The Best Spice Kits and Grill Rub Gift Baskets (2021)

It’s time to live life with a little spice! And, what better way to do so than with monthly spice kits and gift sets delivered right to the front door. Adjacent to full-on meal kits, spice kits can help you or your favorite foodies bring bold flavors to all your kitchen creations for a fraction of the price.

Tickle those taste buds by adding bold flavors that go well beyond McCormick and other grocery store brands with high-quality freshly ground seasoning blends, including everything from garam masala and organic garlic powder to all of the must-have grilling spices!

What are the best spice kits to gift?


Wanderlust Select Duo * Culinary Spice Kits

From $9.90 per box
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Calling all adventurous home cooks! Create 2 to 4 authentic global entrees right at home with SpiceBreeze, a monthly box that delivers everything from cumin and coriander to mustard seed and turmeric. These top-quality herbs and spices, along with easy-to-follow recipes, highlight some of the best and boldest flavor profiles from countries around the world. It's the perfect way to add something new to the spice collection.


Piquant Post Flavor Kits

From $10.99 per box
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Who says big, bold flavors can't come in small packages? Piquant Post Flavor Kits makes it happen every month, sending 4 small-batch freshly ground spice mixes and 4 chef-developed recipes that help everyday cooks explore the tastes of the world, and kiss bland and boring dishes goodbye. Ranking high among adventurous eaters, this spice set brings everything from spicy cayenne curries to earthy oregano chimichurri.


Fantastic Indian curries

From $16.33 per box
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Coming in at under $15 per month, enjoy the fun of global cuisine with 6 unique subscription options from the World Food Spice Box. Choose a spice kit that focuses on Indian curries, different spices for exotic plant-based meals, romantic dinners for 2, and even food truck sensations from the world over. Unbox a kit that contains 1 handmade spice blend and colorful easy-to-follow recipe cards.


Spice Madam Monthly Subscription

From $18.33 per box
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Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what Spice Madam is made of. This unique monthly spice gift set is ideal for lovers of global cuisine. Not only will they appreciate a diversity of flavors, from ginger to allspice, but they'll get the chance to explore a different culture and cuisine through high-quality vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free spices and seeds. Plus, subscribers also get a bonus playlist of music from the featured country.


Spicery Recipe Kits

From $13.50 per box
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Whip up peppery Cajun jerk chicken and paprika-rich Turkish kebabs with the non-GMO and organic spices packed into every monthly delivery from Spicery Recipe Kits. Bringing 2 kits complete with full-color recipe cards, step-by-step instructions and handcrafted spice blends made from whole ingredients, all you have to do is pick up your produce, head into the kitchen, and prepare exotic dishes from around the globe.


My BBQ Box

From $20.50 per box
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From coast to coast, regional barbecue is flavorful and varied. Through marinades loaded with peppercorns or chili powder rich BBQ rubs, you'll get the chance to grill and eat your way through some of the best barbecue across the country. Enjoy Texas Brisket, California Tri-Tip, NOLA shrimp and more with a monthly delivery filled with handcrafted spice rubs, pro instructions and practical accessories.


eat2explore explorer subscription box - a family educational food & culture box

From $29.25 per box
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Right from the very first box, eat2explore is on a mission to get even the pickiest of little ones to try new things! They'll dive into a new experience that's filled with global cuisine and culture. Whether it's Italian olive oil or Mexican habanero sauce, each box gives them the chance to explore one of 17 different countries through essential spices, hard-to-find ingredients, and a shopping list to cover the rest.


Callaloo Box

From $42.99 per box
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More than just spices, the Callaloo Box is a journey to the Caribbean. Each gift box packs in 6-8 culinary items, including seasonings and spices, red pepper sauces and other popular condiments, and even a few traditional snack items. A perfect way to enjoy that spicy island vibe throughout the year, add a little bit of that West Indie heat and flavor to all your at-home meal creations.


Cajun Crate

From $34.00 per box
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Clear your countertop and bow down to the holy trinity of Louisiana cuisine with a spice rack that's going to see much more action than just sea salt and black pepper. Gifting the Cajun Crate encourages home cooks of all persuasions to dive into Gulf Coast flavors with 7 or more full-sized food products, all sourced directly from the state, including spice mixes, sauces and roux, along with authentic regional recipes.