A New Box for Catholics: Saint of the Month Sneak Peek

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When you’re religious, you try every day to accomplish your spiritual goals, yet dedicating yourself to your faith can sometimes be more of a task than something you look forward to.

If you’re searching for a new way to strengthen your Catholic faith, the new Saint of the Month box will bring you closer to His holiness every month. Each box features one particularly special saint with items and weekly tasks to help you stay on track. The box curators were kind enough to send their first month’s box so we can give you an exclusive sneak peak!

Saint of the Month

Subscription Box: Saint of the Month
Price: $31.99/month


Saint of the Month Pamphlet and Instructions

For the first month, who else could they possible feature besides Jesus Christ himself? The pamphlet comes on smooth paper that’s been designed to look artistically archaic. The pamphlet gives you an in-depth summary of your new subscription box and relays interesting facts and information about Jesus Christ.

Every month, this subscription sends weekly instructions to help you reflect upon your saint’s messages. You’re also only allowed to open the gifts that coordinate with their week. My instructions for the month included doing acts of charity, journaling everyday, lighting a prayer candle and musing over the golden rule. I loved how every activity tied Jesus back into my life in an approachable way.


Week One: Bluetree’s Live CD

Saint of the Month

Bluetree is contemporary Christian band from Northern Ireland and this CD features the 10 live songs that were performed at the Exchange Church in Belfast. Their songs are relatively upbeat and you can truly feel the band members’ passion for their love of Christ.

I was thrilled when I saw that my CD had their major hit “God of this City!” This song was one of their biggest hits and won a 2009 Dove award. The piano solo in this piece really tugs at my heartstrings and I felt like I was right there in Belfast listening to them.


Week Two: Journal

Saint of the Month

My week two gift was a purple hardcover journal with each page including a beautiful piece of scripture meant to uplift your journey to God. Its high-quality design feels great in the hand and is a perfect addition to this box.

I couldn’t believe how nice my journal was! It reminds me of the very first Bible my parents gave me. I love feeling the thickness of its pages and writing about my own growth as a person.


Week Three Gift: Pink Candle

Saint of the Month

This cute little pink candle is your week three gift and helps you focus on your prayer. There’s an excellent portrait of Christ in the traditional Catholic-style print, and it features a wonderful prayer on the side. I enjoyed reading this short and sweet little prayer as my candle gently burned in my room.


Week Four: 3Strands Bracelet

Saint of the Month

3Strands is a Christian company that fights human trafficking by creating employment opportunities for survivors and those at risk. Your week four gift is their unisex bracelet, which is made from smooth brown leather and fits comfortably on your arm.

I loved how Saint of the Month includes a little note about the bracelet I received. It reminded me that Jesus taught kindness and that we should help others in need. Now I have something to wear on my daily spiritual journey!


Saint of the Month


You know it must be a special subscription when you immediately think of who you’d love to send this to. The Saint of the Month box is absolutely amazing and can be a blessing in disguise for yourself and others. The teachings of Christ were tied into all of the gifts so that the activities would uplift my spirits! I hope that your future subscription will uplift yours too!


Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Saint of the Month’s pre-launch, so if you want this spiritual subscription, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. Saint of the Month’s first shipment will be in late July. It’s a great way to keep the rest of your summer holy!