Subscriptions Donating to Hurricane Harvey Relief

In the wake of the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, we wanted to share the 100+ subscription companies that are donating a portion of their proceeds to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Houston + Texas Charities to Donate To:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Food Bank

Galveston Food Bank

Texas Diaper Bank

Blood & Tissue Foundation

Donating to the American Red Cross is amazing, but the local Houston charities need a lot of help too and they’re not as visible.

1. Groombox



Donating 50% of all sales including all of our subscription boxes to the Groomer Emergency Assistance Fund or the Louisiana Cajun Navy (customer’s choice) through the 2nd of September.

If they sell 25 subscriptions they will extend donations through the 8th of September. Those who sign up will receive donation receipts from whichever they choose.

This applies to all monthly and term plans. In addition, they have already sent over 500 animal grooming items to the SCPA in Houston such as shampoo and grooming tools.

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2. 9 to Nest


9 to Nest

Donating 50% of its profits to the Texas Diaper Bank during the month of September.

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3. Wickbox



For anyone who donates $5 or more to any relief organization to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, they will get a $10 Wickbox credit to use toward a candle subscription box or any purchase in The Wickbox Shop.

Email your donation confirmation to to get your credit. Some of Wick Box’s favorite relief organizations are the American Red Cross, Samaritan’s Purse, Mercy Chefs and Texas Diaper Bank.

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4. Accio!



Donating 15% of their sales from now through Sept. 4th

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5. Honey & Sage Company


Honey & Sage Company

Donating 10% of sales to Circle of Health International for Hurricane Harvey relief through September.

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6. Enjoy Flowers


Enjoy Flowers

Donating 10% of sales from September 1st – 15th to The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund of Houston’s mayor, Sylvestor Turner, which is administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation

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7. Lipstick Junkie


Lipstick Junkie

Donating 10% of sales for the next 30 days to their local Houston charities, such as the Houston Food Bank.

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8. Hygge Box - Coziness & Happiness Delivered


Hygge Box

Donating 10% of our profits to the American Red Cross earned from the sale of our boxes from Sept 1st-Sept 10th.

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10. Mom Time Delivered


Mom Time Delivered

Donating 10% of sales for 7 days to local diaper banks for hurricane Harvey victims.

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11. Blockhead Box by Fight4Them


Blockhead Box by Fight4Them

Profits from the month of September will be donated to Dallas DogRRR and NYC Second Chance Rescue, to help displaced animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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12. The Lingerie Box


The Lingerie Box

Donating 10% of sales through 9/29/2017 to Hurricane Relief Fund

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13. Kinderwellnesstoday



Donating 10% of profits from orders placed from August 30th to October 1st to Catholic Charities USA.

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14. Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly


Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly

Donating $5 of every box sale through September.

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15. Kid Kits


Kid Kits

Donating 10% of sales through September.

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16. Reading Bug Box


Reading Bug Box

For every new subscriber added in September, Reading Bug Box will donate one book to Houston area libraries and/or schools.

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17. Stress Less Box


Stress Less Box

Donating 10% of sales for the next 30 days to the American Red Cross to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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18. ComicRealm



Donating 15% of sales for the next 60 days to the American Red Cross to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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19. Bar & Cocoa


Bar & Cocoa

10% of all profits collected before September 15th will be donated to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

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20. Mogul Behaviour Box


Mogul Behavior Box

Donating 15% of proceeds to the Harvey efforts as well as collecting clothing, sleeping bags, and supplies.

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21. Saint-of-the-Month



Donating 10% of sales for 30 days to Catholic Charities USA for Hurricane Harvey relief.

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22. Baby Your Hair


Baby Your Hair

Donating 10% of sales sold on this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (8/31/17-9/3/17).

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23. The Dapper Dog Box


The Dapper Dog Box

We are donating $5 for every purchased dog box to Austin Pets Alive in Austin!

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25. Pub Shirt Club


Pub Shirt Club

Donating 20% of profits for the month of September to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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26. Lathered Organics (Soap, Bath & Beauty)


Lathered Organics

Donating 10% of all proceeds from new sales, to the hurricane Harvey relief efforts through the month of October.

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27. Indulge Bath & Body Box by Exterior Indulgence


Exterior Indulgence

Donating 15% of sales for the next 30 days to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

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28. Shaker & Spoon


Shaker & Spoon

Austin Without Limits Box going to Harvey relief efforts, $1 per box

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29. Growing Gratitude Box


SUGAR! Surprise

The month of September for every box purchased, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Save The Children help the children evacuees.

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31. Surprise Ride


Surprise Ride

Donating 10% of all proceeds from sales and matching every dollar towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts until September 8th.

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32. Paletteful Packs


Paletteful Packs

Donating 10% of all purchases made between Sept. 1st and Sept. 15th to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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33. Jersey Shore Cosmetics


Jersey Shore Cosmetics

Donating 20% of all sales of Jersey Shore Cosmetics in September and October to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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34. True Serenity Tea


True Serenity Tea

Donating 10% of my sales to the American Red Cross for 14 days to aid in Hurricane Relief efforts.

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35. Madbomr



Donating 5% of all sales for the next 60 days to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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36. My BBQ Box


My BBQ Box

Donating 10% from every order from now until the end of the year to Hurricane Harvey relief.

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37. One-Per-Week



Donating 50% of all Sales through 9/15 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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38. Rebecca Mail


Rebecca Mail

Donating 10% of all new subscriptions & 25% of all shop sales from Sept 1st – Sept 7th will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse .

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40. HealthyMe Living


Healthy Me Living

Donating $5 of every order placed through Labor Day to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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41. Wigglebutt Box


Wigglebutt Box

Their September box donation (5% of box proceeds) will be going to Austin Pets Alive!

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42. Southern Scholar Socks


Southern Scholar

Donating a pair of socks for every subscription purchased using code “HARVEY”. On top of the 500 they plan to donate to local Houston charities.

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45. Underclub



Sending underwear packs from our National Underwear Drive campaign down to Houston.

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47. The Rad Dad Box


The Rad Dad Box

Donating 10% of proceeds from sales to send diapers and wipes for the Texas Diaper Bank.

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48. Explore Local Box


Explore Local Box

Donating 50% of all profits of new orders, for the month of September to the American Red Cross to help hurricane Harvey relief efforts

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50. Postmark'd Studio


Postmark’d Studio

Donating 10% of each sale through December 31st to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

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51. Binky & Oliver


Binky & Oliver

Donating our gourmet treats and a monetary donation to the SPCA of Texas and Houston Humane Society.

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