Sabbatical Beauty Review | July 2017

Founded by Adeline Koh, Sabbatical Beauty is a K-Beauty-inspired subscription box that brings you between three and four samples of their gentle, natural and effective products at a massive discount!

Sabbatical Beauty makes small-batch, ethically-handcrafted artisanal Asian beauty products with high levels of active ingredients. Subscribers also get 20% off box items for the month in the main shop!

Koh originally founded Sabbatical Beauty as both a hobby and to fill a need in the skincare world. Many of the skincare products she tried simply didn’t work, and she wanted to create a solution for women everywhere, no matter their skin type or concerns. '

Sabbatical Beauty July 2017 Box

Price: $50.00/month
Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States

Don’t let the sizes of these babies fool you – a little bit goes such a long way due to the extremely high concentration of actives found in each product, meaning you’re only getting the good stuff for your skin.

Many mid- to luxury- end skincare products found on the market contain lots of filler ingredients including petroleum-based ingredients (paraffin, we’re looking at you), dyes, and other questionable components. That or their active ingredients only make up a very small percentage of the product itself. Pro tip: if the active ingredients aren’t listed within the first few ingredients on the label, chances are you’re getting a lot of filler product.

Sabbatical Beauty July 2017

This subscription box is a great way to try different products from Sabbatical Beauty’s main store without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to pick and choose which products work for your skin type the best. I promise you this: you’ll find at least one product you’ll fall head-over-heels for in each box. (And if you’re anything like me, you’ll fall head-over-heels for all of them…)

Enough talk, let’s see what July 2017’s box contained!

Item #1: Vacuum Cleanser Cleansing Oil (1 oz, Retail Price $20)

Sabbatical Beauty Vacuum Cleanser Oil

This 1 oz sample of the unfragranced and vegan Vacuum Cleanser Oil is a godsend for anyone with oily and acne-prone skin, as it helps to deeply penetrate and remove dirt and any oil-based impurities. Though putting oil on your face might seem counterintuitive, this cleanser oil draws out the nasty gunk on your face and actually helps to balance your skin’s oil production!

If you’re somebody who hasn’t tried double-cleansing (oil cleanser + following with a foaming cleanser), you absolutely should because the normal once-over face wash doesn’t cut it. You’ll most likely still have residue on your face in some form! Double-cleansing is an absolute must especially if you wear makeup on daily basis.

Instructions: Apply to DRY skin. Massage half of a pea-sized drop onto a dry face, then rinse off with warm water.

Item #2: Rose & Honey Cream (5 ml, Retail Price $15)

Sabbatical Beauty Rose & Honey Cream

This next number smells like a rose and honey puree and leaves my skin glowing, smooth, and supple…all without any stickiness. Formulated with the antioxidant power couple of rose and royal jelly, this “cream” (really more of a gel-like consistency) boasts a plethora of benefits ranging like anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, ultra-hydrating and much more.

According to Sabbatical Beauty’s description, Royal Jelly is derived from a honey bee secretion and is used to feed the queen bee of the hive. Meanwhile, I’m over here thinking, “If it’s good enough for a queen honey bee, it must be awesome for my skin!”

And awesome for my skin it is. Jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and other goodness, royal jelly is good for skin of all types + helps with diminishing fine lines. Um yes, I’ll take all of the royal jelly please!

The rose extract is also good for all skin types, but especially helps to brighten, minimize redness, and soothe irritation. All in all, a powerhouse product in a little package, but don’t let the size deter you — all you need is a dab of this potent stuff!

Instructions: Apply after cleansing and serums/essences. Follow with facial oil, sleeping pack or sunscreen/makeup.

Item #3: Cucumber Mint Vegan Cleanser (1 oz, Retail Price $20)

Sabbatical Beauty Cucumber Mint Cleanser

Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re not double-cleansing, you and your skin are missing out. Use an oil cleanser first (like the Vacuum Cleanser included), and then follow with this! I love that Sabbatical Beauty thought to include everything that you need for a double cleanse in this month’s box.

This lovely-smelling paraben-free cleanser lathers into a light foam to gently cleanse your skin. The soothing and calming ingredients of this cleanser set it apart from the average one and also make it an ideal summer cleanser. Let’s be real though, you’re probably going to end up liking this so much that you’ll incorporate it into your year-round routine.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Use as a second step cleanser after makeup removal/oil cleanser. Proceed with rest of routine.

Item #4: Unicorn Dreams II Shower Gel 🦄 (1 oz, Retail Price $20)

Sabbatical Beauty Unicorn Dreams II 2 Shower Gel

LOOK AT THIS SHIMMERY, GLITTERY, LUXURIOUS SHOWER GEL. LOOK AT IT. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. I just want to hold it in my hand and swirl it around and ooh and ahh over it….insert heart eye emojis

Okay, but really. This magical pink shower gel looks like a unicorn vomited everywhere, and I’m alllll about it. I think the only thing that would make this shower gel better is if it came with an actual unicorn.

Not only is it pretty, but it’s also moisturizing and smells amazing, like fresh-squeezed oranges. If there’s one thing that will up your shower game, it’s this shower gel. Who doesn’t want to shower in a cloud of unicorn dreams? All I want to do is bathe in a tub of this stuff and then emerge like Venus on the half shell…

Instructions: Lather up and transform into a unicorn (this one I may or may not have made up…)


If you couldn’t tell already, I am beyond sold on all of Sabbatical Beauty’s products. They promise results and actually deliver, which isn’t the case for most skincare products found on the market. Plus, each sample purchased individually would have cost $75, so what an exceptional value this box is!

The best part? It’s only been a short period of time, and I can already see and feel a difference in my skin complexion and texture. With time, I’m sure my skin will only continue to show improvement. As someone who’s tried a plethora of expensive products to little to no avail, I am over the moon with how the products are performing on my skin, and I cannot wait to try more Sabbatical Beauty offerings!

I already know I’ll be getting a full-size version of my favorites, and once you give ’em a go – you probably will too. For all you busy ladies out there, this is the perfect box to treat yourself with and incorporate a bit of self-care into your day-to-day!