Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox from Home

It's official: spring has sprung, even if the atmosphere outside (or inside our homes) doesn't quite feel like it right now. March 20 marks the vernal equinox for 2021 in the Northern Hemisphere and (of course) the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

What's this mean, you ask? On the equinox, the Earth has moved far enough in its orbit that we have equal night and daylight. We're officially out of winter, and the first day of spring has arrived. (The winter solstice and summer solstice, in contrast, mark the shortest and longest days of the year!)

When spring comes around, you're probably thrilled to say goodbye to winter -- and hello to the daffodils blooming, the sun shining, and the evenings growing longer. But how can you really celebrate the beginning of spring when you're staying indoors? Take a look below for some ideas for spring celebrations.

How to Celebrate Spring and Stay Home


1. Hold a simple ritual.

In some alternative and neo-pagan spiritual practices, they celebrate what's called "the wheel of the year" -- the changes in nature that unfold over the course of the year, spring to winter. So the changes from season to season are seen as an important time to take stock of yourself and celebrate!

It's likely you already know the Wiccan name for Halloween, Samhain, or the winter solstice, Yule. In the wheel of the year, the vernal equinox has a different name too; it's called Ostara, named for a Germanic goddess of the dawn, who was always celebrated around this time of year. (As a spring goddess, she's also where we get the word "Easter" in some languages!)

Today, we may not have big spring festivals to celebrate the start of the season, but you can still mark the occasion with a simple ritual. Tap into your inner witch and collect your favorite crystals, rocks, or plants -- anything that feels special to you and has some connection to nature. Sit in a quiet space in your home with these items and a pen and paper. Write down what you're grateful for as a new year (of sorts) begins and meditate for a few minutes.

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2. Spring cleaning... or "greening," anyone?

One seasonal tradition you can (and should) take advantage of while you're staying in? Spring cleaning. And no, this is one custom that doesn't have to be a chore! Whether your version of spring cleaning involves Marie Kondo levels of tidying (and Goodwill donations) or waxing, polishing, and vacuuming all surfaces, it's worth taking time this season to thoughtfully and thoroughly get your house in order.

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Keep in mind, too, that spring cleaning doesn't have to end with the four walls of your home! In recent years, a trend known as "spring greening" -- named after, well, the way everything turns green again with new life -- has cropped up (pun intended) in popularity.

What's "spring greening"? Just an effort to recognize the effects that a modern lifestyle can have on the Earth. So it can take all kinds of forms! Not sure what composting is? Now is the perfect time to do some research and start your own composting practice. Been meaning to make your home more green... literally? Plant some spring flowers or invest in new houseplants. Boxes like Urban Organic Gardener, House Plant Box, and the aptly-named Succulents Box prove that you don't need a sprawling backyard and vegetable garden to grow your green thumb.


3. Carve out some space for self-care.

It's not just the seasons that are changing at the spring equinox. You're changing, too -- and so is everyone else. In this season of new beginnings, why not take some time to reflect and celebrate you? Light a favorite (or new) candle, play music that makes you feel good, read a good book, take a relaxing bath or meditate.

It's especially important during times of stress to make sure you allow the time and space to take care of yourself. For many of us, this spring can feel like a particularly stressful season, and it's worth remembering that you need care and support, too. Boxes like Bath Bevy, Laurel and Reed, and TheraBox can make self-care easier with all-natural skincare, bath and body care, calming teas and more sent straight to your door.