Self-Care Gift Boxes for New Moms for Relaxing Luxury in Quiet Moments

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The first year as a new parent is no easy ride. Give her a helping hand with a self-care gift set that she can squeeze in between morning feedings and bedtime lullabies. While extra diapers and baby products are great gift ideas that every mama could use more of, give a pampering care package tailored just for her. What better way to help relax sore muscles and ease some first-time mom worries with a wellness bundle that soothes physically and mentally.

What are the best care packages and self-care gifts for new moms?


Cater to Mom

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Send some love via mail to a mom who could use a day just dedicated to warm bubble baths and pampering tired muscles. Cater to Mom is your postpartum self-care box for those learning to navigate life with a new baby. While this transitory period is beautiful and exciting, it can also be equally overwhelming on the body and mind. Shower mom with a box with all the goods – bath and body essentials, healthy snacks, self-care tips, and postpartum care resources to remind her that she is not alone.


Bump Bless Box

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If you're looking for a baby shower gift to give to a new mommy, make it a gift box that's tailored to her unique healing journey. Each box includes 7-8 high-quality and eco-friendly items like tea, organic lip balm, body mist, face serum, and adorable keepsakes like a "mom" bracelet. Help ease her into this new and exciting chapter with this postpartum recovery kit.


Oh Baby Boxes

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Ooo, Baby, baby – the much-awaited sweet bundle of joy has arrived! Send a new mama or mom-to-be a special box that focuses on the well-being of both the baby and the mom. Each box from Oh Baby includes 6-8 full-sized holistic products for those who are still on their journey and moms going through the postpartum period. Help ease the transition with a gift set that includes a mix of safe and natural treats, helpful books, and baby items.


Peace, Love & Breastmilk

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Peace, Love & Breastmilk is a gift box dedicated to helping moms overcome the challenges that come with breastfeeding. While they make it look so easy, there are certain elements we don't see behind closed doors. Pamper mom with 5 hand-selected items picked out by a Certified Lactation Counselor and Mental Health Professional that can help new babies latch and give mom the much-needed time to unwind. Boxes also include fun goodies like lactation bars/cookies, affirmation cards, nursing covers, water bottles, and adorable onesies.


The Fuse

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Surprise her with a gift set with 3-6 full-size adorable character bath bombs that she and the kids can all enjoy! Choose from 5 subscription options that include bubbly goodies from Sesame Street's Cookie Monster to heart-eyed emojis that will get the kiddies jumping into bath time – no negotiations needed. All products are vegan and cruelty-free!


Merkaela Deluxe Wellness Box

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Designed by conscious beings for conscious mamas, rejuvenate and unwind with the MerkaelaDeluze Wellness Box, a subscription service dedicated to the holistic approach to healing and recentering. Giver her a quarterly subscription packed with lots of TLC to help her relax, meditate, and create personal rituals to help her ground. Each box includes 5-8 self-care and wellness products from bath salts, scrubs, loose leaf teas, a meditation playlist, healing crystals, and more!


Craft in Style: Monthly Craft Supply Kit

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Craft in Style Box is a sweet box for DIY lovers who love creating and working with hands-on projects. This all-inclusive craft kit includes all the materials you need to make fun handmade goods like clay marbling, candles, sun print photography, and more! Use this gift to celebrate and remember some of your baby's milestones like designing new decor to go along with their monthly photo portraits.


The Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea Subscription Box

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Free Your Tea is your go-to caffeine-free herbal tea collection that's personalized to your unique taste. This thoughtful gift keeps breastfeeding moms in mind and handpicks a selection of 2 oz bags of teas tailored to her unique taste. With a variety of flavors like mint, chamomile, and roobios, throw a kettle and brew a blend that will help relax and renourish her body.


Welcome Box A

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When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, turn to the powers of aromatherapy to help ease your woes. A little goes a long way when it comes to using essential oils, and the benefits are endless! Sleep better, relax easier, and feel your zen with just a couple of drops in a diffuser. If you're new to aromatherapy, give BluZen a go by taking a personality quiz and getting a custom made set of oils straight to your door.


Monthly Bath & Body Ritual Box - Up to $120 retail value in every box!

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The journey of parenthood can cause sleepless nights and anxiety. As much as you want to give her a gift card for a pampering massage, the state of the world makes it scary for new moms to be exposed to crowds of people. Thankfully, subscription services like Modern Skyn Apothecary deliver handcrafted and organic skincare products like moisturizing lotions, refreshing face masks, and scented bath soaks and salts, where she can plan her own personal spa treatment at home.


The Mama Bird Box

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While the new baby is usually the one showered with gifts galore, don't forget to give something to the mama bear who carried him or her for nine months! The Mama Bird Box comes with 4-6 pampering items that will have her feeling like she's at a blissful spa. Watch her face glow up when she unboxes this gift set of treats from organic body washes, comfy socks, cute bedsite decor, bath salts, and delicious treats.