SumoJerky Review | August 2015

Posted by Lindsey

Sumo Jerky sends you small bags of delicious jerky for you to sample and discover all types of different jerkys. They work with different companies and give you amazing new flavors to try.

I absolutely love beef jerky so I’m beyond thrilled to receive this box. Most of the meat they send is grass fed beef and has no preservatives. The box I received had five bags of jerky inside. There was two bags of Smokey Bar-B jerky, two bags of Ole Cracked Pepper, and one bag of Peppered Orange Teriyaki. All three flavors look great so I’m ready to dig in and devour these bags of protein!

SumoJerky: Smoke House Jerky Co. Smoky Bar-B

The first bag of jerky was really good. It had a smoky, sweet flavor that was really nice. There was also a little spice to the meat that wasn’t too hot, but added the perfect about of heat. This is actually some quality jerky, with no added MSG and no added preservatives. Each bite was better and better. The strips of jerky were all different sizes and shapes but each one had the same amazing flavor.

SumoJerky: Smoke House Jerky Co. Ole Cracked Pepper

This jerky was much more bland and really just tasted like it had a bit of pepper on it. The strips were thicker, which was nice and gave you a bit more to chew. I wasn’t as excited about this jerky because of its lack of flavor, but wasn’t the worst jerky I’ve had. The meat doesn’t taste gamey or too salty, which is what I don’t like when trying out new meats. Even though this wasn’t my favorite one so far, I still enjoyed it.

SumoJerky: Smoke House Jerky Co. Peppered Orange Teriyaki

I was extremely satisfied with this next bag. It had such a perfect blend of sweetness and spice to it I almost ate the whole bag in one sitting. I love teriyaki, so this jerky was a sure favorite. Whenever I find a snack like this, I get so excited to share with other people. This bag just may be too good to share.

August SumoJerky: Verdict

I give this box a 4 out of 5 stars.

The meat was a great quality and the bags had a nice portion in each one. The different flavors of jerky were a joy to try and I could see myself going out and buying more of the Peppered Orange Teriyaki. I am excited to receive my next box and will most likely be sharing with all my friends. This is definitely a good box to have around when you have company and people are craving a hearty snack.