Gift Guide for Tween & Teen Girls: Girl Power Boxes That Give Her Room to Grow

If there’s a special young lady in your life, give her a gift that will last a lifetime – the tools to build a healthy relationship with herself and boost her confidence. Navigating your tween years can be challenging for every young woman as she continues to integrate more in her social circles and advance in her academics while fighting off never-ending acne. Boost her self-esteem and confidence with these subscription boxes that remind her that she is beautiful inside and out!

From YA books, age-appropriate beauty products, to math kits, let her first box be one that will give her the tools to help her succeed. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your daughters, nieces, or mentees, give a box that celebrates and reminds her that she is truly one of a kind!

What are the best girl power subscriptions to boost her confidence?


The Girl-a-Tude Subcription Box!

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Building strong self-esteem is all about having the right attitude! Empower the glowing tween in your life with a monthly subscription to Girl-a-Tude – the ultimate “girl power” gift set. Each box includes an age-appropriate t-shirt, 6-8 small trinkets that match the month’s theme, and occasional personalized items!


More Than a Book Box

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Positive thinking can drastically change the lenses of your tween and teen's world, especially if she’s going through significant life changes that come with growing up. Boost her self-esteem with a subscription box to You Matter! Choose from three tiers and give the young woman in your life a box filled with 4-6 self-care goodies and therapeutic activities that promote positivity. Curated by a practicing school counselor, this box aims to give teens & tweens the encouragement they need as they cope with everyday life.


Find Your Wings Subscription

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About the Box: Teaching lifelong skills to girls between 6-12, "Find Your Wings" by Fashion Angels is an age-appropriate monthly beauty box that’s focused on DIY craft projects and trendy new gear. Make her feel special each month with a colorful and fashionable assortment of goodies, including everything from school supplies and sparkly, sequined accessories, to on-trend skincare and beauty items, stickers, socks and more.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 4th of the month


IBBEAUTIFUL Monthly Subscription Boxes for Teen + Tween Girls

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Let her next beauty box with new favorites! iBbeautiful is a monthly subscription that’s on a mission to radiate positivity with hand-selected items tweens and teens can rock and wear! Each box includes fun style accessories and everyday items she can wear to school or use at home that remind her that she is perfect just the way she is! Jump on the style trend and gift her this box with 4-6 items varying from age-appropriate beauty products, phone tripods, necklaces, encouraging notes about self-love and confidence.


STRONG self(ie) Monthly Box for Girls

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With the STRONG self(ie) monthly subscription box, let her know that you "get it." While it might be challenging keeping up with the newest trends and understanding your tween and teen's changing world, this box will let her know that you're right there by her side! Inspire confidence with positive and fun lifestyle products like high-quality skincare, tumblers, glitter bath bombs, and scented candles.


3rd-5th Grade Level Box (Updated)

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If math is not her strong suit, Black Girl MATHgic is the perfect gift box that will help your 3rd - 8th grader loves the M in STEM again! This subscription service makes math fun again with real-world lessons and activities, fun educational items, a math affirmation, and a profile on a woman mathematician she can look up to as a role model! Spend some quality time with your scholar and dive into the Caring Adult Guide that teaches you all the ways you can maximize your box experience!


BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside) Subscription

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BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside) continues to be a fan favorite on the Cratejoy marketplace for supporting and empowering inner beauty in a tween girl’s life. Each box introduces a new theme that encourages girls to dream big and reach for the stars! With 4-6 unique and trendy gifts including positive quotes or artwork she can hang in her room or locker, pampering bath and beauty products like lotions and bath bombs, jewelry, and style accessories she can pair with her outfit of the day. Ease the growing pains with a gift box that pampers and provides positive affirmations to let her know she is beautiful inside and out!


One Girl Inspired

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One Girl Inspired brings motivation and inspiration delivered straight to the door! Each monthly theme delivers items that will teach young girls to believe in themselves, dream big, and inspire them to make their unique mark on the world! Items include personal development books, tech gadgets, school supplies, journals, jewelry, beauty items and more.


Quirky Crate

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About the Box: Girls and tweens are in a stage of exploration, learning their likes and dislikes through trial and error. In an effort to get them to dare to be different, Quirky-Crate offers a monthly subscription box that sets out to show that it can be fun to go against the grain and find a sense of style that matches each girl’s own brand of individuality. Filled with 7-10 fun and eccentric items, she’ll get a mix of witty stationery and stickers, unique bags and unconventional accessories.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. around the 15th of the month


Single Art Club

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Inspire your little artist with an art box subscription that will get her little imagination flowing and creating! Designed by experienced teachers on a mission to promote a free-form creative process, Make + Wonder delivers 4 creative activities that feature a new female artist and stories about empowerment! Choose from a single, sibling, or triple art box that includes idea cards curated art supplies, and an illustrated story to encourage the wonderful world of play that she can enjoy with her siblings!


beTWEEN the Bookends: Tween Book Box

From $19.00 per box
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Looking for a fun book box for your middle-grade readers? Gift her with the ultimate story experience with a subscription that includes 1-3 novels along with up to 8 bookish and lifestyle items! Curated by a teen entrepreneur and bookworm, beTWEEN the Bookends delivers fun items she'll love! Choose between a full-size or mini box subscription with gender-neutral titles, just books, or just lifestyle items. Past boxes included titles from National Geographic Kids, a confidence journal, and women who love STEM!