The Best Snack Subscription Boxes from International to Keto-Friendly

If your motto is "work hard, snack harder," we’re right there with you! Foodie or not, snacks are something just about everyone can get behind. Just imagine getting a monthly delivery of delicious snacks that you can break into whenever a craving strikes. We can think of few things better than getting a food box filled with snacks every month.

What are the best snack subscription boxes?


Japan Crate

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Japan Crate is about more than just Japanese snacks, but if you're here to munch on noodles and sip on melon sodas, they've got you covered! You're in for a real Tokyo treat with a snack crate, available in Original and Premium, that's packed with authentic snacks and candies. And, if noodles are more your speed, move beyond Amazon basics and opt for the Umai Crate for a wide variety of Japanese pre-packed noodles.


SnackSack Classic

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We've all had those low-energy days that require frequent snacks just to see it through. Trust in the SnackSack Classic to deliver plenty of taste bud-tantalizing pick-me-ups that will keep you properly fueled. Fill your snack drawer with 12 mindfully curated snacks that guarantee you have a healthy option on hand whenever it's needed. And, along with the Classic box, they also offer a vegan, gluten-free, and a vegan+GF option!



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Need fit snacks that jive with your fit lifestyle? BroteinBox has your back, sending 8-12 full-size snack items that are perfect for throwing in your gym bag for sustained energy or a post-workout recovery. Enjoy healthy snacks that support a low-carb lifestyle, like beef jerky, protein bars, veggie chips and other protein-packed goodies made from only the finest ingredients.


3-Month Prepaid Pack

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Get a box filled with all your favorite snacks with a monthly subscription to MunchieCrate. Perfect for keeping the goodies coming on auto-pilot, every monthly box comes brimming with over 20 different full-size snacks, including popular go-tos like Kit-Kats, Skittles and chocolate bars. No matter what time of day or night those cravings strike, just grab some of your favorite munchies and go to town!


Stick in a Box

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Stick in a Box is one of the most popular beef jerky subscription boxes, delivering gourmet jerky every month. Get anywhere from a little taste with 2 bags on up to a hoard-worthy stash of 21 high-protein jerky products with 3 different subscription levels. Depending on budget and appetite, there's a box of delicious, small-batch artisanal dried meat for just about anyone!


Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box

From $26.99 per box
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The Vegancuts Monthly Snack Box is a great way to sample new snacks and nibbles, and get the opportunity to try before you buy. Dive into this fun discovery snack box for a mix of sweet and savory snacks, and prepare to be wowed by some of the best vegan snack brands on the market, all made from the finest non-GMO ingredients, including everything from granola and cookies to veggie crisps and drinks, too!


The Keto Monthly Box

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Whether you're trying to stay on track with your fitness goals or find the best keto-friendly snacks for you, The Keto Monthly Box is one of the best keto snack discovery boxes out there. Delicious new products are hitting the market all the time, making it difficult (if not impossible) to try them all. This subscription service can help you on your quest by sending 10 or more flavorful protein-filled snacks every month!


Sugar Smart Box

From $27.95 per box
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One of many great healthy snack subscription boxes, the Sugar Smart Box supports a commitment to a low-carb lifestyle. Sending 7 or more artisanal low-sugar, low-carb snacks, and keto-friendly snacks, makes sure the snack drawer is filled with protein-packed options that are grab-and-go friendly for whenever the mood strikes. All snacks are diabetic-friendly and keto compliant.


Chocolate, Sugar, Candy and Custom Sweets Box

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Treat yourself to a candy club that is perfect for sweet tooths of all types with a Custom Sweets Box. Chocolates Unlimited by Denise curates fun and festive boxes that are crammed full of sweets. Unbox the goodies and take a moment to indulge with 2 fun and unique handmade chocolate items and 3 bags filled with gummy candies, handpicked to match the season. And, it makes a great gift, too!


Oh!So Sweet Candy Box

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Delicious variety is packed into every Oh!So Sweet Candy Box. Brimming with popular favorites and rare finds to delight subscribers, this sweet snack crate is curated to include 15-16 Canadian candies (and the occasional bag of chips) seen on TikTok. Right from the first box, you'll treat yourself to brand-name goodies, like AirHeads taffy, Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, Nerds and more!



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Want a little piece of Mexican trivia? Mexican candy isn't your typical sweet candy, and MexiCrate gives you the chance to try it out for yourself! Adventurous snackers, can choose from 3 box sizes, including the mini that brings 10-15 pieces, on up to the grande that's fit to share with the whole familia. Plus, thoughtful curators stock over 150 different candy delights to ensure you'll have plenty of snacking variety.


elevate. Next-Level VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, Snack Box - (12 Snacks In Every Box!)

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Great for everyone from hardcore fitness buffs, to those just starting on a fitness journey, the CoreGains monthly subscription brings fuel that helps keep motivation and energy high, before, during and after daily workouts. This monthly box sends new superfoods, healthy drinks, plant supplements and high-quality snack bars right to the front door.