The Wedding Gift Boxes That Make for Time Well Spent Together

It’s on the way! Wedding season, that is. And if the big day is approaching for a happy couple you hold near and dear, celebrating one of the most momentous occasions in their life is of utmost importance. If you want to treat them to a uniquely thoughtful bridal shower gift or wedding gift that can be delivered directly to their doorstep, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the best gifts that will let them know how special they are to you.

While sure, you could play it safe by choosing something off their wedding registry, gifts that keep on giving throughout the year keep the wedding excitement going! Not to mention, monthly subscription boxes can offer so much for a married couple: complete date nights that keep the romance alive, wine deliveries to toast to their marital bliss, decor and more to decorate their new home together. There’s plenty of fun bridal subscription boxes to be found.

So, this wedding season, send one of our favorite unique wedding gift ideas and see the new couple off to an incredible start from the first box. These thoughtfully curated subscription services show them that you’re here for their big day…and all of their tomorrows, too.


Life's a Wave BEACH box

From $56.33 per box
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Looking for a way to treat them to a little staycation-style honeymoon? Life's a Wave BEACH Box is a monthly subscription that's all about bringing the vibe of a relaxing seaside vacation right to the front door. In addition to supporting beach clean-up efforts with every purchase, each box comes brimming with 5-8 handpicked beachy gifts, including beautiful totes and textiles for style maevens, all-natural beauty products and spa merch for pampering self-care, eco-conscious reusables, picture frames, decor, and more.

For Quality Time Together


Date Night Box Subscription

From $20.00 per box
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With the stress and excitement of wedding planning and the wedding day over, they’ll be happy to keep the positivity coming with Crated with Love. Designed by a team of marriage and family therapists, this subscription delivers creatively themed date night boxes each month, all filled with 4-5 couple's challenges or activities to create an evening of fun. Focusing on love and laughter, every box aims to help them strengthen their relationship and keep the magic happening.


Date Night In Box

From $42.58 per box
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Fun as a shower gift, engagement gift, or a gift for after it's all said and done, Date Night In is one of the best subscription boxes you can give because it gives the couple a chance to date in a whole new way. Arriving packed and ready-to-roll, every unique date night is built around a fun theme, like 'Sensing More' or 'Key to My Heart', bringing an assortment of activities, conversation starters, a curated playlist, and snacks or custom recipes.


The Adults & Crafts Crate

From $32.00 per box
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Nothing enhances togetherness like learning a new skill together. And with the Adults & Crafts Crate, the happy couple will be treated to a fun and trendy new project to try. Boxes ship monthly, so they'll never be bored. And, they’re crafts both the bride and groom will enjoy: think wood burning, engraving, and more. All the tools and materials are included so the pair only have to focus on the project at hand…and each other.


Ultimate Adult Boxes For Couples| Monthly

From $58.00 per box
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Hey bridesmaids! Keep this one in mind as a bachelorette party gift. With the Seductive Pleasures box, they’ll certainly keep the honeymoon glow going. Perfect for amorous adventurers, this kit delivers spice and everything nice to make the bedroom their favorite place to play. With 1-2 full-size toys in every box (for a price that’s half off retail) this pleasure-packed package gives them every reason to smile.


Puzzle Culture Box (Bi-Monthly Edition)

From $32.00 per box
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While a puzzle box subscription might not be your first thought when it comes to a wedding gift, here’s why we know they’ll love it. It’s perfect for those low-key weeknights in front of their favorite show. Or, add a bottle of wine and it’s the perfect ice breaker to get minds working together and conversations flowing. This monthly delivery is a great reminder for the two to slow down, unwind, and spend quiet time together. And with up to three curated, themed gifts along with a deluxe puzzle every month, it’s a box of fun all around.


The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box

From $23.67 per box
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You know what they say–the couple that plays together, stays together. And what could be better than an intriguing night of immersion in a murdery mystery–right at home? With Deadbolt Mystery Society, the newlyweds can put their heads together to solve standalone crime cases every month. And if the pair can do that, everyday obstacles seem so less dramatic.


Finders Seekers Mysteries

From $26.40 per box
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Talk about a great escape. With Finders Seekers, thrill-seeking couples enjoy brain-teasing puzzles and escape room-style adventure on the monthly, plus an added layer to make the experience even more exciting: each box is an opportunity to explore a new city and fresh culture right at home. If they’re travel enthusiasts who perhaps haven’t been able to jet-set as often as they’d like under current circumstances, they’ll definitely love this monthly diversion they can enjoy together.


Escape the Crate: An Escape Room Adventure shipped straight to your door.

From $26.50 per box
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If the newlyweds you’re shopping for like entertaining, they’ll love a game night with friends bimonthly with Escape the Crate. Perfect for groups of up to six, this gift subscription presents the perfect opportunity for them to bring the gang over for game play–and to show off their home together. And here’s the best part: it only costs YOU as much as a single ticket to an outside-the-house escape room game.


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Art Box

From $41.20 per box
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A drawing for him! A drawing for her. With Charcoal Expressions - The Drawing Experience subscription box, two charcoal drawing projects are delivered to their door monthly. All supplies and instructions are included; mattes are even provided for easy framing! Not only will the pair enjoy a bonding experience, at the end of their learning journey of creative expression, they’ll have artwork created together to display in their home–beautiful!

Food & Drink Ideas


Club Cuvée - Champagne Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $109.99 per box
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A perfect gift for wine-loving couples, keep the newlyweds toasting to their bright future together long after the reception has ended with a membership to Club Cuvée, a Champagne club from He Wines, She Dines. Each box features 2 bottles of premium bubbly, from some of the best small-batch producers from Champagne, France and northern Spain. Light and refreshing, the lucky pair will be in for a treat!


The Standard - Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $59.99 per box
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Help the happy couple drink to their next “together endeavor” throughout the year with a subscription to the Standard Wine Club from He Wines, She Dines. After completing a brief survey of their personal tastes and preferences, wine enthusiasts will select 3 bottles from some of the world’s best suppliers, package them with care, and send them off with recipes and pairing suggestions for the happy couple to enjoy.


Club Jeroboam - Fine Wine Club (Monthly) By "He Wines, She Dines"

From $119.99 per box
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He likes cabernets and she likes a chilled pinot. Give a gift that satisfies them both with Club Jeroboam, a fine wine subscription from He Wines, She Dines. Not only do they source wines from some of the best boutique vineyards and small-batch producers from around the globe, but they care about personal preferences, handpicking a selection of 3 bottles that are sure to please him, her, or both!


Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club

From $49.92 per box
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Let the celebrations continue all year long with a monthly subscription to Shaker & Spoon. Highlighting a different spirit in every themed box, this will have them unboxing 3 unique craft cocktail recipes and everything but the booze, including freshly prepared syrups, bitters, mixers and garnishes. Just pick up a bottle of the suggested liquor and they'll have all that's needed to mix up 12 cocktails, 4 of each drink


The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

From $47.95 per box
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Ideal for foodies, The Original Gourmet Cheese Club is a great gift for any couple who loves to get a taste of the finer things in life. This quarterly subscription box will have them breaking out the wine glasses and creating the ultimate cheese board, with a mix of 3 small-batch artisan cheeses of approximately 0.5 lb each. Focusing on both aged and fresh cheeses, they'll enjoy nothing but the best, brought with detailed profiles, tasting notes and serving suggestions.


Platterful: A Charcuterie Experience

From $62.42 per box
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Platterful isn't just a deliciously cheesy charcuterie experience, it's an educational delight, too. The All-In-One kit comes with all of the meat, cheese, crackers, and accompaniments that you need to craft a full board from the comfort of your kitchen. Information on the varieties in each box makes this a fun educational experience that might even inspire your own cheesemonger ambitions. Platterful also shops local by partnering with small artisan makers throughout the U.S. for the spreads!


Explore Local Box Monthly

From $45.00 per box
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Travel enthusiast couples can take a virtual road trip every month with the Explore Local box. This subscription takes them on a sensorial trek across the country with deluxe, locally-made, artisanal food and home goods that won’t just wow them…they’ll also support small businesses. What a wonderful way to celebrate love.


The Ultimate BBQ Experience

From $36.99 per box
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Help them fire up the flavor and take their grill game to the next level with Grill Masters. With barbecue sauces, marinades, recipes, and more, this monthly kit’s award-winning supplies offer plenty to please just the two of them…or maybe a few of them. Awesome gatherings way beyond the wedding date are definitely on the menu, so keep the good times coming!