The Best Cheap Subscription Boxes Under $10 Perfect for Gifting (2021)

Looking for a great deal? If you're like us, the last few years might have led to some sea changes in your spending habits. A good deal, though, is never something to let slide.

Whatever your budget, there’s no reason to spend all of your hard-earned cash in order to find a subscription service that you’ll love (and you don't have to look on Amazon to find it, either). You can explore new beauty products, and add a little luxe to your life with monthly subscription boxes as cheap as $10 per month. Let us help you out!

What are the best cheap subscription boxes under $10?


Tulippe Tea Co.

From $10.00 per box
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This new box on the scene from Tulippe Tea Co. makes it easy to discover delicious, artisan-crafted loose leaf teas handpicked just for your needs. Choose from 20 different varieties of high-quality, caffeine-free teas, specifically formulated to help with situations as wide-ranging as anxiety, insomnia, joint health, lactation, colds, stress reduction, and general wellness. To top it off, Tulippe will include a free bonus candle––lavender, naturally––in your first box to add to the relaxation.


Balms Pack of Two (2) All Natural Lip Balms

From $5.42 per box
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Give your lips the love they need with handcrafted, organic, plant-based and eco-conscious lip balms from Jersey Shore Cosmetics. No tiny beauty samples in this mindful, minimalist subscription! Each box comes with 2 cruelty-free, gluten-free, and full-size products made with high-quality essential oils that run the gamut from lip highlighters to SPF-based balms, body balms, lip tints, and more.


I don't give a hoot (Pre-Pay)

From $4.00 per box
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For the same cost as your favorite cold brew, the "I Don't Give a Hoot" earring subscription from EarFleek will have you looking stylish with a new pair of 100% nickel-free earrings. Customize your new bling based off of your unique style, or send a great gift to your bestie to help her spruce up any outfit, day or night.


Pro Club Classic

From $17.95 per box
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About the Box: This box is for sticker (and craft!) fans of all ages. Pipsticks delivers printable pages of stickers, stationery templates, coloring activities, and so much more. There’s no reason to pass up this crazy-affordable box, especially when you can skip your 100th pricey trip to the supply store.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S.


purp-ess box

From $8.40 per box
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Add purpose and good intent to your bath each month with this Christian-inspired spa kit, featuring bath essentials from Shade Mountain Naturals. Each month, purp-ess features deluxe, handmade, and vegan bar soap with a thoughtfully chosen ingredient that relates to a Biblical principle. Rejuvenate and strive toward your life’s bigger calling with this unique offering.


The Necktie Subscription

From $9.16 per box
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Nothing says that a suit-and-tie job has to be stiff. In fact, it can be downright spiffy with the stylish offering from the Spiffster Tie Club. Subscribers take a simple style survey for a tailored look, and then choose from a monthly box that contains a quality handcrafted tie––in original, skinny, or bowtie styles––or a monthly pair of comfortable dress socks.


Book Nerd Essentials - Classic

From $36.88 per box
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About the Box: Create a warm and welcoming environment to dive into your next read with the Scent of the Month Club by Misplaced Muse Creative. Unbox wax melts featuring a surprise scent, an extra goodie, and the occasional free sample. Or, for a few extra bucks, you can step up a level and get cozy with a hot beverage and a 4oz scented candle.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 10th of every month


SEED CLUB PRO 🌱 Urban Organic Gardener

From $14.83 per box
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About the Box: Mindfully personalized to your needs (beginner? expert gardener?) and current garden space, the Urban Organic Gardener offers a budget-friendly box that delivers 2 heirloom seed packs that are guaranteed to be non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated. From potted patio gardens to raised yard beds, all seeds will be seasonal and ready to plant.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 5th of every month


Succulents Box - Monthly Subscription Box

From $5.50 per box
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Succulents Box delivers adorable succulents and air plants right to the front door. With 3 subscription options under $10, Succulents Box sends your choice of 1 air plant, 1 succulent, or 1 succulent plus a beautiful clay pot each month. All boxes also include plant care instructions and offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure all plants arrive fresh!



From $8.49 per box
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Get a little mysterious fun when you dabble into the world of Korean sheet masks with BabyFaceDiary. Curated by a team of K-beauty pros, every month brings 4 essential sheet masks that make a perfect addition to any skincare routine. Increase your allure with innovative skincare that'll make your face glow!



From €7.92 per box
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Even if you don't have the cash to invest in a full-on pampering package during that time of the month, MyLadyBug offers an affordable care package that covers all the basics you need. In each box, you'll receive your choice of all-natural, organic cotton tampons, organic bamboo pads, or popular non-organic brands of tampons and pads, along with bonus items such as chocolate, tea, cute jewelry and more.


Upper Lipholstery

From $6.75 per box
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Always on the hunt for new products to keep your whiskers in fine form? The hunt stops here at the Beard Care Club, a monthly box that makes your styling and maintenance routine a whole lot easier. Every month, you'll receive a high-quality, handmade mustache wax featuring a different monthly scent for under $10. And for just a few dollars more, you can find beard-friendly oils, balms, and grooming goodies among Beard Care Club's other subscription services.


Book of the Draw: Curated Edition

From $8.00 per box
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Book of the Draw is a no-frills monthly book subscription that brings highly-rated fiction books that have been curated by fellow book lovers. Select your favorite genre among contemporary fiction, romance and "chick lit," historical fiction, and mystery or thriller––or even link your Goodreads account to further personalize your picks––and you'll receive 1-2 books chosen just for you in every box.


STICKII Monthly Sticker Subscription

From $10.00 per box
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Planners will love STICKII's array of monthly subscription boxes, delivering sticker sheets in your choice of 3 different styles: Cute, Vintage, or Pop. No matter your style, each themed box curates 6 or more sticker sheets, 2 fun stationery items, and a unique STICKII storage insert to keep your stickers safe and tidy.


Juju Bug & Co.

From $9.99 per box
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This mommy-and-me T-shirt subscription is the bee's (or bug's) knees! Each month, Juju Bug's expert team of "girl moms" design an adorable set of matching T-shirts for you and your daughter, using preshrunk, super soft cotton so it feels cozy right from the get-go. Choose from sizes XS-4X for moms and 3M-XL for the little ones.


Mixed Single Cup Club Membership

From $9.92 per box
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About the Box: Since variety is the spice of life, change up your standard Keurig lineup with the Single Cup Club, a coffee subscription box that delivers 15 artisan K-cups, 5 cups each of 3 unique blends. Grab a light breakfast or healthy snack and enjoy a small-batch brew with an assortment of light, medium, dark and flavored roasts every month.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 1st or during the 1st week of every month