9 Subscription Boxes For Girls to Build Her Confidence

Building self-esteem and confidence in girls and young women is crucial for them to successfully navigate a world where the scales aren’t exactly tipped in their favor. Even though time has yielded plenty of progress, women are still working towards and fighting for true equality.

How can we help the girls and young women in our lives to rise to these challenges and give them the tools they need to empower themselves and boost their confidence? Body-positive messages, along with celebrating all that makes every girl unique, is most effective when employed from early childhood right on up to the tween and teen stages.

Monthly subscription boxes that help build and boost a girl’s confidence offer a fun and simple way to take these first steps with your daughters, nieces or other special young women in your life. Packing in goodies and activities that help you engage with each girl where she’s at, subscription boxes provide consistency that helps build confidence month after month. Here are some of our favorite boxes that are designed to boost self-esteem, teach new skills and build confidence.



Price: Starts at $24.99/month

About the Box: Individuality takes center stage with iBBeautiful, a monthly subscription for tweens and teens that’s on a mission to send positive messaging to girls across the United States. Themed around a main message, like “Compare Yourself to No One Else,” each monthly box delivers a mix of 4-6 age-appropriate items that follow the current trends, including beauty and grooming products, school supplies, jewelry and empowering words to live by!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. around the 20th of each month

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2. BOTI Box


Price: Starts at $24.00/month

About the Box: Young girls and women are inundated by beauty standards that are not representative of the majority. In an effort to get girls between the ages of 8-12 to focus on their unique individual strengths and realize the “Beauty On the Inside,” the BOTI Box is all about positive affirmations spoken loud and clear. Curated around empowering themes about inner beauty, each month’s box brings an assortment of bath and beauty products, jewelry and fun accessories.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. on the 4th of the month

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Price: Starts at $18.50/month

About the Box: Excite girls from a young age with the powerful message that they can be and do anything with the GIRLS CAN! CRATE. Geared towards young girls between the ages of 4-8, each monthly crate explores a useful character trait by honoring the life of a historical female role model. Complete with 2-3 hands-on STEAM projects, play props and a 20-page activity book, girls can dive right in and learn that dedication and determination are the keys to success!

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. within 3 business days of the 15th of each month

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4. Make + Wonder


Price: Starts at £12.50 GBP/month

About the Box: Make + Wonder is a unique monthly art box that aims to bring a free-form creative process to young kids. Help the littles in your life get their imaginations flowing with 4 creative activities that are all themed around an inspirational woman or female artist. Designed by experienced teachers to be more of an open-and-flow box, each month delivers idea cards, curated art supplies and an illustrated story that promotes exploratory play with color and texture.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.K. on the 5th of the month, with renewals shipping on the 6th

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5. Black Girl MATHgic


Price:Starts at $39.95/month

About the Box: Black Girl MATHgic was created to serve one of the most underrepresented populations in STEM careers by providing learning resources that aim to help girls of color develop these valuable skills. Exposing girls to math-loving role models who look like them, while connecting classroom fundamentals to the real world, each box brings a themed math activity booklet, 3-5 educational extras and a "Caring Adult Guide" filled with educational tips and pointers.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 8th-13th of every month

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6. Quirky-Crate


Price: Starts at $35.83/month

About the Box: Girls and tweens are in a stage of exploration, learning their likes and dislikes through trial and error. In an effort to get them to dare to be different, Quirky-Crate offers a monthly subscription box that sets out to show that it can be fun to go against the grain and find a sense of style that matches each girl’s own brand of individuality. Filled with 7-10 fun and eccentric items, she’ll get a mix of witty stationery and stickers, unique bags and unconventional accessories.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. around the 15th of the month

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7. You Matter!® Box


Price: Starts at $5.00/month

About the Box: Putting the pieces in place to build healthy self-esteem should be intentional, and Dr. Shannon Curtis, a school counselor and creator of the You Matter! box, has developed a monthly esteem-booster geared towards the needs of teens. Choose from 3 unique levels, including a card-only option that focuses on uplifting words, and a mini or full box complete with therapeutic activities that focus on positive thinking and confidence-inspiring items that help them realize their worth.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 17th-20th of every month

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