The Perfect Box for You Based on Your Favorite Halloween Movie

Posted by Camille Dollins

It’s almost that time of year…the leaves have started changing, pumpkin spice is all around, and we’re already busy planning our Halloween costumes for the. best. day. of. the. year.

Not only is Halloween one of our favorites days of the year, but Halloween movies are also some of our favorite movies out there. So if you’re a fan of witchcraft, paranormal events, animated classics, slasher films, or campy 80s movies, we’ve got the perfect spooky subscription for you.


The CraftThe Moon Box Shop – Starting at $45/mo.

The Moon Box - Witchcraft subscription box

The Moon Box is curated by a passionate group of people that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and practice with the world. Receive all of the ritual and altar tools you need to embrace specific energies and refine your own craft each month.

– Handmade candles, magickal oils, and sacred salts.

– Sigil and spells from their personal Book of Shadows.

– Smudge, herbs, and incense that correspond to each month’s theme.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States


The Conjuring – PARA-Box – Starting at $19.95/mo.

If you’re a fan of the nail-bitting paranormal encounters in The Conjuring, Para-Box might be the perfect spooky subscription box for you. Receive a new paranormal soft-style tee and information card each month. The card contains clues for an internet scavenger hunt. If you decode the clues and complete the hunt, you’re entered to win their monthly prize!

– Soft style paranormal tees.

– Monthly scavenger hunt for subscribers with prizes!

Shipping Details: Only ships within the United States.


Hocus PocusMy Purrfect Gift Box – Starting at £24.50/mo.

my purrfect gift box

Anyone who is a true Hocus Pocus fan knows that Thackery Binx, the young boy turned immortal cat, is the true hero of this nearly perfect Halloween movie. Treat yourself My Purrfect Gift Box, the monthly box for cat ladies and their cats! Spoil your very own Thackery Binx.

– Stylish, fabulous, unique, and chic cat-themed items to show off your cat lady pride!

– Items for your cat included too!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide between the 20th and 25th of every month


The Nightmare Before ChristmasToy Box Monthly – Starting at $17/mo.

Toy Box Monthly Subscription Box

Tim Burton’s masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas has been a Halloween favorite since it’s release. While the toys from Toy Box Monthly won’t come to life the way the toys do in the movie, they’re bound to bring you just as much joy as watching this Halloween classic.

– 4-6 toys delivered monthly.

– Choose from toys for boys or girls.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States


IT!The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – Starting at $35/mo.

If the idea of a demented circus clown living in your sewer really excites you, then there are probably only a few things in this world that truly frighten you. If you want even more bone-chilling excitement in your life, look no further than The Nocturnal Reader’s Box.

– Perfect for fans of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Psychological Thriller books.

– Newly released novels.

– $60-80 value in every box.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States



ScreamThe Bam Box – Starting at $26.99/mo.

The bam horror box

The 1996 slasher classic, Scream, satirizes the cliches of the horror film genre, specifically films like Halloween and Friday the 13th. So if you’re interested in horror as a genre, The Bam Horror Box is screaming your name.

– 4 to 6 limited and exclusive items for horror fandoms including Scream

– Includes celebrity autographs, art, and even props from the sets

– Membership to an online trading community to become a true collector

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from the U.S. on the 28th of every month



BeetlejuiceLetters from Dead People – Starting at $12.99/mo.

Beetlejuice, another Tim Burton classic, revolves around a recently deceased couple cohabiting with the new residents of their house. If you’re interested in communicating with the dead, then Letters from Dead People is the perfect spooky subscription for you. Receive a monthly letter delivered from New Orleans — 100 years ago.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States


Young FrankensteinSpangler Science Club – Starts at $9.99/mo.

Victor from Young Frankenstein was a passionate scientist dedicated to his research on the preservation and reanimation of human tissue. With a combination of science, passion, and a little movie magic, he was able to bring his creature to life. Spangler Science Club is the perfect box to help the next generation of mad scientists bring their own creations to life!

– Designed by America’s science teacher, Steve Spangler.

– Prepare your young scientist for a future STEM-based career.

Shipping Details: Ships to select countries from United States


Edward ScissorhandsThe Homestead Box – Starting at $24.99/mo.

the homestead box

While The Homestead Box won’t be sending you Edward’s trademark scissorhands, they do send a curated collection of home and garden tools and goodies each month that will help you keep your home looking top notch!

– Free shipping with 6-month prepay.

– Hand selected items by a community of gardeners, farmers, and homesteaders.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States


The Evil DeadFX Crate – Starting at $24.99/mo.

The 1981 supernatural-horror film, The Evil Dead, is one of the largest cult films in history. Known for it’s memorable scares, all created with limited resources and a low budget. FX Crate sends a new selection of special effects makeup each month! Don’t be afraid to turn yourself into something truly terrifying.

– Online videos for visual learners on their YouTube channel.

– Educational content to pique your creative process.

Shipping Details: Ships to Canada, Mexico, and the United States from the United States


Any Harry Potter Movie – GeekGear – Starting at £12.99/ mo.


While you might not think of Harry Potter movies as Halloween movies, we promise you they have Halloween twist! Remember the delicious Halloween feast from The Sorcerer’s Stone? If you find yourself watching Harry Potter movies again and again, GeekGear is the perfect for you.

– All licensed and exclusive Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merchandise.

– Customized based on  your Hogwarts House.

Details: Ships worldwide from United Kingdom


The Rocky Horror Picture ShowIntellectual Intoxication – Starting at $30/mo.

Enter a world of unbelievable magic and glam with the appropriate named, Intellectual Intoxication, one of our newest spooky subscriptions. Channel your inner Dr. Frank ‘n’ Furter, grab your glitter, and remember that Halloween doesn’t have to be only one day a year!

– Exclusive “The Year Round Halloween Box” available now!

– For lovers of erotica, mermaids, fairies, unicorns, glam rock, halloween, and more!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States


 Want more subscription boxes?

Check out all the subscription boxes Cratejoy has to offer!


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