'Squid Game' Halloween Costumes Are Easy to Find and DIY on Short Notice

Is there anything better than when a trending Halloween costume is perfect for groups and super easy to make at home? Nope, there really isn't. This year's Squid Game has us playing "red light, green light" like sinister kids and combing Yelp for Korean dalgona candy so embrace the spirit and be the comfiest group at the Halloween party.

Take the family approach with a DIY group costume and put the kids in the guards' red jumpsuits while the adults don the players' green tracksuits. Coordinate with your fandom friends to cosplay entire crew, with an official Front Man mask and all. Here are a few crafty ideas on how to make your own Squid Game Halloween costumes for each character in the hit Netflix series.

Haven't seen it? No worries! There are no spoilers here, unless you didn't know any characters. In which case, you'll be surprised. Can't get enough Squid Game? Check out the brand new Squid Game Merch Box and embrace your newfound South Korean fandom.

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Right in time for Halloween, choose

If you sat lost in the binge and are now ready to bring Squid Game to life this year, here's the "crate" nudge you needed to go ahead and make your own costumes this year. Don't bother buying something.

The DIY costumes by character

The contestants

Photo credit: Youngkyu Park/Netflix

Let's start with the contestants! This is the most realistic costume from the K-drama because, well, we all probably have debt and green looks good on everyone.

Head to your local affordable retailer like Walmart or Target and pick up those famous white slip-ons. Find a regular green unisex sweatsuit there while you're at it! No hoods allowed, though, we're going for the authentic popped-collar look here. Give yourself a number with white tape and run those stripes down either leg. You're in the game and you're here to win that cash prize.

The guards

If you'd like to step into your inner aggression for a night, the Squid Game guard costume is also a realistic choice. Or maybe you look good in red in which case, commendable! I, for one, can't pull it off. Follow your family or friends to the same shop for that green tracksuit and pick up a red hoodie and sweatpants because we're going to fake the classic Squid Game jumpsuit look with a black belt. So you'll need a belt or black tape. Big fans of tape around here.

For the mask, fans on Reddit say that a fencing mask is a reasonable replacement, but we're here to DIY this! A wintery black mask, like that ski mask under your car seat, with white tape around the eyes will do. Go in on a tape roll with costume pals, why buy two things of white tape if you don't need it!

The Front Man

To dominate the night with fashion and function, especially if it rains, you'll need to hit the thrift store for the perfect Squid Game Front Man. The general costume idea is all black leather, like a good Madonna song in the 1980s. No lace gloves, though.

Now, that iconic Squid Game mask. You could splurge on something from Amazon but where is the fun in that? Also, it's a Netflix show, ya know? You've already carved your pumpkins, grab that Modge Podge and let's get crafty! I have no idea where we should begin making this mask, so this Instructables tutorial by JoopB1 is where you should go for hands-on steps.

"Red Light, Green Light" Doll

If you're more of the ringleader with a heart, the leader of the children's games is the best costume choice for you. And if you like to look real cute on Halloween, this is your bus stop on the tour of the cast in costumes. There are a few ways to approach this DIY.

If sewing is your hobby, sew a Peter Pan collar onto a yellow shirt. If shopping is your speed, this is the exact style you can find in consignment or thrift boutiques. If your town is safely holding street markets, you can bet you'll spot a sunshine-yellow blouse to strike fear in everyone around you.

The orange dress is another easy sew in a breezy jersey fabric if you sew, but if you're like me, you probably get frustrated cutting the fabric. So, more shopping, yes! This basic piece stands a good chance of being found in Ross or Marshall's based on the variety of seasonal clothes. Walmart and Target have phased out summery swim cover-ups, which is what I'd consider this to be.