28 Unique Gift Ideas for Kids They'll Tell All Their Friends About

Are you looking for great gifts for little ones? Skip the trip to a mainstream store and no need to cruise Amazon endlessly for a gift they probably already have — you’ll find everything you’re looking for right here! Whether you need birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or unique gifts to simply make kiddos feel special, subscription boxes are a novel way to wow any child on your shopping list.

Why a subscription box? First of all, there are so many to choose from. Whether the child you’re shopping for is a 5-year-old into dinos, a 7-year-old into Disney, or a 10-year-old into crafts...there’s a subscription box of the coolest finds they’ll definitely be telling their friends about. Plus, subscription boxes are the perfect gift idea if you live far away and can’t see the kiddos in person. There’s no better way to tell a niece, nephew, or grandkid “I love you” from afar than to send a monthly reminder in the mail.

At Cratejoy, we've got fun gifts for kids of all ages covered, from subscription boxes of girly goodies to board games to building kits and beyond. If you’re shopping for your own kiddos, your friends’ little ones, or maybe a child’s classmate, our collection of the best gifts for kids is full of finds they'll want to play with, show off, and share with all their peers.

Read on for our Gift Guide of 28 exciting kids gifts.

28 Totally Fun Gift Ideas for Kiddos

1. Find Your Wings Subscription


If you’re shopping for a tween who loves all things sparkly, cool, and fashionably fun, she'll find this subscription box absolutely irresistible. Packed with crafts, self-care, stickers, and accessories, it invites little ones to explore, create, dress up, and dream.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Girly girls ages 6 to 12.

Price: Starting at $27.08/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "This box arrived yesterday and it delivered on its promise! It was jammed packed with oodles of stuff that my daughter adored. I scored major mom points! Not only did it have age appropriate beauty supplies, but it contained arts and crafts supplies that she can be entertained for hours. My daughter definitely "Found her Wings" with this subscription box... looking forward to more products from this company." -Sarah

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2. Craft + Boogie


Here’s some fun for the whole family! While Craft + Boogie is made for little ones, it entertains an entire crew (including adults!) with crafts and activities to celebrate favorite days of the year. Pick it up for parties, play dates, and more!

This Gift Is Perfect For: Elementary-aged crafters and their family.

Price: Starting at $24.99/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "We love the craft kits from Craft + Boogie. The boxes and the digital kits are so generous and the quality is awesome! We love crafting and my kids love following along with the instructions and creating something new together. These activities are a great way to connect and spend time together.” -Elizabeth

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3. Bookroo


Turn reluctant readers into enthusiastic bookworms with this award-winning book club for kids. Each Bookroo box comes packaged like a present, combining reading with the excitement of opening a gift, helping to foster a lifelong love of books.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Readers ages 0-12

Price: Starting at $16.95/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "I spent quite a while trying to figure out what to send my friend's kids last Christmas and finally figured she'd most appreciate something like a book subscription over toys or candy (especially since I don't really know what's appropriate for toddlers). Bookroo is working really well for her family and they even brought their favorite books while visiting her in-laws out-of-state for a month." -Caddy

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4. Em and Liz Box


Mermaids, unicorns, and magic, oh my! Invite sparkle into a little girl’s life with the Em and Liz box, thoughtfully curated around a whimsical, wonderful theme. Think fashion accessories, age-appropriate makeup, crafts, and more girly goodies!

This Gift Is Perfect For: Girly girls age 4-10

Price: Starting at $24.25/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My daughter looks forward to receiving this box every month. I'm pretty sure I look forward to it as much or maybe even more than she does. :) Absolutely delightful!!" -Bronwyn

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5. Green Kid Crafts


Science-minded whiz kids will find this box fascinating! Founded by a Scientist-mom, each themed box is thoughtfully curated with 4-6 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities, plus a 12-page magazine to engage curious kids. It’s perfect for summer learning, homeschooling, and screen-free fun (no gadgets needed!).

This Gift Is Perfect For: Scientists in the making, ages 2-10.

Price: Starting at $21.91/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My kids loved their Weather Science box. The theme of the box was very timely because we are going over the weather in our homeschooling lessons. They both loved building and decorating the weather station kit and recording the daily weather. The cloud finder craft was super cute and the windsock project was also a hit. I liked that there were lessons on how to use it to record wind speed. Super fun, super educational." -Allison

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6. Little Learners Busy Box


Developed by a former educator and homeschooling mom of 3 kids, Little Learners Busy Box builds motor skills and more for preschool-age kids. It’s great for on-the-go toddlers (and their parents, too!). Each monthly box sends a mix of pre-prepped busy boxes, all packed in reusable containers, designed to create hours of hands-on, interactive play!

This Gift Is Perfect For: Curious 2- to 4-year-old boys and girls.

Price: Starting at $13/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My friend's daughter loves this box. She's been busy at the crafts and made sure to pack the ones she didn't get to yet for their road trip. She's only 3, so she must be pretty impressed. If I had my own kids, I'd definitely subscribe monthly. I'll be keeping it in mind for future gift ideas though" -Kristen

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Talk about the building blocks for success. Brickbox includes LEGO sets so little builders can build castles, fortresses, war vehicles...you name it. Each box includes a buildable set, figures, shirts or accessories, and of course blocks to add to their collection.

This Gift Is Perfect For: LEGO-obsessed little ones (and maybe big kids, too).

Price: Starting at $36.66/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My son looks forward to getting his box in the mail each month. He seems to like that they’re themed and have items he would normally get when choosing a LEGO set. He asks me throughout the entire month when his box is coming. It’s nice to see his excitement each month. I recommend this box for true LEGO lovers." -Jena

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8. Club SciKidz Lab Box


If you want to encourage screen-free, educational fun, Club Scikidz Labs includes career-related science kits with STEM-based hands-on activities to help kids explore the wonders of the world around them.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Aspiring scientists and engineers ages 7 and up.

Price: Starting at $32.95/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "This is a great subscription box! With the kids home everyday, having to go to school online from home, they get bored. This box gives them something different to do and they really enjoy it. After the first delivery, they wanted to know if I had ordered more 🙂 We're quite grateful to Club Scikidz for breaking the monotony and giving the kids something fun to do." -Beautiful

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9. The Clay Box


Help budding artists take their creativity into 3D territory with The Clay Box. Designed by a professional art teacher, each box includes a themed, educational mini art lesson using clay, complete with a step-by-step art lesson guide book, video tutorial, clay tools, paint supplies, project accessories, and enough air-dry clay for two sculptures.

This Pick Is Perfect For: Ages 6 and up.

Price: Starting at $25/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "I purchased this subscription for my 6 year old niece’s birthday and she absolutely loved it. The whole family joined in and they were thrilled with Mrs Post’s art lessons. The clay was super fun and has sparked a new interest for my niece’s creativity. She wants to work with more clay in her future. Thank you for this amazing box!" -Christina

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10. One Girl Inspired


Here’s a fun way for tweens and teens to develop their unique identity. This monthly subscription box for girls delivers confidence-boosting goodies like journals, personal development workbooks, school supplies, beauty products, and uplifting accessories to bring out their best versions of themselves.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Teen and tween girls.

Price: Starting at $33.87/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My 11 year old daughter absolutely LOVES these boxes! She feels inspired, grown up and it brings her joy! We love One Girl Inspired!!!" -Aubrey

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11. STEM Discovery Boxes - STEM Science for Kids


Keep young minds growing and exploring with STEM Discovery Boxes. Each delivery includes all the supplies needed for three experiments that teach skills related to science, technology, engineering, and math. It’s the perfect pick for kids that love a challenge...and learning through doing.

This Gift Is Perfect For: 7-year-olds to 12-year-olds.

Price: Starting at $24.95/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Definitely kid tested and approved. We got this for our grandkids. My granddaughter is a S.T.E.M student so this was right up her alley. They had the best time with the kit! They can’t wait until the next one comes!!" -Kimberly

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12. Superpower Academy


Engage brains with monthly STEM projects while also teaching social-emotional skills with Superpower Academy. Monthly "Secret Missions" including hands-on projects, comic books, and stories of real heroes promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and lifelong skills like dealing with emotions, building confidence and expressing empathy.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Kids 5-10 years old.

Price: Starting at $27.08/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "We have been ordering this for my 6yr old for about a year now and he has loved every single box! He looks forward to delivery day with such anticipation. He loves to build the projects and read as he goes. This is good for almost any age. The craftsmanship is beautiful and worth every cent." -Jen

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13. Petite Princess Box


Every little princess deserves to dress in accordance with her title, and the Petite Princess Box delivers everything she needs to look the part of royalty! Each box includes four themed accessories like tiaras, hair accessories, and more to make her feel every bit the pretty princess.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Little girls that love playing dress up!

Price: Starting at $20/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "My daughter was so happy to receive her first Petite Princess box. Each item was carefully selected to fit the unique theme. All items are of great quality and well worth the value of this box. Individually these items would have been way more than this subscription. Looking forward to our next box. *Bonus points because the box is pink too." -Selina

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14. Reading Bug Box


Selecting great books for picky little ones isn’t always easy. That’s where Reading Bug Box comes in handy. Hand-picked by the expert staff of an independent children’s bookstore, the books included in each box are personalized to a child’s age, interests, and reading level, making it perfectly suited to any child you’re giving a gift to.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Reluctant readers at any age level.

Price: Starting at $18/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Our boys LOVE the books selected for them! One of the best curated subscription boxes we have tried. The books are age appropriate for the two boys (4 and 7), including early reader books. The subjects are SPOT on to what our boys love, and there are always a few little extras that really make this box special. We have been enjoying this with our library closed and have absolutely loved it! Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed! " -Terra

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15. LaLa Horse


An actual horse aside, nothing will wow a horse-loving lady more than this subscription! Each month she’ll receive a box of horse-related goodies, such as socks, jewelry, toys, notepads, and more, as well as information about horses, all curated by horse owners, trainers, and breeders.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Young equestrians and horse lovers.

Price: Starting at $39.95/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "LaLa Horse box was the “Best Christmas gift ever!” per my 10 year old daughter! The box includes personal items for your horse crazy child and items for there beloved horse! Not only are the products amazing but their Customer service was outstanding!! My daughter and I highly recommend LaLa horse box, don’t hesitate purchasing for your child! Promise the smiles will be endless!" -Mindy

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16. The Preschool Box


Help a preschooler or kindergartener get ready to love learning! The Preschool Box is full of fun, hands-on activities that teach phonics, counting, writing, and more to gear kids up for their first days of school.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Preschoolers and kindergarteners age 3-6.

Price: Starting at $29.16/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "I wish I could give more than 5 stars. My daughter was so excited to learn and do all of the activities. Everything is perfectly organized and explained on what to have your child do. I love this so much!! " -Shandelle

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17. Unicorn Dream Box


Make her unicorn dreams come true with the Unicorn Dream Box. Packed with magical unicorn-themed finds (and maybe a sprinkling of pixie dust) each and every box will wow a young lady and give her plenty to tell her friends about.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Little girls who are Unicorn lovers!

Price: Starting at $38/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "This is beyond awesome. My 8 year old unwraps each item and squeals with delight! She then presents them to us, noting reasons why each item is precious. A unicorn lover's must have!" -Cheryl

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18. MEL Science


Here’s a fabulous way to disguise learning as a whole lot of fun. MEL Science brings engaging science experiments directly to your door...and yes, they’re totally safe, easy, and make discovering science irresistible for little ones (and probably their parents, too!).

This Gift Is Perfect For: Kids ages 5-14 who love learning and are serious about science.

Price: Starting at $29.99/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "This is without doubt, the best chemistry kit available. It is an incredibly rich way for pupils to experience real chemistry and not just stare at a screen to see this magical subject. I cannot recommend it highly enough" -Daniel

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19. Unicorn Fun Box


Here’s a surefire way to put a smile on a unicorn-obsessed little one’s face. The Unicorn Fun Box is jam-packed with magical unicorn goodness, plus a storybook insert to bring these mystical creatures to life. And, each box is designed to promote self-worth and happy feelings, making it a perfect gift for strong women in the making.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Unicorn lovers of all ages!

Price: Starting at $16.67/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Big hit as a holiday gift!! 6 years old, Looooooved it!

Will absolutely order again in the future." -Trisha

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20. Your Fam Box


Toys, toys, and more toys! This subscription box of surprises gives kids something special to look forward to every month. Select by age and gender for the best gift, guaranteed.

This Gift Is Perfect For: Kids ages 2-9 who love toys...and surprises!

Price: Starting at $39/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "Love, love, love the toy boxes I'm receiving from Your Fam Box, My two kids get so excited opening up their monthly surprise. It's like Christmas to them every month. Amazing value and good assortment of brand name toys." -Jonathan

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21. UnboxBoardom


Bye boredom. Hello Boardom! This monthly subscription box engages an entire family with new and exciting board games they can all play together during family game night. So, it’s not just a gift for your grandkid, niece, or nephew...it’s the gift of family bonding for the entire gang!

This Gift Is Perfect For: Competitive kids ages 8 and up (and their family).

Price: Starting at 29.99/month

What Subscribers Are Saying: "I've sent a year's worth of games to my daughter's family --and each one has been unique, fun, challenging, and just right for this game-crazy group! The service, quality, and diversity have been incredible, and I can't recommend this company highly enough!" -Louise

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