Get Ready to Sweat! Spin Geeks First Look and Review

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While spin classes are a fun way to get toned up, they are kind of hard to break into, especially with how intense the spin workouts and community can sometimes seem.

Feel left out no more when Spin Geeks subscription gets launched this summer! Everything in this upcoming monthly box is just what you need to be prepared for the gym, especially your spin classes. Read on for your exclusive sneak peek!

Spin Geeks

Subscription Box: Spin Geeks
Price: $39.00/month

Item #1 and #2: My Bottle Water Bottle and Made For You Necklace

This “My Bottle” water bottle is the ideal size – not too big, and not too small. It has cutesy, large pink letters on a smooth, see-through background with a matching pink screw-on lid. It has two different pour sizes when you unscrew the top so you take get a quick sip or a large splash and I love it because it’s just so darn adorable! I need to stop writing about this bottle before my bottle gets jealous…

This Made For You necklace has the message ‘You vs You’ on a little silver plaque. For me, working out is all about fighting the desire to stop, and it always helps when you can remind yourself that you’re stronger than you think. There’s also a mini barbell attached to it, which is an adorable and motivational little touch.


Item #3 + #4: Geeky Knee High Socks and Headband

These straight-outta-the-80s socks and headband are colorful enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. One sock is a solid pink while the other is grey with pink, black, yellow, and white zigzags. The pink and purple striped headband really ties everything together.

But for real, did they make this box just for me? Not only do I believe I was born three decades too late, but I love slightly mismatching socks. They are sooo soft and the headband is stretchy while fully functional. It seems to fit anyone’s head and helps keep hair and sweat out of your face!


Item #5: Pressure Point Massage Ball

Spin Geeks

After an intense spin session, you can guarantee that your body will be sore in places you didn’t know existed on your body. This spiky red Pressure Point Massage Ball is small enough to tote around easily, so when you spun the night before and you’re hurting at your desk, you can use this to alleviate some pressure.


Item #6 + #7: Lip Scrub and Curate Bar

Despite drinking all the water imaginable, your lips can dry out when you’re working out. This is especially true if you’ve taken to cycling outside some days. The dark cherry lip scrub is an excellent way to slough dead skin off after sun exposure and keep your pout soft and hydrated.

After you soften up those puckers, munch on the salted decadence of the Curate bar. One of the best things you can do for your body after working out is replace the fuel it just lost. This snack offers you quick protein through quinoa and almonds, but also includes some tasty dark chocolate and almond butter.


Item #8 + #9: Cucumber Melon Bodi Butter and Grape Seed Face Mask

The cucumber melon “bodi” butter features a delightfully refreshing scent and lovely texture. Apply after a hot shower in the gym to help keep your skin moisturized post-workout. Plus, the bodi butter didn’t leave the weird film on my skin that many lotions do.

The grape seed face mask is just what your face needs after drowning in sweat. It provides a thin film of moisturization to ensure pore goodness! The face mask was easy to apply and surprisingly easy to take off, and left my face feeling brand new. The cucumber melon and grape scent paired very well and I walked out of the locker room feeling fruitilicious.


Item #10: Stretch Band

This black, medium-sized stretch band is a fantastic addition to anyone’s home gym for working out on the go. Stretch bands are used for strength training, and while I know you’re probably killing it during spin, stretch bands can make sure you don’t miss out on working those triceps!

Having an extra stretch band is always wonderful, especially since they wear out pretty easily! My three year-old nephew stole my last one to use as a sling shot, so my only advice here is to hide it from imaginative children.


Item #11: Headset and Accessory Bag

Two little turquoise headphones are tucked neatly inside of a clam shell pink headphone case. The hard case ensures you won’t smush your headphones, which is a godsend considering how easily headphones can break. Even if I end up losing them, the case can hold all sorts of small stuff I want protected.

Dealing with bulky backpacks and purses can be annoying when you’re trying to get your sweat on, but this retro dotted accessory bag is the perfect small size to place next to your bike. It also holds almost everything that came in the box, making it a convenient way to take all your spin goodies with you to class!



Honestly? I can’t believe how much I got in this box. It felt like a clown car with how much awesome spin gear there was packed inside. Everything is exactly what you need, whether you’re either a spin fanatic or introducing yourself to spin workouts. As an avid gym-goer, I was more than satisfied with this subscription box. I recommend this to anyone who likes to better themselves through any method of exercising!


Ready to order? Be first in line!

Exclusive first rights are given to those who sign up during Spin Geeks’ pre-launch, so if you want this excitingly spintastic workout box, sign up now to receive your first one this summer. Get those wheels turnin’ and that body workin’ with Spin Geeks!