The Best Box for You Based on Your Favorite Westworld Character

Warning: Westworld season 1 spoilers below!

The second season of Westworld premiers on April 22 on HBO, and we can barely contain our excitement! Robots, science fiction , adventure, romance, and badass female protagonists…what more could you want? If you’re a Game of Thrones fan looking for something to tide you over between seasons, Westworld is the one for you.

We’re so excited (and we know you are too), so we’ve paired each Westworld character with a subscription box. Find out which subscription box is perfect for you based on your favorite Westworld Character below!


SkivvieNIX Box

From $17.00 per box
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Clementine Pennyfeather - Skivvie Nix

What You’ll Get: Since Clementine works in the brothel in Sweetwater, she’s all about looking and feeling sexy. If she’s your favorite host, you’ll probably love the lingerie subscription, Skivvie NIX . Treat your bum to two pairs of new undies each month. They offer a variety of underwear cuts and brands so anyone can find the perfect fit, so you’ll be feeling sexy month after month.

Shipping: Ships on the 1st of the month. Ships worldwide from the United States


Finders Seekers - Mystery Game

From $25.00 per box
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The Man in Black - Finders Seekers Mysteries

What You’ll Get: The Man is Black is obsessed with solving the mysteries of the Westworld park. He knows that the original park creator, Arnold, hid secrets within the park before he died, and he’s spent decades searching for answers to no avail. If you share the Man in Black’s determination and curiosity, Finders Seekers Mysteries is a subscription box that sends you clues and puzzles to decipher that will keep you guessing month after month.

Shipping: Ships on the 22nd each month. Only ships within the United States



From $24.95 per box
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Bernard Lowe - Bitsbox

What You’ll Get: Bernard is Mr. Technical. He’s code obsessed and works tirelessly to ensure that all of his hosts are in tip top shape. The work that Bernard does at Westworld requires great technological skill and expertise, which he likely developed through years of coding. If you share Bernard’s love for logic and science, Bitsbox can help you start your own coding journey by delivering insanely fun app-building projects each month.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States


Barrel & Blade - Monthly Tactical Subscription Box

From $49.99 per box
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Armistice - Barrel & Blade.

What You’ll Get: Between her body winding snake tattoo, her badass combat skills, and her overwhelming grit, Armistice is a seriously hardcore host in Westworld. If she’s your favorite, you’ll likely revel the tactical, survival and EDC gear from Barrel & Blade. Channel your inner Armistice and suit up with some badass gear!

Shipping: Ships the first week of the month. Only ships within United States


Reveal Book Box

From $12.95 per box
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Teddy Flood - Reveal Book Box

What You’ll Get: Teddy comes off as a sweet, old soul initially by clearly expressing his feelings for Dolores and doing all that he can to protect her. Because of his sweet, altruistic nature, if Teddy is your favorite character then there’s a good chance you’re a sucker for romance. Check out Reveal Book Box to receive signed copies of best selling romance novels each month.

Shipping: Ship on the 15th of each month. Ships worldwide from United States


Creation Crate

From $39.99 per box
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Dr. Robert Ford - Creation Crate

What You’ll Get: Dr. Robert Ford was the co-creator and founder of Westworld, and spent his life dedicated to creating the perfect hosts. If he’s your favorite character you probably are a scientist and a maker at heart! Creation Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends a new programming and/or electronics project each month. Embark on your next technological journey with Creation Crate and channel your inner Dr. Ford!

Shipping: Ship every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Ships worldwide from Canada.