SinglesSwag Review – February 2017

SinglesSwag is the premier subscription box for confident, single-and-lovin’-it ladies who know how to treat themselves! Each box includes an info card about that month’s products and words of wisdom to live by; as February’s says, “When you’re thinking about who to be good to, think of you.” I couldn’t agree more.

Price: Starts at $24.99/month (SinglesSwag Petite) and $39.99/month (SinglesSwag)
Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from U.S.

SinglesSwag February 2017

Item #1: Sweet Water Décor Over-Sized Leather Pouch ($20 value)

This adorably chic clutch is made of canvas and a shimmery gold leather, just my style, with two pretty crescents of eyelashes printed onto the canvas. SinglesSwag suggests using this as a carryall for “beauty essentials,” but this bag is far too cute to hide in my bathroom cabinet; it’s now my go-to clutch for a night on the town.

Item #2: Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask ($8 value)

A sheet mask! Korean skincare products are having a moment for a reason––they work , insanely well––and this 100% bamboo mask did not disappoint. My skin felt soothed and soft from the chamomile in this, and I found myself glowing afterward from its extracts of apple and wild cherry. A spa-worthy experience, right at home.

Item #3: Mavi Bandz Headband ($15 value)

As someone with a pixie cut, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect headband; those bangs get sweaty in the summer, and I need something to keep them off my forehead without, y’know, putting my temples in a vise. Mavi Bandz is the solution: a soft, suede-like elastic that holds my bangs in place, feels so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing it, and comes in a striking, colorful diamond pattern to boot.

SinglesSwag February 2017

Item #4: ToGoSpa EYES Under Eye Collagen Gel Masks ($13 value)

I’d heard of collagen masks before, but never had a chance to try them! Well, let me tell you, ToGoSpa isn’t lying when they say these undereye strips are “cooling”––wearing these felt pleasantly like soaking my cheekbones in mint-infused water. It’s incredibly refreshing; after the recommended 20 minutes, I felt awake and ready to tackle my day. And best of all, my under-eye area looked as ready as I felt: no more dark circles here.

Item #5: Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler ($16 value)

As always, Chelsea Handler is a riot (and often adventurously, hilariously, buzzed) in her newest book, a memoir about her travels around the world. Whether she’s confusing sunblock with shampoo while on African safari or klutzily tearing her ACL on the Swiss slopes, I’m loving her storytelling; she writes in a way that’s stylish and funny and perhaps honest to a fault (hers, but certainly not ours).

SinglesSwag February 2017

Item #6: Heart-Shaped Shortbread Cookie by The Decorated Cookie Co.

Yeah, I ate this as soon as I saw it. What can I say? This cookie was buttery and sugary and delicious––in other words, exactly what I needed. 10/10: would eat again.

Special Bonus Gift! Love Yourself Pin by Fred & Far

This pair of rose gold pins was the first thing my eyes gravitated toward when I opened this month’s box: two hands reaching out to one another, making a pinky promise to love our lady friends and ourselves. It’s a Galentine’s Day surprise that would warm the heart of even the most “beautiful, rule-breaking moth” you know. I’m keeping one pin for myself and giving the other to my very own Ann Perkins!