Shining the Spotlight on Scriptd: The Newest Box for Theater Fans

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For centuries, playwrights have been using the theater as a medium to express ideas that are enjoyed by the audience. While we’re sure you’d love to go to every play, musical, and opera in existence, it’s simply not feasible, time-wise and money-wise.

Lucky for you, with the upcoming Scriptd box, you’ll get the theater delivered to your doorstep monthly! This subscription brings two full-length plays from a new generation of diverse playwrights. As a thespian, I’m excited to raise the curtains up and reveal an exclusive first glance at Scriptd!


Subscription Box: Script’d
Price: $24.99/month

Item #1: Hir by Taylor Mac

Hir is a raw and subversive comedy written by Taylor Mac who is an actor, playwright, performance artist, and so much more in the New York thespian scene! This play deconstructs the stereotypical “family drama” and features an ex-marine, his revolution-crazed mother, his stroke-ridden father, and his trans brother.

The wallpaper falling apart on the cover speaks to the disintegration of gender norms and familial issues. Taylor Mac fights valiantly against conformity and categorization with a horrifically hilarious script. I love that I finally got a chance to read something by Taylor Mac!

Item #2: Luna Gale by Rebecca Gilman


Rebecca Gilman is one of the most talented playwrights in America and her Luna Gale is exactly what you would expect: deep, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. The plot revolves around a veteran social worker trying to help a teenage couple with their newborn baby because, at the end of the day, she determines what will come of their family.

There’s nothing but praise written all over the back cover of this book from New York Times, Variety, and other big media outlets. It took all I had to actually put it down and continue writing about it!




This is the subscription that theater kids dream of! Immediately, Scriptd delivers two playwrights worthy of more than a simple mention – these box curators didn’t just randomly grab two plays off of a shelf. Both scripts will make you think about what makes or breaks a family, all while spotlighting controversial issues! I’d recommend this subscription to anyone from budding thespians to performance addicts!

Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Scriptd’s pre-launch, so if you want this charmingly cultured subscription, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. Bring the lights up in your home after you order Scriptd!