Top Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Type of Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner which means it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas for all the mother figures in your life. Whether it's your mother, grandmother, or bonus mom, Cratejoy has one-of-a-kind gifts for each and every one of them in every budget. We admit we have quite a large catalog of gifts, so to help you out, we’ve rounded out the top Mother’s Day gifts given year after year.

What Kind of Gifts Should I Give On Mother’s Day?

You can’t go wrong with giving her something that’ll make her heart and her stomach happy. We highly recommend gifting her one of our tea boxes filled with an assortment of herbal and flavored teas for her to sip daintily in bed (while you deliver her a homemade breakfast of course!). Purchase her a Simplicity Teas’ Deluxe box which comes complete with 4 kinds of loose leaf tea and a tea infuser. And the best part is shipping only takes a few days, so if you waited until the last minute, this gift is a great option.

Along with tea, we highly suggest gifting your mother figure a gift to help her relax. Boxes such as Therabox and Hopebox are packed to the brim with all the self-care essentials she needs to unwind and relax. Therabox features 7 full size treats to pamper her mind, body, and soul. Featured in Oprah, Good Morning America, and BuzzFeed, this monthly gift is sure to let her know you are thinking about her all year long.

Cratejoy gifts keep on giving throughout the year. Buy one box or subscribe to send a gift every month for 3,6, and the entirety of the year. She’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive a gift at her doorstep on a regular basis.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

From $35.00 per box
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Therabox is a monthly gift box that can help any woman welcome more happiness into her day-to-day life. Thoughtfully curated by therapists who aspire to spread delight, each box features 5-7 treats that have been intentionally selected to help calm the mind and inspire joy, including organic skincare and bath products, aromatherapy, journals, teas and #goodvibesonly.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 24th-29th of the month

"I’m always amazed at the size and quality of the products I receive each month. They’re not the small sample sizes many subscription boxes send you. The products are always amazing and things I would never think to buy for myself but end up loving!" - Lauren M.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

From $32.00 per box
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There’s no need to get bogged down in project planning when the pros behind the Adults & Crafts Crate have got it covered. Each monthly box sends at least 1 new Pinterest-worthy craft project, including all the supplies, tools, and illustrated step-by-steps to teach new crafting techniques while making one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from U.S. around the 20th of the month

"I received the engraving kit and I love it! I practiced on an old glass weigh scale to get the hang of engraving. I then started the glass coasters using pictures off google. I am sooo happy with how they turned out! It’s very relaxing and is a great stress reliever. I have a few people now wanting me to make them sets of coasters :)" - Megan T.


Authentic Books - The Full Experience

From $65.00 per box
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Authentic Books is the book-of-the-month club for you if you're looking for a unique sensory self-care experience. In addition to a fun new book every month, you'll get scented, scene-setting candles, tasty teas, or cocktails to excite those taste buds, plus bath goodies and a custom music playlist that take your relaxation to the next level.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. in the last week of every month

"This box absolutely made my day. It was so thoughtfully put together and on-theme. Love it!!" Nichole Z.


My Garden Box

From $45.83 per box
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My Garden Box, a subscription that brings everything from lush tropical houseplants to easy-care succulents, will be perfect for any green thumb-sporting person. Custom-crafted for new or experienced gardeners, each box delivers a living plant or seasonal bulb, potting soil, a decorative planter, and simple steps.

Shipping: Ships to most states within the continental United States mid-month each month.

“I have been getting this box for almost a year now and I have not been disappointed! The plant quality has been amazing and the pots are decorative and fit in well with my decor. Additionally, the soil and instructions are top-notch. I couldn’t be happier with this subscription!” – Denise S.


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

From $23.67 per box
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With the Deadbolt Mystery Society, you can have a monthly immersive experience without the dead body to clean up. Each month brings you a unique, stand-alone box that includes intriguing scenarios, lively characters, and fascinating stories.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United States the first week of every month.

“I've been a customer since the beginning. I love the all-in-one monthly boxes. I've collected every box released but until this year, I never completed any. But now I have monthly murder mystery nights with my friends and we have a huge collection to choose from so we're never bored! Highly recommend DMS over all the other subscription boxes.” – Amanda A.



From £9.42 per box
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Classic of the Month Club is a curated subscription box that creates a lovely reading environment. Subscribers can choose between 2 bundles complete with a vintage book, a Bookishly notebook, 4 teabags, or 4 to 5 cups of ground coffee. All the essentials to impress your Anglophile book club.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United Kingdom within 1 business day of your order. Additional boxes ship between the 20th and the 27th of every month.

“Sent as a gift for my niece. She received it today, which was perfect because it is her birthday! The package came beautifully wrapped as described with a lovely bag of tea, a book, a bookmarker, and a description of the book. So nice. I’m glad I selected the 6-month plan.” – Margaret L.


Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

From $49.92 per box
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Mix things up by ordering a craft cocktail subscription box. Each month, subscribers will get three unique and tasty cocktail recipes, along with everything needed (minus the liquor) to whip up 12 delicious drinks. Every Shaker & Spoon box focuses on a specific liquor, so you’ll be able to make the most of your home bar. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, getting together with friends, or just building your bartender expertise, this monthly box will have subscribers raising a glass in delight.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S.

“You will not find recipes like these on Pinterest. I love that I don’t have to curate the obscure ingredients myself. Very happy with this gift!” - Kate E.


Mega Momma Box

From $50.00 per box
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Featuring fun themes like "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow," Boxy Momma is designed to give hardworking moms a much-needed break with a side of humor. Every box sends a curated collection of full-sized products, including jewelry, accessories, bath goodies, "momma hacks," sweets, support, and love! And, to help other mommas through a vulnerable stage of motherhood, $1 from every sale is donated to Postpartum Support International.

Shipping: Boxes ship worldwide from the United States between the 4th and the 7th of every month.

“Amazing box! Totally worth the money. I love it. I will get it as much as I can afford it. I loved the shirt.” – Karyn C.


Read, Relax & Recharge by Introverts Retreat

From $46.99 per box
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If you take your alone time very seriously, then Introverts Retreat is just for you. It's not just a book of the month club, but a total experience for the whole introvert: a new book in the genre of your choice plus a wide variety of accouterments to complete it. Choose between snacks and a hot beverage, a candle and luxury bath products, or both (!) for the all-encompassing recharge you know you need. Backed by a landslide of five-star reviews, Introverts Retreat is your monthly sanctuary in a box.

Shipping: Ships to the United States and select countries every month depending on your original order date.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BOX! I immediately ate the delicious caramel corn. I have had three boxes in the past and they are MAGIC! Thank you very, very much!” – Jan P.


Escape the Crate: An Escape Room Adventure shipped straight to your door.

From $26.50 per box
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With Escape the Crate, you and your loved ones and spend a rollicking day solving riddles and conquering puzzles. Games are challenging and are designed for ages 10+ and can either be played solo or with an entire group.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United States within a week of order. Renewals ship on a bi-monthly basis.

“I received this Escape Room game for Christmas, and my family and I enjoyed playing it very much! I highly recommend it for family/friend game nights. An escape room experience at the comfort of your own home!” – Shelbie T.


Finders Seekers Mysteries

From $26.40 per box
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Solve puzzles while traveling the world with this thrilling escape room game! Finders Seekers is the perfect gift for puzzle solvers and mystery fans who loves a challenge! Enjoy this game with the family or venture off and uncover complex clues with a single use mystery game inclusive of hands-on and online gameplay.

Shipping: We ship on the 23rd of each month for orders placed by the 21st. For last-minute gifts, we provide a fun PDF gift message that you can personalize and email or print. Shipping is $5 within the US, Canada shipping: $5.95.

Rachel C. wrote, “I have been getting Finders Seekers boxes for over a year, and I cannot lie, I'm obsessed. The mysteries are a lot of fun, and they are so much fun to do with friends, especially those that haven't done something like this before. Occasionally, the puzzles are evil (I'm looking at you, Paris box!), but the fact that after a year they can still challenge me is a good thing.”


Mix Box

From $29.95 per box
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Enjoy everything from caramel snickerdoodles to chocolate pecan pie bars, with the Mix Box by Homemade Bakers, a monthly box that brings you all you'll need to whip up delicious desserts that the whole family will enjoy. Great for bakers of all skill levels, including the littles, simply unbox all the dry ingredients, filling, toppings, and kitchen tools you'll need to make the featured dessert from start to sweet-tooth satisfying finish.

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 7th of each month.

“Second baking experience under my belt and I love showing off my creations to my friends and family. My husband said, “I love how proud of yourself you get now when you bake.” – Aubrie R.


Simplicity Teas | Loose Leaf Wellness Teas of The Month Club

From $14.50 per box
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More than just stylish packaging, the Simplicity Teas Discovery Box is the tea gift that keeps on giving. Available in 2 different tiers, Mini and Tea Lovers, each box delivers between 2-4 organic loose-leaf tea blends of black, green, and herbal teas, plus specific brewing instructions and a fun reusable tea infuser to steep the perfect cup. For those who don't love coffee in the office, they'll be sure to thank you for Simplicity Teas.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 1-5 business days from ordering, and then between the 12th-17th of future months


SnackSack Classic

From $26.91 per box
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Looking for the ultimate snacking subscription? This box delivers between 11 and 13 surprise snacks every month centered around a fun or seasonal theme. There are four snacking plans to fit your lifestyle: classic, vegan, gluten-free, or vegan and gluten-free.

Shipping: Orders are shipped on the 17th or 18th of each month. Check the shipping policy to determine the month that your subscription will start. This box only ships within the United States.

“I am enjoying everything that came in my monthly box, there wasn't a bad snack in the entire selection! Also, I love the cute bag to keep my snacks in; it's a really nice touch. I can't wait to see what other delights are in the other months to come.” — Kareema B.