How To Stay Home and De-Stress


With routines turned topsy-turvy, widespread political polarity, and COVID-19 infiltrating near and far... 2020 just doesn’t seem to want to take a beat. And with times as they are, you might be falling into a trap of overthinking and winding your stress levels up over this, that and the other. Unfortunately, this is a part of human nature.

But, that doesn’t mean you need to accept these dizzying thought patterns as just another part of your life. Stress management tools, relaxation techniques, and plenty of self-care can be added to the top of your to-do list, helping you prioritize your mental health and your well being. Along with monthly subscriptions that bring the chill factor, we've got curated mood-boosting CBD boxes that can help you get a good night's sleep and wake up ready to go!

We thought it would be beneficial to do a deep dive of sorts, coming up with a simple how-to guide that can help you bring that heart rate down, lower stress and even boost endorphins that keep the negative effects of stress at bay. Take the plunge and de-stress with us!

Create Your Own Calm


So, it’s a guarantee that we cannot control what’s going on in the world, but we do have control over the practices that we bring into our day-to-day. Early research shows that CBD, or cannabidiol, can be effective at reducing anxiety and promoting stress relief, among other promising health benefits. With CBD-infused face masks and tinctures to add to your morning cup of tea, it’s easy to work CBD oil into your everyday calm down rituals with a curated box like Cure Crate.

Along with the benefits of CBD oil, when you’re looking to create more tranquility in your everyday life, one of the best ways is to head back to the basics. Breathing exercises, like traditional pranayama or the Wim Hof method, can put you in touch with the power of your own breath. Slow, deep breathing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to bring the heart rate down, dilate your blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. This process cues the brain to go into a deep state of relaxation.

Other essentials for helping you to de-stress and stay calm include meditation, healthy eating, gratitude journaling and yoga. Focusing on just being and feeling grateful for what you have in life, rather than what you don’t have, is a great way to boost your mood (and your immune system!) If you’re new to yoga, a monthly subscription box like Do a Shot of Yoga! is an easy way to bring the practice into your life. Presented in 10-day challenges that require minimal time investment, yoga becomes fun and accessible!

Build a Rhythmic Routine


While it’s likely that those of us who find ourselves working from home aren’t exactly missing the commute, even that trip to and from the office was part of a familiar routine -- our normal. For those of us who are creatures of habit, this type of disruption to routine can be really jarring. If you still haven’t found your new groove, we suggest consciously building a rhythmic routine that suits you and gets you prepped for a solid work day from start to finish.

Instead of rolling out of bed and heading straight to the computer with coffee in hand, try waking up a little early to benefit from natural stress relievers. Increase blood flow and focus with a sun salutation and a breath of fresh air. Brew a morning cup of Respyre tea, blended with high-quality tea, herbs and spices that are designed specifically to promote wellness. Then pop a calming CBD supplement or take a shower with a CBD-infused bar of soap from Hemp Crate, releasing muscle tension and gearing up for productivity.

Build periodic break times into the day, where you can step away from the screens and recharge. And, at the end of an afternoon of creativity or conference calls, power down and put an end to your work day. Even if the kitchen table is your new home office, it doesn’t mean you have to be on all day, every day. By taking the time to build a new routine, you can help keep stress levels low, productivity high, and boundaries firmly in place.

Take All the "Me Time" You Need


Outside of the workday, there are still plenty of stresses that are weighing on us. Many of us are managing long-distance relationships, homeschooling the kids, and aren’t able to visit with family members and friends as often as we'd like. Changes and new responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and can lead to stress responses that are out of character for us. The best way to overcome this is to pause and make sure we’re dedicating enough time to self-care.

Even if "me time" is a buzzword, it is so because it is vitally important. If you don’t take time to focus on yourself and your needs, you won’t have the energy or ability to show up and do your best in these new roles. So, don’t be afraid to take all the "me time" you need!

Draw a warm bath, and make sure you have all your necessities covered with the monthly Bath Blessing Box, or give yourself permission to go all out with Introverts Retreat, a box that covers all the bath-time essentials, from bombs and salt soaks, to candles and a good read.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep


We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to keeping the stress hormones in check and improving pretty much everything in our waking life, but for many of us, ditching the mindless social media scroll and respecting that sleep space isn’t easy. It’s time to put that phone down and work on correcting our natural circadian rhythms!

In lieu of an evening cocktail, which can actually reduce the quality of your sleep, opt for a relaxing evening smoke, swapping out the usual herb for 100% federally legal hemp-derived high-CBD flower from CBD Flower Club Monthly, known for producing a deep, perfect-for-bedtime "body high."

Essential oils can also help to quiet the mind and set the mood for sleep. Try the essential oils and unique apothecary recipes for home, body, and heart packed into every Apothecary at Home box. Aromatherapy using lavender, chamomile and clary sage oils can be especially useful in promoting a deep, restful slumber.