Unwind During Stress Awareness Month With These Self-Care Picks

April is our national Stress Awareness Month, which makes it a perfect time to focus on your mental health and well-being. We all know how hard it can be to avoid stress, even when you regularly practice stress management and self-care techniques. In addition to experiencing day-to-day stressors, you might still be navigating through a stress epidemic brought on by the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes it even more important to spend the month of April focusing on your self-care and stress reduction.

Managing stress can look different for everyone, just like practicing mindfulness and wellness. One popular and easy way to unwind and get some valuable me-time this Stress Awareness Month is with a Cratejoy self-care subscription box. From the very first box, you’ll receive a high-quality subscription service that lets you explore wellness products and self-care items to support your well-being, like aromatherapy, essential oils, healthy snacks, and so much more. Each monthly box is thoughtfully curated and can guide you as you focus on a specific self-care goal, such as mindfulness, self-love, or positivity. With a self-care or wellness subscription box, you can support your own stress management and find self-help and inspiration in new and fun ways from the comfort of home.

Here at Cratejoy, we’ve hand-selected a few of the best self-care subscription boxes and noted why people love them. Read on to see our list of the best subscription boxes to help you recharge during Stress Awareness Month, or see our suggestions for finding the perfect self-care subscription box for you.

1. HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul


This thoughtfully curated deluxe box is filled with beautiful and inspiring treasures, goodies, and care items to help nurture hope and reduce anxiety. Subscribers love how they receive more than 10 full-sized, cruelty-free products and messages of hope every month. The vegan goodies in each themed monthly subscription box include aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, scrubs, snuggle buddies, beverages, and more high-quality self-care products. It’s a great way to practice your self-care routine or share hope and inspiration with a friend.

Price: Starting at $50.99

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2. Fire and Nice


Enjoy a crate filled with wellness goodies like candles, soaps, melts, bath bombs, lotions, and more, thanks to this self-care subscription box. Every month from the first box onward, you’ll receive a themed collection of fantastic and fun limited-release items to enhance your self-care practice and encourage relaxing and unwinding. If you love scented bath and skincare products, you’ll find these artisan handcrafted items a treat for the scents-es.

Price: Starting at $34.92 (Mini Artisan Box starting at $14.17)

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3. TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box


Designed by therapists, this wellness subscription box supports mindfulness and stress management through aromatherapy, self-care and skincare products, a happiness activity, and goodies with a natural or organic focus. In addition to deluxe wellness items like beauty products, teas, and essential oils, this monthly subscription features self-help workbooks and therapeutic activities to guide subscribers as they curate self-love and positivity. With a retail value of +$120, this subscription box is a fun monthly reminder to nurture your body and mind.

Price: Starting at $30.99

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4. Bath Bevy


Lovers of bath bombs, bath salts, and other luxury self-care goodies will want to dive in and order this monthly box. Soak up the delicious scents of handcrafted, small-batch, made-in-the-USA bath products while you relax and destress. With five to seven full-sized products in every month subscription, you’ll have plenty of treats to enjoy. And if you love bath and body products but prefer showers or lack a tub, opt for the Tubless subscription boxes and bask in scented candles, soaps, and more sweet-smelling surprises.

Price: Starting at $34.95

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5. Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care


Fans of clean body care, skincare, and beauty products will love making these wellness subscription boxes part of their self-care practice. Subscribers can treat themselves to some me-time while they practice mind and body care with high-quality items, snacks, and tools that support spiritual growth and stress management. The premium box delivers six to eight clean self-care products, while the mini box offers four to six wellness products, making this self-care subscription box both luxurious and a great value.

Price: Starting at $27.49 (Mini Box starting at $21.00)

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6. Beauteque Monthly


Treat yourself to a collection of curated K-beauty products with these themed self-care subscription boxes. Every month, you’ll receive a fun assortment of skincare, haircare, and body care products as well as beauty tools, makeup, and goodies. Try new items and treats while you discover your next favorite K-beauty product, all conveniently delivered to you. Choose from the premium beauty box featuring six full-sized beauty and skincare products, or put your best face forward with the nine face masks included in the Mask Maven box.

Price: Starting at $22.00 (Mask Maven Box starting at $13.00)

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7. Read, Relax & Recharge - By Introverts Retreat


Meet the perfect subscription box for introverts. Designed to nurture mental self-care and relaxation, this monthly box combines a self-care subscription with a book-of-the-month club. Each month, you’ll receive a book by a female author (your choice of genre), an exclusive bookmark, a bite-sized dessert, a delicious warm beverage (your choice of coffee, tea, or cocoa), a hand-poured candle, and two scented bath products. Treating yourself to a night in with a great read has never been so much fun.

Price: Starting at $36.99

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8. The Mental Wealth Box - Mental Health, Self-Care Subscription Box


Nurture your mental health or support a loved one on their self-care journey with this monthly subscription box that focuses on mental health awareness, educational resources, and natural self-care. You’ll gain a new understanding as you explore each crate’s workbooks, journaling activities, and self-care products and goodies. Select from boxes curated to offer either anxiety support or depression support. Each themed monthly box is designed to support individual subscribers and their families, letting you learn and grow together.

Price: Starting at $44.95

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9. Coloring And Classics


Give mental self-care a colorful new twist when you receive adult coloring and activity books, colored pencils, and hardcover books (your choice of genre) in this fun and affordable subscription box. Your first box includes a great colored pencil set, and all boxes feature an adult coloring book, an engaging activity book, and a high-quality hardcover book. Subscribers adore how the items help them express their creativity, practice mindfulness, and refocus. If you’d love to try trendy coloring books for adults or a book-of-the-month club, you can enjoy both with this neat subscription box.

Price: Starting at $14.00

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10. Respyre


Make self-care your cup of tea with this wellness subscription box, which delivers two flavors of high-quality loose-leaf teas each month (a stainless steel infuser is available for a small charge). Subscribers can enjoy around 20 cups of tea with every box, which includes both a daytime blend with caffeine and a caffeine-free herbal infusion. Each month’s subscription service focuses on a different wellness topic, like stress management, detoxing, digestion, sleep, and more. Sip your way to self-care while you explore rich and delicious flavors and learn about tea’s different health benefits.

Price: Starting at $11.99

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