Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids That Make Staycation Cool


Spring break activities are probably going to look a little different this year for your whole family. Instead of going on a big trip or vacation, your kiddos might be spending the break at home. While the living room isn’t exactly the same as a beach or theme park, you can still find tons of great activities to keep your kids –– from preschoolers to older kids –– entertained over the whole week and make them feel like they’re actually having a vacation.

Below are some fun activities that can keep your kids busy during a spring break staycation, giving you the time you need to manage your own work and projects during the day. Some of these spring break ideas are perfect for pint-sized learners to handle on their own, while others are designed to be fun for the whole family.

Want to discover the best spring break activities for kids that they can safely enjoy in their living room? With the ideas below and some of Cratejoy’s top-rated kids’ and family subscription boxes, it’s never been easier to spring into family fun.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: How to Brake for the Break

If your kids have returned to school and are learning in their classrooms again, then staying at home over spring break may already feel like a mini-vacation to them. However, for many kiddos, spring break this year will be one more week that they spend at home. If that’s the case for your family, you’ll want to help your children feel like they’re truly having a vacation. The key is to plan spring break activities ahead of time that can help prevent a nonstop repeat of those two dreaded words: “I’m bored!”

One fantastic way to keep kids occupied during an at-home break is by keeping their minds as well as their hands engaged. If your kids are learning at home, you’ll want to make them feel like they’re on a break instead of just spending more time studying and attending classes remotely. We have some easy parenting hacks on educational activities for kids that don’t feel like learning, so your little ones can spend spring break learning a new skill while they’re also having fun.

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry. If you’re super short on time and can’t plan spring break activities for your family, there’s a solution that really delivers! Cratejoy’s list of the best kids’ subscription boxes of all time is filled with exciting monthly activities and projects for kiddos that will keep them entertained, engaged, and delighted. These subscription boxes for kids are delivered conveniently to you, so there’s no need to leave the house. Plus, with a brand-new box arriving every month, your kids will look forward to their next adventure in a box, and you’ll know that they’re getting an age-appropriate activity while they’re spending time away from their screens.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: Less Screen Time, More Fun Time

Speaking of screen time, let’s address the brightly-lit elephants in the room: the dreaded TV, computer, and phone. Over spring break, your little ones may be incredibly tempted to sit in front of the television or play with their computers and phones all day long... and you may be just as tempted to let them. No judgment here –– we completely understand, which is why we put together a list of several helpful parenting hacks on how to limit screen time for kids.

The great news is that there are tons of simple and enjoyable spring break activities for kids that can help encourage them to turn off the screens. Our kids’ educational subscription boxes can inspire a love of learning and act as a wonderful supplement to your child’s school experience. Monthly boxes with science experiments have become especially popular for older children, as they provide a hands-on project that can inspire a lifelong interest in science, math, engineering, and technology (the fields that comprise STEM). With so many subscription boxes for kids in a huge variety of age ranges, including STEM experiments and science activities, Cratejoy can help you find an amazing spring break activity –– or several –– for your kiddos.

Kids’ craft subscription boxes are another awesome way to give your littles a great activity that will keep their focus for a while. They can put together their very own art project, developing their motor skills and coordination while also generating a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. Your crafty kiddos will love exploring their DIY talents, and you can engage with them by talking about the project and what they enjoyed about it.

Cratejoy’s craft subscription boxes for kids feature a variety of art mediums for your children to explore, including coloring, painting, stickers, sewing, baking, and more. Since craft subscription boxes deliver a project and all of the craft supplies your children will need to complete it, you can rest easy, knowing you won’t have to run out to the store to get a missed ingredient –– it’s all included. And if you’re not sure where to start, or if you have kids in different age groups, explore the amazing selections in our list of the 10 best art and craft boxes for kids of all ages.

If you’ve got a little bookworm or two in the family, spring break is the perfect time for them to curl up with a good book at home. You can easily nurture their love for reading over spring break by signing them up for a kids’ book subscription box. With selections for readers of all ages and levels, these book-of-the-month clubs ensure that your little learners have new things to read every month.

Cratejoy’s book subscription boxes for kids feature titles that your kiddos can enjoy on their own as well as picture books and chapter books that you can read to them, turning reading into family fun. Take a page from our list of the best monthly book clubs for kids, and you’re sure to find a book subscription box that your kiddo is bound to love.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: The Great Outdoors

The outdoors are a wonderful place for kids and families to play and learn, and spring break is the perfect time to get outside if you can. If the weather is going to be nice over spring break in your region, you probably want to make sure your kids get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while getting in some activity and movement.

One fun way to spend time outdoors while keeping kids engaged and thinking critically is with a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items to find, then go on a walk and see if everyone can find them. You can also team up other families in the neighborhood or friends’ families in other neighborhoods and see who can check everything off of their scavenger list first.

Another way to have fun over spring break is to roast marshmallows in your backyard, whether you have a fire pit or a grill. Your littles can even bring out the stuffed animals and, with your help, make it an outdoor tea party!

However, the weather might not be cooperating over spring break, and your kiddos may find themselves indoors for the whole week instead. If it looks like a rainy day is going to put a damper on your outdoor fun over spring break, peruse our creative indoor activities for kids stuck at home so your kiddos can still enjoy a great activity and have fun, even if it’s not in the sun.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: Super Ideas for Super Siblings

A big challenge that a lot of families have faced throughout the pandemic is making sure that all the kids in one household are getting along. It can be hard to find a cure that magically transforms sibling rivalry into sibling revelry. However, there are plenty of spring break activities that can keep your kids focused more on fun and less on fighting.

One popular way to stop boredom is with a board game. If your older kids have gotten a little tired of the board games they already have, surprise them with a toys and games subscription box for kids. A board game is also a great way to have family fun, giving you and your children an entertaining experience and letting you make great memories from your very own living room.

You can also treat each of your kiddos to their very own kids’ monthly subscription box so they can explore the contents and projects while ensuring that they have enough supplies to go around. Craft subscription boxes for kids allow siblings to explore their creativity and put together their very own art projects, keeping them occupied throughout the process and providing them with a shared and unique experience that they’ll remember.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: Having Fun with Friends Safely

Are your children feeling fatigued from missing their friends? Have they been begging you to let them spend spring break socializing? If you want to help your little ones safely connect with their friends, a subscription box may be the answer. Spring break is the perfect time for little BFFs to explore Cratejoy’s subscription boxes for kids. By ordering a subscription box for your child and their friend, or teaming up with the friend’s parent to provide boxes for both kids, you’ve got a neat spring break activity ready to go.

The kids’ boxes at Cratejoy offer projects for a wide variety of interests. Do your kid and their friend love science experiments? Are they devoted to DIY crafts? Are they into baking shows and want to explore their skills in the kitchen? With a subscription box, they can have a lot of fun together or remotely, keeping them occupied and making them feel connected over the break.

Seriously Fun Spring Break Activities for Kids: Keep the Good Times Going

Love this list of spring break ideas? Great news –– any time is the perfect time to try them and treat your kids (and yourself) to a monthly box. Once your little ones open their first kids’ and family subscription box, they’ll probably love their pint-sized project so much that they’ll want another one. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait long. The next month, another fun-filled box will arrive, so they can look forward to a brand-new activity –– and you can look forward to the ease and convenience of having a great project for your kids delivered every month.

Whether you’re looking for ways to keep your children busy and happy over spring break or trying to find a new activity that your whole family can enjoy, a monthly subscription box is a great option. It’s a safe and convenient way to try a new project or explore an interest your kid already has. These boxes also give your family a way to feel more connected and make meaningful memories from home.

This spring break, a vacation might not be in your plans. But a fun-filled week can still be delivered right to you, thanks to a little bit of planning and a lot of joy in a subscription box for kids and families.