Team Picks: Boxes We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday for many reasons, only some of which have to do with food. Don’t get us wrong: we love feasting on once-a-year family favorites. (Stuffing? Yes, please. Homemade pie crust? Don’t mind if we do! Gravy? Pour it on!) But the real reason so many of us cherish this time of year has everything to do with gratitude. In the midst of our stressful, busy lives... we yearn to find time to give thanks.

Perhaps you’re looking for ideas for how to thank the people who did their most to make your life better, more exciting, easier, and happier in 2019. We’ve given some thought to the subscription boxes the Cratejoy team is thankful for this year and we’re eager to share these personal picks with you, along with why these boxes matter so much to each of us. Every one of these picks enhances our lives in little and big ways! And we bring these to you in hopes that you, too, can find ways to connect, take a moment and breathe, and just have a little fun and a lot more joy this holiday season.

1. Shaker & Spoon


Who Loves It: Sam

Why: “Each month when this box arrives, our dogs get beyond excited and can’t wait to get their paws on the awesome goodies inside. I love that you can match with your dog’s bandana and that the box is intended for both humans and doggos. By getting the Dog Mom Box, you’re supporting small businesses, and each product is great quality. It’s obvious that the Dog Mom Box curates each month’s box with love and care.”

This Box is Perfect For: Devoted dog moms (and dads, and aunts, and uncles)

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4. Laurel & Reed


Who Loves It: Eliza

Why: "I love Cape Cod Calling because it brings me back to summers with my family vacationing on the Cape. I enjoy discovering the products from local artisans, and the quality and curation of the box is amazing. When I receive this box, it brings me back to the sunshine and salty air no matter where I am!”

This Box is Perfect For: New Englanders, those in search of wanderlust, or people who love to discover local artisans

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6. Red Velvet NYC


Who Loves It: Heather

Why: “As someone who’s always looking to try something new in the kitchen, I couldn’t ask for a better baking box that Red Velvet NYC. This came with two baking projects for the month, and they were delicious: pumpkin pie and chocolate-dipped biscotti with dark chocolate, orange, and pistachio. Everything is included (and I mean everything), so you’re ready to go right out of the box -- literally. For each project, you get easy-to-follow instructions with beautiful illustrations of each step. This made biscotti, a baking project that would normally feel daunting, into something I could do in an afternoon, giving me both a sense of accomplishment and tasty treats! And what's more, I had plenty of cookies to share with the rest of the team that Monday.”

This Box is Perfect For: Aspiring bakers and home cooks, people who like to treat themselves, or anyone attending a holiday potluck

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7. International Meal Kits by Takeout Kit


Who Loves It: Luca

Why: "All the cool kids get jerky, and even as someone to tries to eat plant-based, I want some too. LVVJ is the best vegan jerky, and has lots of excellent flavors. Even if you’re a meat-eater, you won’t be able to tell the difference. My favorite? Pepperoni.”

This Box is Perfect For: Vegans and others who eat a plant-based diet, athletes, or people always on the go

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9. Scribbler


Who Loves It: Courtney

Why: "I love that The Burlap Bag is local to Austin! And I love that you get exclusive seasonal scents that aren't available in the store when you subscribe to their box. Their (hilariously titled) room sprays and wax melts make my home smell great, and it also makes a perfect holiday gift."

This Box is Perfect For: Introverts, those that make their home their haven, or your quirkiest friend

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12. Bitsbox


Who Loves It: Mario

Why: “My young nephew is really into gadgets and computers, so I wanted to find something that could really engage him. Bitsbox was perfect! He loves building his own apps now and has really started to understand how to ‘talk’ to computers. I couldn’t be prouder.”

This Box is Perfect For: The curious kiddos in your life, beginning coders, or little ones that need a creative outlet

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