Shaker & Spoon Review | February 2019

Shaker & Spoon

What is Shaker & Spoon?

Shaker & Spoon is a unique subscription box that focuses on one special factor: booze. This month’s key ingredient is Canadian whiskey, one of my personal favorite forms of liquor.

Each month, expert bartenders, restaurant owners, and alcohol geniuses curate a set of 3 recipes and their ingredients (without the alcohol) for you to mix and try (with alcohol) at home.

This box is best for alcohol and mixed-drinks lovers (like myself), who like to try new recipes or want to explore different types of alcohol without having to search far-and-wide for interesting combinations of flavors.

How Much Does Shaker & Spoon Cost?

Shaker & Spoon runs about $40-$50 per month, but don’t let the cost keep you from taking the risk. You get enough ingredients to make about 4 servings per recipe, a total of 12 drinks. There are also plenty of options depending on your budget. Pay monthly, or every 3, 6, and 12 months to save a little off the top.

Overall Rating

Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality of Products: 5/5
Retail Value: 5/5
Curation: 5/5

Packaging and Unboxing

Thankfully, this box arrived very quickly, so if you’re planning a party and need a conversation starter, order about a week before and it should get there in plenty of time (but if you’re worried, it’s best to contact the company directly).

The box is super bright and colorful, perfect for taking beautiful pictures for your Instagram feed and stories. Just be careful when taking out the items, as the packaging was slightly messy as I pulled out each ingredient.

You will absolutely love unboxing this one. Each item is interesting, unique, and fits the theme of the box. It was exciting to read through each recipe and sort the ingredients as I went along.

Shaker & Spoon contents

As for the drinks themselves, we’ll get to that below.

February Box Items:

1 bottle of Aztec chocolate bitters
1 spritzer of orange oil
1 bag of sea salt
1 carton of plant-based creamer
2 chocolate wafers
1 jar of peach pecan preserves
1 bean bag cold brew
1 bottle of spiced tamarind syrup
2 lemons
4 packets of wildflower honey
4 cinnamon sticks

Shaker & Spoon contents

February's Cocktail Recipes

Recipe 1: Leather & Lace
By Christopher Sinclair of Kasbah in Sacramento


1 cinnamon stick
2 oz Canadian rye whiskey
¼ oz spiced tamarind syrup
2 dashes of Aztec chocolate bitters
1 spritz of orange oil

Shaker & Spoon february 2019


Smokey, delicious, refined. I loved making this first drink. The smoke, orange, and cinnamon combination was a great end to my Friday night. And I loved learning the new technique. This box is great for people who want to step up their mixing game but have no idea where to start.

Recipe 2: Home is Canada
By Evelyn Chick Sinclair of Prettyugly Bar


1.5 oz Canadian rye whiskey
½ oz cold brew
1 Tbsp peach pecan preserves
1 packet of honey (¼ oz)
½ oz lemon juice
1 small pinch of sea salt

Shaker & Spoon Home is Canada


Anything with lemon in it is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Which is why I knew I’d love this drink before I even tried it. This particular drink needs a little prepwork beforehand, so don’t forget to read the fine-print before giving it a try. You’ll love the way this whiskey cocktail makes you feel by the imaginary (if you’re me) fire.

Recipe 3: Let it Snow
By Joel Carlton of Winnipeg’s Bee’s Knees Bar Services


1 whole raw egg (not included)
2 oz Canadian rye whiskey
½ oz creamer
1 oz spiced chocolate maple syrup
Dark chocolate

Shaker & Spoon Let it snow


This is the coolest whiskey drink I’ve ever had, and so simple to make. I loved the use of cream and egg to give it that lightness and froth. You will love the added sweetness in the maple syrup. This drink it great for anyone trying to gradually develop a taste for whiskey.

Final Verdict

If you love mixed drinks, exploring unique flavors, and getting a bang for your buck, then Shaker & Spoon is definitely the subscription for you. I had so much fun putting these drinks together and trying the different flavors. Yes, it was a bit more complex than pouring myself a glass of beer, but it was so worth the extra steps.

Like I said, this box is a great option for learning new recipes and developing your mixologist skills, throwing a party and starting a conversation, or just to generally expand your knowledge of mixed drinks.

I would rate this box a 10/10 and definitely recommend you to give it a try. Order now if you don’t want to miss the next one!

For information about how to sign-up for Shaker & Spoon visit their listing page!