Thread & Flourish Review | July 2015

Posted by Lindsey

This is my first month receiving Thread and Flourish, and I absolutely love it. It’s a scarf subscription! How fun is that? Personally, I love scarves. They are my favorite accessory to add to an outfit that feels boring and lacking. What I love even more than the scarves that Thread and Flourish send is that they are a globally responsible company, using handcrafted scarves from artisan around the world. I absolutely loved learning who made my scarf and where it is from! It made me feel so much more connected to the scarf.

As a bonus, the boxes don’t only have scarves in them, but also two fair trade surprises inside! These can be just about anything stylish that is fair trade.

Note: They don’t ship out every month. If I ordered it any later, I would have had to wait until September to receive my box (and I don’t know if I would have been able to do that).

Without further ado, here’s what I received:

Thread and Flourish Item #1: Hand Woven Cotton Infinity Scarf

This scarf was hand woven in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala on a pedal loom. It was made my Yama Aj Chixot Artisan Group and is 100% cotton. I love the traditional Guatemalan jaspe pattern, and the bright red color. This scarf is so beautiful and bright.

I love the pattern of this scarf. Jaspe is like tie-dyed threads. The process is complicated. The threads must be gathered into large bundles and then tied tightly at the desired places in order to create a pattern.

This scarf is so beautiful. I have yet to wear it (quite hot this summer), but I know that when I do, I will absolutely love it and never want to take it off.

Thread and Flourish Item #2: Recycled Paper Moon Decoration

This decoration was made in Vietnam out of pages of magazines. I love this! I have seen necklaces and picture frames with this method before. I have this half moon hanging off the foot of my bed, and I absolutely love it.

Thread and Flourish Item #3: Capiz Filigree Teardrop Earrings

Hand crafted in the Philippines, these earrings are made of sustainably and legally harvested capiz shells and accented with silver colors metal. I am Filipino, so I was so excited to see this in box. However, these earrings are not really my style, but they are my mom’s style. She absolutely adores them.

Thread and Flourish: The July Box Verdict

For my first box, I absolutely loved receiving Thread and Flourish. Not only were the goods inside exciting, but I love knowing that Thread and Flourish sources only sustainable and fair trade items. I think that sets this box apart from many others.

I am so excited to see what my September box contains. I know that I will absolutely love it.