Unique Gifts for Foodies Who Have Everything

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Everyone has that one foodie friend or loved one who has all the latest kitchen gadgets and cookware. They’re nearly impossible to shop for, so when you need the perfect gift for a foodie, how do you avoid getting them something they already have?

Here’s just one idea: a gourmet food gift subscription box. Cratejoy’s got a wide assortment of food and related subscription boxes for you to choose from. Supplement your favorite foodie’s love of gastronomy with one of our one-of-a-kind and practical food gift boxes. Check out all our foodie gift ideas below!


For the Foodie With Expensive Taste:

Robb Vices

We’ve got a subscription fit for the high life: Robb Vices Membership. If it’s luxury foods, spirits, wines, tech, and other accessories you’re looking for, look no further than this monthly delivery of only the best of the best.

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $89.95/month



For the Cocktail Enthusiast Foodie:

SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit

What better to pair with delicious food than an equally scrumptious cocktail? SaloonBox DIY Cocktail Kit makes impressing friends and company easy. With 4 servings worth of cocktail ingredients in each box, this monthly gourmet craft cocktail box will make you feel like the classiest bartender in town.

Shipping details: Only ships within United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $37.50/month



For the Space Nerd Gastronaut:

Astronaut Ice Cream
Image source: Amazon

Does your foodie friend geek out over anything space-related as much as they do over a perfect sous vide egg? Now they can feel like a true gastronaut with fun and delicious Astronaut Ice Cream, originally developed for the early Apollo missions!

Pricing Details: $23.95 for a pack of five varied flavors


For the Ramen-/Noodle-Addicted Foodie:

Exotic Noods

Foodies who are hopeless ramentics: we’ve got an answer in the form of Exotic Noods, a monthly delivery of specialty noodle treats from around the world. Expect to receive a selection of four hard-to-find and delicious noodle flavors or styles.

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $15.00/month



For the Meat Lover:

stick in a box

Is your friend obsessed with the finest dried meats? Stick in a Box would be the perfect subscription for this carnivorous foodie! Each month, they’ll receive high-quality craft jerky that is sure to satisfy! We aren’t jerkin‘ your leg, this subscription is delicious!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $15.00/month



For the Cheese-Obsessed Foodie:

Standing Stone Farms Cheese Making Kit
Image source: Amazon

What better way to show your foodie friend or loved one you think they’re grate than with a DIY cheesemaking kit like the one from Standing Stone Farms? They’ll be making cheese so good, it’ll have them saying, “You’ve got to brie kidding me.”

Pricing Details: $24.99



For the Farmer’s Market Frequenter:

roost crate

You can now get a farmers market in a box with roost crate! You’ll get a box filled with food, home, and bath & body items from local stands in Upstate NY and surrounding areas. Save time and a trip to the market while still discovering curated artisan goods!

Shipping Details: Only ships within United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $39.95/month



For the Foodie With a Sweet Tooth:

My Honey Crate

Sweeten up your life with a box of 100% pure, raw honey and other beeswax and bee-themed goods found in My Honey Crate. Plus, you can feel good about supporting our hardworking furry insect friends, small businesses, local apiaries, and beekeepers from across the United States.

Details: Only ships within the United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $29.95/month



For the Foodie With a Sweet Tooth and a Spicy Side:

Mike's Hot Honey
Image source: Amazon

So maybe you have a sweet tooth, but are craving something with a little more zing. Bring the heat with Mike’s Hot Honey, a chili-infused honey that’ll bring a whole new flavor dimension to whatever you add it to – wings, pizza, ribs, and even ice cream!

Pricing Details: Starting at $12.62/month



For the Health-Conscious Foodie:

Rosehive Superfoods Box

Finding delicious superfoods and other plant-based snacks can be a pain, but with Rosehive Superfoods Box, they’ve made it easy for you! You’ll get a box of vegan, plant-based, and good-for-you superfoods including snacks, drinks, herbs, and powders. Plus, there’s even a different superfood recipe each month!

Shipping details: Ships to select countries from United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $34.95/month



For the Foodie Who Loves to Bake:

Red Velvet NYC is a premiere baking subscription box. They’re like Blue Apron, but for desserts! What more could you ask for?! They make gourmet baking at home easy, convenient, and fun. Receive high quality ingredients and learn new tips and tricks so you can start making restaurant-quality desserts right at home.

Shipping Details: Only Ships within the United States and only ships to specific states. Please see listing page for details.
Pricing Details: $49.00/month



For the Artisan Product Seeker:

Mitten Crate

It can be difficult finding delicious local food products from other states, but Mitten Crate makes it easy by sending subscribers an array of the tastiest artisan products from Michigan. You’ll get nothing but the most unique and delicious food products straight from Michigan!

Shipping Details: Ships worldwide from United States except Canada
Pricing Details: Starting at $35.00/month



For the Foodie Who’ll Try Anything:

M Berry Amazon Fruit
Image source: Amazon

Imagine a world where lemons and limes taste like the sweetest oranges and strawberries taste like they are rolled in sugar. Sounds insane, but it’s possible in the form of mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (the naturally-occuring miraculin alters your tastebuds to make sour foods taste sweet). Makes a unique and fun gift!

Pricing Details: $25.00



For the Foodie Who Loves to Cook:

Culinarie Kit

Culinarie Kit brings an exciting monthly box of culinary inspiration to cooks of any skill level. You can expect to receive a diverse selection of artisan and/or hard-to-find ingredients plus recipes, tips from the chefs, and more!

Shipping Details: Ships free to select countries from United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $29.95/month



For the Adventurous Global Foodie:

Spice Madam

For global foodies who love gourmet food gifts, enter Spice Madam, a box that gives 5% to a charity supporting children and provides a gastronomical adventure with each shipment. You’ll get to discover a new region through its cuisine and included recipes, spices, playlists, and information on its culture.

Details: Ships to select countries from United States
Pricing Details: Starting at $20.00/month


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