The Best Sensory Toy Boxes for Kids on the Autism Spectrum (2021)

For children on the autism spectrum, sensory play has been shown to be a valuable method for kids to discover, examine, and understand the world in their own way. Christina Kozlowski, occupational therapist and founder of Sensory TheraPLAY Box, says she uses sensory toys and tools with the children she works with and frequently recommends them to parents.

“The items inside Sensory TheraPLAY Box can be calming, help children self-regulate or manage anxiety,” she says. “Hand fidgets and textured toys to squeeze and manipulate can help children focus and provide needed sensory stimulation.”

The Cratejoy Marketplace includes several educational subscriptions that are tailor-made for children on the autism spectrum and can help develop social and mental skills. For a fun and beneficial way to promote your child’s growth, check out some of the best subscription boxes for autistic children.

What are the best monthly subscription boxes for kids on the autism spectrum?

1. Sensory TheraPLAY Box!


Price: Starts at $38.50/month

Curated specifically for those with sensory processing needs and children on the autism spectrum, the Sensory TheraPLAY Box is a monthly box that provides hours of hands-on play that is essential for learning self-soothing techniques and for overall childhood development. Subscribers will find a fun mix of tactile stimulating toys including putty, textured toys, hand fidgets and more.

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2. VIP Box of Sensory Toys 💛 (Age 4-9)


Price: Starts at $41.65/month

Whether your child has autism spectrum disorder, SPD, or ADHD, don't underestimate the benefits of tactile sensory toys! Put your trust in Box of Sensory Toys, a special subscription curated by a creative and experienced teacher. Designed for kids ages 4-10+, each box will have your child squeezing, squishing, and playing with fidgets to their heart's content.

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3. Spectrum Surprise Autism Box


Price: Starts at $42.00/month

Therapeutic play is something that many children with sensory processing disorder or autism need to self-soothe and regulate. The Spectrum Surprise Autism Box helps make sensory play easy by bringing an assortment of award-winning toys, along with an autism awareness item, a visual aid to help with social development, and a travel sensory kit for when you're on the go!

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4. DeveloPLAY Box


Price: Starts at $39.66/month

Work on everything from important sensory motor skills to sensory integration with DeveloPLAY Box, a monthly subscription that's the brainchild of a pediatric occupational therapist. Backed by the pros, parents, and kiddos, too, each hand-selected toy has been chosen to help with regulation, attention, and to develop the motor skills needed for daily activities like dressing, eating, and playing!

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5. Konnect Kraze Box


Price: Starts at $61.20/quarter

Parents of children with special needs know just how difficult it can be to get their children to engage with beneficial activities. The Konnect Kraze Box can be a big help in motivating children to engage with sensory goodies, while also making it easier to have all the sensory items your family needs. Keep your sensory bin stocked with new tactile toys by keeping this quarterly box coming on autopilot.

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6. Play Matters (Ages 4-8)


Price: Starts at $43.50/month

The message doesn't get any easier––play matters! Send a playtime pick-me-up to the front door with a subscription from Dough Matters. Every month brings a special storybook, a wearable, and a coordinated, limited-edition sensory play dough kit that comes with a bag of small toys and loose parts that are perfect for inspiring open-ended, tactile play.

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