15 Unique Self-Care Gifts to Pamper New Moms

There's a strong possibility that no one needs self-care gifts quite as much as new moms do. A period of overwhelming joy, the blessing of a new baby also comes with an instant change to the routine, sleep deprivation, physical recuperation and plenty of mental and spiritual adjustment. Everything needs to shift around a little bit to welcome in this new bundle of joy.

But, sometimes moms can feel so overwhelmed by the whole experience that they find it difficult to ask for what they need. To make the transition easier, we’ve put together a fantastic gift guide with plenty of monthly subscription boxes that make both practical and thoughtful gifts to help get her through baby's first year of life.

With a curated monthly subscription box that arrives right on the front doorstep, there’s no asking required. It offers her a gentle reminder that mom needs as much TLC as baby does. Read on for some of our best self-care gifts for new moms that are available here on the Cratejoy marketplace.

1. Oh Baby Boxes


Price: Starts at $35.99

About the Gift Box: Oh Baby Boxes are specifically curated to deliver self-care essentials for moms-to-be and new mothers. Keeping baby’s health and mama’s emotional and physical health in mind, each box is tailored to mom’s due date, maximizing its usefulness. Whether baby is on the way or mom is in the postpartum period, each month brings 6-8 full-size safe and natural products, including body and skincare items, healing necessities, useful books and baby goodies.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 1-3 business days from receipt of order

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2. The Lena Rose Box


Price: Starts at $55.00

About the Gift Box: Bringing health and harmony for mind, body and soul to new moms across the country, The Lena Rose Box is a monthly subscription that caters to this transitional time in any woman's life. Centered around the baby’s due date, each month's box is brimming with 5-8 pampering products that focus on reducing stress and promoting happiness. Unpack everything from body care products, like bath bombs and soaks, to healing teas, practical accessories and useful tips.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 4th of every month

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3. Queen and Baby Box


Price: Starts at $45.00

About the Gift Box: A great gift for any working mom who is planning to breastfeed, the Queen and Baby Box is all about preparing, encouraging and supporting nursing moms when they return to the workplace. Sending the best names in breastfeeding supplies, each box delivers nursing essentials right to the office. Get a mix of useful pumping accessories, lactation aids, snacks and moral support, all thoughtfully selected to keep that milk flowing.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 4th of each month

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4. Mama Needs Box


Price: Starts at $39.99

About the Gift Box: One of the best gifts for first-time moms or new moms who are adding to their growing family is the Mama Needs Box. A monthly box that's curated around a relatable theme, each box includes 4-6 items that help mom direct her attention towards her own needs. Unbox self-care tools and tips, along with treats and pampering gift items that support mom taking a moment all to herself, while also supporting local women-owned and operated businesses.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on or around the 4th of every month

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5. Beautiful Fight Box


Price: Starts at $33.00

About the Gift Box: In a transitional period of life that can test anyone's faith, the Beautiful Fight Box is an inspiring gift idea for any new mom. A faith-filled women’s lifestyle box, unpack 4-5 top-quality artisan products, including cozy clothing, jewelry, stationery, water bottles, tasty treats and more, along with a touching story of people fighting everyday to make positive changes in their lives. Each purchase also helps pay it forward by donating 10% of the proceeds to a worthy cause.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 12th of the month

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6. Merkaela


Price: Starts at $32.00

About the Gift Box: Merkaela is a quarterly subscription that is focused on delivering TLC for body and mind. Available in a number of options, including a vegan option, each box is packed with the soft scent of relaxation, bringing 4-6 curated organic and chemical-free body care items, including everything from handmade soaps and body butter, to delicious loose-leaf teas, healing crystals and meditation elixirs.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. within a week from receipt of order

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7. Sweet Escape


Price: Starts at $27.99

About the Gift Box: It's time for mom to take a break from the worries of the day with Sweet Escape. Available in either a Mini Box with 2-3 full-size handmade spa items, or the Deluxe box with 5-6 full-size items, each themed box brings a nice mix of relaxing essentials, including body butters, bath salts, scrubs, masks and more. Unpack a book of the month in a preferred genre, a refreshing drink recipe, and a guide that aims to maximize the experience found in every box.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 4th of every month

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8. Mama Bird Box


Price: Starts at $34.95

About the Gift Box: Modern new moms or those with a baby on the way will love the fun, encouragement and wellness packed into each monthly Mama Bird Box. Delivering a budget-friendly gift idea, every month's box is packed with an assortment of 4-6 self-love and pampering items, like organic skincare products, healthy supplements, useful baby and mama accessories, tasty snacks and more.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. each week, shipping about a week after an order is placed

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9. Momma-razzi Box


Price: Starts at $21.66

About the Gift Box: Looking for an interesting baby shower gift for a new mom? The Momma-razzi Box is perfect for busy moms who love to document every special moment and milestone. A themed photo shoot awaits in every box, just unpack all that's needed from the background to the props and get to snapping some great shots. Access to custom training sessions help develop and improve photography skills, and each month offers the chance to capture beautiful photos in a half hour or less.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 4th of every month

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10. Laurel & Reed


Price: Starts at $43.95

About the Gift Box: One of the best self-care gift ideas is Laurel & Reed, a vegan beauty box that's here to take any self-care routine to the next level. Focused on providing luxury, new moms will love each mindfully curated box that delivers 4-6 full-size products, all non-toxic and cruelty-free. Bringing a mix of only the best beauty products on the market, get everything from skincare essentials, makeup and bath products, and tools and accessories.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. immediately after the receipt of order

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11. The Boobie Box


Price: Starts at $25.50

About the Gift Box: The Boobie Box is created by a Certified Lactation Counselor and a nursing mother of 2. With full knowledge that every woman's nursing journey is unique to her and each of her babes, and that nursing isn't all fun and games, this monthly subscription box is here to deliver support, encouragement and some of the best products for nursing moms, including lactation teas and snacks, useful nursing accessories, apparel and toys for the little bundle.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 5th of every month

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