Boxes

As many of us practice social distancing and spend more time at home, we might find ourselves with a few extra hours to ponder. Taking stock of things, we might find ourselves wondering "What if...?"

Well, instead of asking what it would take for our dreams to become reality, what if we could make them happen? Enter manifestation! It's not hocus-pocus from a pointy-hatted witch, but the process of setting clear intentions and then visualizing your best life. As you tap into your creative being, you bring about the change you desire. Whether you're manifesting a soulmate or career move, mystical subscription boxes deliver the tools you need.

Inspired by their own life-changing manifestations, three entrepreneurs set out to share their spiritual tools and tips via mystic monthly subscriptions. Cratejoy sat down with the founders behind new boxes BeautyEverywhere, Psychic Envy, and Mystic Pup to learn about their experiences and how they're helping subscribers live their best lives. Keep reading to see how these subscription boxes can help you incorporate manifestation into your daily life!



For years, Rain searched for a meaningful way to share her positive energy and joy with the world. Then, after spending decades in administration and retail-buying, she manifested her own destiny and launched the Mystic Pup subscription box! "I realized my own dreams," she says, "and started taking the steps to be a creative entrepreneur."

At the time of launch, Rain subscribed to a couple of different boxes for dogs, but craved something more. "I kept wishing for a box that could somehow combine two things that I love: alternative spirituality and dogs." And that's how Mystic Pup started -- it's superfood for the dog-loving soul. "This box is for people who wink back at their dogs, you know, just in case there is a secret code," says Rain.

Her first entrepreneurial step was to post positive affirmations with dog photos online and get feedback. Rain says they were a hit! "I posted them and ideas started flowing for different themes and fun things to include in the boxes." So what can you expect with a monthly subscription? Mystic Pup's monthly boxes include a mix of spiritual items for both humans and canines. For your pup, you'll get a natural treat and a fun toy. For yourself, you'll get 2-3 self-care goodies like aromatherapy essential oils, beauty products, bath products, tea, jewelry and more.

Rain chooses the monthly subscription box items and wants to help other entrepreneurs. "I love partnering with local artists and supporting fellow crafters," she says, "and will often include their handmade items." Rain provides the same thought into sourcing the dog items, too. "It's important to me to include natural dog treats, so they are all sourced from either the US or Canada and contain recognizable ingredients with no harmful additives," she says.

With each subscription box, Rain has one mission: "to deliver a pawsitive experience full of mystery and mystical things to celebrate the bond that we have with our pups." She's grateful for the support from fellow dog-lovers and encourages them to reach out with questions. "If something goes wrong with your monthly subscription, just let me know. I'll always be there to help you strengthen your connection with your dog."

What does the future hold for Rain and Mystic Pup? "Success is waking up in the morning to a bunch of cute photos of people and their dogs enjoying the items from the boxes," says Rain. "Seeing a subscription box inspire a mindful human-dog connection warms my heart." Her long-term dream is to be able to donate some of the profits to organizations for guide dogs and therapy dogs. "Those dogs provide invaluable healing and companionship," she says. We couldn't agree more.