Self-Care Sunday Tips to Kiss Those Sunday Night Blues Goodbye!

Do you suffer from the Sunday Scaries? You’re not alone. Also known as the Sunday Night Blues, the Sunday Sad, the Dread, and a rattlebag of other doom-and-gloom names, the Sunday Scaries refers to that feeling we’re all familiar with: When Friday night and Saturday have passed in a joyful rush, and suddenly, somehow, it’s Sunday evening and you’re staring down the barrel of another work- or school week.

Yeah. Those Sunday Scaries.

If you don’t fancy spending one night a week biting your nails and fending off existential crisis for the rest of your life, join the Self-Care Sunday movement! People all over the world are reclaiming Sunday as a day to practice self-care: a new bright spot in the busy week to slow down, check in, and make sure your needs are met so you can sail into Monday refreshed and glowing.

Ready to take back your Sunday?

Here are 11 tips to add to your self-care Sunday routine:


1. Unplug for some screen-free detox

Put down that smartphone and go outside for some fresh air! Studies show that even though social media seems like connection, it actually makes us feel more isolated. And for many people whose work involves email or Instagram, screen time can easily slip-slide into work. This whole day is for you, not for your job – spend it with loved ones or yourself, not the ‘net. Need a little inspiration? Check out the Unplugged Book Box for new books and pampering self-care goodies!


2. Do a sun salutation

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a shy new yoga practitioner, there’s no argument that yoga works wonders for your body and soul. This ancient art gives you space to breathe while promoting flexibility, low blood pressure, overall fitness, and great mental health.

Sign up for a yoga class with your best friends, or treat them to a home yoga experience with Do A Shot of Yoga! a fun, luxe lifestyle box that delivers yoga gear and goodies right to your door.

3. Learn something new

“Not working” isn’t the same as being bored. Wake up your brain by learning a new skill, reading a book, or checking out a podcast. Here are 8 great podcasts to get you started.


5. Make something beautiful

Okay, let’s be real – there are few joys quite so pure as having someone say, “Oh, I love that, where did you get it?” and being able to answer, “I made it myself.” Treat yourself to lowkey Sunday crafternoons with fun, Pinterest-worthy DIY projects from The Adults & Crafts Crate, and let the endorphin-boosting compliments flow.

6. Spend time with people you love

Make time for a brunch with your best friends, or seek out a special activity with your partner or family members. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – remember, laughter is the best medicine, so a Sunday evening with your BFFs and a Netflix comedy special might be all you need for a perfect day.


6. Put your best face forward

Ready to glow into next week? Whip up your own DIY face masks using smoothie ingredients you already have at home, or get your skin extra soft and radiant with no-mess Korean sheet masks. Skincare and self-love in one fell swoop: Now that’s the way to win that Sunday routine!