Going Out is Overrated: Our Top Subscription Boxes for Introverts

Posted by Karen Li

After a draining day at work or an exhausting night of socialization, all an introvert wants to do is curl up and spend some much-needed alone time without human interaction (pets allowed, of course).

We hear ya, introverts, and with Fall in full swing, we’ve handpicked 10 boxes just for you to enjoy alone. The best part? Pants are optional, and you don’t ever have to leave the comfort of your own home. Get ready to get cozy!


1. Scrapbooking Store – Starting at $15.99/month

Scrapbooking Store Subscription Box

If you have a crafty side and a penchant for all things scrapbook, then the Scrapbooking Store subscription box is for you! Each month members receive a beautiful, themed scrapbook kit complete with 12×12 pages, stickers, cutouts, or other embellishments.

Details: Only ships within United States

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2. Muse Monthly – Starting at $29.50/month

Muse Monthly Subscription Box books and tea

Books and tea: a match made in introvert heaven! Who needs people when you’ve got books, amirite? As the only subscription box of its kind, Muse Monthly delivers a unique experience for lovers of literature and tea. Every month, you will get a new novel and a full box or tin of tea on your doorstep. So go ahead: curl up and enjoy!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States

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3. Mask Box – Starting at $10.00/month


Do your weekend plans include chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool? Add Mask Box to the mix and kick your do-nothing plans up a notch with the added bonus of self care. Mask Box expertly selects sheet masks that help your face look and feel its best. Choose from different skincare needs ranging from hydration to anti-aging.

Details: Free shipping worldwide from the US.


4. Introverts Retreat – Starting at $34.95/month

Introverts Retreat Box

Introverts Retreat is a box that is after an introvert’s own heart, bless. As the name suggests, each box is filled with goodies to make recharging, pampering, and relaxing even more enjoyable.

In each box you will find an international author-written book, bath and beauty products, high-quality facial masks, hand-made scented candles, puzzle books, journals, and/or an assortment of yummy treats.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Coupon: Use code FIRSTBOX10 at checkout to get 10% off your first box.

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5. Bath Butlers – Starting at $29.00/month

Bath Butlers March 2017 Subscription Box

If taking a warm, luxurious bath sounds better than going out and having to socialize (*shudders*), then boy do we have the perfect box for you! Bath Butlers brings you a luxury bath box packed with all the ingredients to create a resort & spa experience in your own bathtub. Each box contains products to make at least four baths with new items to discover each month.

Details: Only ships within United States

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6. PlowBox – Starting at $14.95/month

PlowBox Subscription

Introverts benefit greatly from the therapeutic nature of gardening. Four times a year, PlowBox sends out seasonally-appropriate organic garden seeds, unique gifts, planting instructions, and fun, expert advice.

They help you understand when, where, and HOW to grow your seeds so that they fit into your diet and lifestyle. For indoor growing, you can also select PlowBox Green, the monthly microgreens box.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Coupon: Get 20% off your first PlowBox with code TRYPLOWBOX

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7. CatLadyBox – Starting at $34.99/month


Loving your cat more than loving people is totally ok, especially with CatLadyBox. Each month, they deliver a meowvelous box of goodies for cat-loving humans and their kitties: super-chic cat-themed jewelry, shirts, accessories, décor, and more. CatLadyBox even donates a portion of proceeds to cat rescues each month. It’s the purrfect introverted cat lover’s box!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States

Read why subscribers love CatLadyBox on the customer reviews page.


8. SketchBox – Starting at $25.00/month


“Sorry I can’t, I have plans already (making art, that is).” – You, probably, after subscribing to Sketchbox.

Sketchbox is a monthly subscription service intended to empower artists. Each month you’ll receive unique full sized art supplies for you to explore and create with. Every month a different subscriber’s art is printed on the box, so who knows – you could be the next featured artist!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except China, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Malaysia, and Turkey.

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9. Cozy Reader Club – Starting at $64.95/month

Cozy Reader Club Subscription Box

Introvert heaven is real and it exists in the form of Cozy Reader Club. Your ideal weekend already consists of relaxing and doing absolutely nothing, so why not treat yourself to Cozy Reader Club? You’ll discover everything you need to curl up with a good book and take the meaningful “me” time you deserve. Ahh yes, bliss.

Details: Ships to Canada and United States from United States

Read what subscribers have to say on the Cozy Reader Club reviews page!


10. Hello Book Lover – Starting at $28.00/month

Hello Book Lover Subscription Box

What is Hello Book Lover? It’s a monthly book club subscription box curated for the modern woman and an introvert’s dream! Each month you’ll receive an exciting new book (of which you can choose from two) and a few pretty surprises delivered to your door. At the end of the month, head over to their blog and discuss the latest read with the Hello Book Lover community.

Details: Only ships within United States



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