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An Art Box for the Whole Family! Get a First Look at The Little Archives

Looking for a great way to spend time with your kids and get their creative juices flowing? Get ready for family time with one of our favorite upcoming art + family subscription boxes, The Little Archives.

Every month, you will receive art projects, the materials needed and instructions for you to work on with your kiddo. Check out our exclusive sneak peak and get ready to make some art-filled memories!

Subscription Box: The Little Archives
Price: $39.95/month

Black Canvas Panels

These two hard, black canvas panels are the perfect size. The high quality material is guaranteed to pick up the colors vibrantly and because the canvas wasn’t flimsy, I was even more excited about starting my little art project. That way if it turned out nice, keeping it shouldn’t be a problem. We know how important it is for kids materials to take a beating and survive!

Oil Pastels

The crisp feeling of touching fresh oil pastels unsurprisingly inspired me to start working on the canvas. I was instructed to draw my trees and the pastels glided smoothly across the canvas surface. Each stroke produced color that stood out against the black background.

This box included two sets of 12 piece oil pastels so when you work on this with your little friend, there doesn’t need to be any fighting over who is using what color. Me and my siblings couldn’t have been the only ones who did that, right?

Origami Paper

The red origami paper was neither flimsy or too stiff. Its cherry red color reminded me of roasting beef hotdogs over a gentle fire during my Girl Scout years. I could practically smell the nostalgia as I worked through the relatively easy origami instructions to create my cute little tent.

White & Brown Construction Paper and Scissors

As a kid, I remember doing art projects with that weird, flimsy construction paper that couldn’t hold glue. The Little Archives provided us with reliable construction paper and two blunt-tip scissors that were small enough for a kid’s hands but big enough for an adult to be comfortable using them.

Making the crescent moon and logs for the campfire was a simple, quick process and seeing everything come together left me feeling especially artistic!

Colorful Tissue Paper and Silver & White Glue

The sunset-colored tissue paper was an excellent method for simulating the fire burning on my camping logs. A band of yellow bleeds into two bands of orange on the edges of my tissue paper and I also received mini liquid white glue bottles and glitter glue bottles.

Elmer’s brought back childhood memories of exploring my creative talents (not eating glue!) and I enjoyed using the white glue to place my tent, logs and flames for my campsite. The glitter glue felt like owning stars in my own hands as I created my own camping version of A Starry Night.


I mean, I’m no Van Gogh but I think I made a great sample! The instructions were straightforward and the concept of a camping portrait was charming, especially since it’s such a major summer theme.

The Little Archives box provided two of everything so while I was alone on this project, I can see how much fun it would be working through this with my niece! Afterwards, we can keep these sturdy projects so we can have an archive of our memories forever!