The Best Grilling Gifts from Unique Baskets to Luxury Pairings (2021)

While the smell of a backyard barbeque is instantly reminiscent of a sunny summer evening, we’d like to remind you that grilling is an all-season activity! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a DIY pitmaster or a grilling enthusiast, we’re here to serve up meats, sides and all the rest!

What do you get a man who loves to grill?

Spice-rubbed meat, specialty hot sauces and refreshing drinks to wash it all down; these are just a few ideas here on this gift guide that's dedicated to helping him create the ultimate BBQ experience. Each of these grilling gift ideas, from hot sauce to drink pairings, is perfect for encouraging him to dust off the griddle, don his heat-resistant grilling apron, and fire things up for the next big cookout.

What are the best grilling gifts for men?

1. The Ultimate BBQ Box


Price: Starts at $24.99/month

It's time to put that grill basket and smoker box to good use with a gift that's curated by pitmasters, for pitmasters. The Grill Masters Club gift set makes sure he has all that's needed to master the craft of barbecue, bringing expert tested-and-approved grilling goodies, including handcrafted spice rubs, wood chips for smoking, sauces, marinades, and access to an online community filled with pro tips and delicious recipes.

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2. My BBQ Box


Price: Starts at $19.00/month

Perfect for anyone who enjoys trying out new recipes and exploring the ins and outs of their barbecue grill, send them My BBQ Box, a monthly subscription that's all about indulging in some of the best barbecue the country has to offer. He'll head out on a month-to-month tour of regional BBQ styles and popular dishes with handcrafted rubs, pro recipes, and grilling accessories, like stainless steel tongs and a quality meat thermometer.

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3. Pig-of-the-Month-BBQ


Price: Starts at $36.58/month

Ever tasted Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper or Maple Infused Coffee bacon? Well, here's your chance to treat yourself or a fellow bacon lover to some of the best quality bacon out there with the Bacon of the Month Club. Pull out the heavy-duty cast iron skillet and throw down 2 pounds of nitrate-free gourmet bacon (one pound each of 2 unique flavors), that's guaranteed to be all-natural, organic, and of course, seasoned to perfection!

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4. Bacon Freak Inc.


Price: Starts at $48.83/month

Sear it, sizzle it and top off a mouthwatering burger or pile it high on a plate filled with scrambled eggs, because there is no wrong way to enjoy bacon! And, if you know anyone who's bacon obsessed, send them the gift of high-quality bacon with the bacon-of-the-month club from Bacon Freak Inc. In the first box he'll get a T-shirt, along with 2-3 packs of hand-rubbed, smoked bacon or sausage in fun flavors, like cajun or apple pie.

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5. Jerky Snob


Price: Starts at $15.00/month

Looking for a BBQ gift that is sure to impress meat lovers and expose them to a wide variety of jerky flavors? Jerky Snob is all about showcasing their expertise in this area, sending a curated mix of small-batch jerkies handcrafted by some of the best artisans in the business. No need for grilling gloves here; simply choose to send between 2 bags to a full pound of both classic and uniquely flavored jerky products every month.

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6. Hot Sauce of the Month Club


Price: Starts at $14.99/month

Used to turn up the heat on marinades and BBQ sauces or add spice to any meal, grill masters and BBQ lovers will get a chance to sample some of the best award-winning hot sauces with the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. No matter what his preferred heat range is, those who prefer classic, mild or extra hot flavor profiles will be treated to either 1 or 3 full-size bottles, all hand-selected by the experts at the Heat Hot Sauce Shop.

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7. Sauce Boss - Condiment Subscription


Price: Starts at $16.75/quarter

When the BBQ grill comes out, you can bet the condiment tray is never far behind! Whether you're searching for a Father's Day or birthday gift, send your fave grill enthusiast a gift that'll up the flavor of all his juicy offerings. Sauce Boss is a condiment subscription like no other. Each quarter brings 1 or 3 full-size bottles, including international treats, like aioli, atomic hot sauces, and homestyle BBQ essentials -- ketchup and mustard!

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8. Wanderlust Select * Culinary Spice Kits


Price: Starts at $8.90/month

Sure, anyone can go on Amazon and find pretty much every spice out there, but when you gift SpiceBreeze, you send him on an adventure into a world of global taste sensations, filled with flavorful surprises! This budget-friendly monthly subscription sends top-quality herbs and spices and easy-to-follow recipes. From perfectly seasoned skewers of meat and veggies to spiced steak fajitas, it's time to grill spicy specialties right at home.

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9. Piquant Post Flavor Kits


Price: Starts at $9.99/month

Send a gift that will make him ready the propane and pull out the apron, basting brush and BBQ tool set. Piquant Post Flavor Kits mixes his favorite pastime (eating grilled goodies!) with a little bit of wanderlust. He'll experience the flavors of the world with a monthly delivery of 4 small-batch freshly ground spice blends and 4 coordinating chef-developed recipes to grill up fresh global-inspired dishes.

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10. The HopHeads Beer Club


Price: Starts at $34.95/month

Keep your favorite griller cool while he's slaving over those open flames with a gift membership to the HopHeads Beer Club. No gimmicks or gadgets here! Just a refreshingly great gift for BBQ enthusiasts that delivers the ultimate hoppy 12-pack, including 3 bottles of 4 different beers from some of the best craft breweries. Ready that bottle opener and explore a wide variety of Pale Ales, IPAs, Double IPAs and Imperial IPLs.

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11. The Standard - Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"


Price: Starts at $49.00/month

Instead of more grilling tools, steak knives, and aprons emblazoned with meat puns, send a classy grilling gift that’s focused on filling his glass with delicious wines. Match those perfectly seared steaks with some of the best, budget-friendly wines the world has to offer with the Standard Wine Club by He Wines, She Dines. Curated to match individual tastes, he’ll unbox 3 tasty bottles, recipes and pairing suggestions.

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