Spiffster Club Review | February 2016

Posted by Lindsey

I’m one of those people who sincerely believes that a person’s wardrobe can be a good window into who they are as a person. The older I get, the more I realize that a person can make a great or terrible first impression, just on the way they dress. One of the things that I learned from my dad at a young age is that the main purpose of a tie is to compliment the suit. With that advice, I try to always make sure to wear a tie that matches the suit I’m wearing and also makes me stick out and look unique. I have always been a fan of tie boxes, because they turn me onto tie colors and designs that I otherwise may not have come across in a local store.

Spiffster Club is a monthly subscription service that provides you with a classy tie for $8.95 a month. The subscription aims at giving you a tie collection that you can be proud of, by providing unique products that are always up to date with today’s fashion trends.

This month, I received a baby blue tie that I really liked for the simple fact that it could work with many different suits. I really like baby blue because it sticks out in a way that doesn’t make me look too goofy or seem like I’m trying too hard. Because I’m a big University of North Carolina supporter, I naturally think that this tie would go well with a white shirt, but I tried it with a black one and I believe that it looked just as good. It’s crazy that this tie only costs $8.95, because it feels like it has the material of a tie that would usually go for about thirty dollars.

Another really great attribute about this company is that it gives opportunities for people who only want to buy one tie and not be a subscriber.  This is really cool because there are probably a lot of guys out there that aren’t really looking to get a huge tie collection, because they may not go to that many events that would require a suit and tie. With this, I believe that this company is really capitalizing on both fronts because they are not necessarily forcing people to subscribe but they can still make a good profit regardless.