We Love Snail Mail! How to Prepare for Your Next Delivery


There’s nothing quite like the joy of getting mail. Whether you’ve just ordered your first-ever subscription box or you’re a seasoned subscriber, congratulations: Past You has gifted Future You an experience to be anticipated and treasured!

But let’s take a moment to set aside the question of whether this makes you a time-traveling self-care guru (yes) and focus on the basics. When is your box arriving, and what can you do to get ready?

From the snail mail-lovers here at Cratejoy, here’s what to expect – and what to do – when you’re expecting a new subscription box.

Make space

Before your box arrives, take stock of your physical space. Even for the messiest among us, clutter can be a major source of stress. So it’s time to take a good, hard look at that closet (or jewelry box, bath and beauty stash, bookshelf, or pantry).

If you’re holding onto items that are old, expired, or that you’ve been meaning to use but haven’t actually touched in a year, get ‘em out of here! Think of this new subscription as more than just a treat yo’self gift: It’s also an opportunity to restore sanity to your space and make your inner Marie Kondo proud.

Added bonus: Share the love! If you de-stash unused, high-quality goodies like craft supplies, home décor, jewelry, or crystals, consider upcycling them into cute DIY care packages for friends and co-workers and experience the added joy of gifting. (If you don’t have the time, donating them is a great option, too.)

Make friends

Your mail carrier is about to be your new BFF (or at least, year-round Santa), so show your appreciation. Whether it’s a friendly smile, a snack, or even a little card, let them know you value the joy they bring to your life.

(As an added bonus, focusing on gratitude is an incredible self-care practice – so the simple act of recognizing the hard work of mail carriers and the other folks who support your community has the power to make your day even better.)

Make recycling (or upcycling) plans

Hands down, part of the pleasure of getting a new subscription is the unboxing experience. After all, a subscription box is a gift: Opening a box can (and should!) feel like Christmas morning.

The top sellers on the Cratejoy Marketplace understand that thrill, and curate their crates with an eye toward delight: elegant envelopes, Pinterest-worthy wrapping papers, ribbons, stickers, and more. If you’re a DIY crafts guru, the materials that come with unboxing a new subscription can be a goldmine, so start brainstorming projects to upcycle them with style. If crafting isn’t your speed, make sure you’ve got a game plan to responsibly recycle excess packing materials. (Seriously. Clutter is stress. Be good to yourself.)

Get your questions answered

Cratejoy works with sellers to ensure that they provide subscribers with the best customer service possible, and we know the people want answers. You likely read product reviews and maybe even took a peek at past boxes before placing your order – but for those lingering questions, like When will my first box arrive? and Can I change my subscription preference from month to month?, your box’s Q&A section has you covered.

Click on “Questions” on the box’s listing page (in the navigation bar directly beneath the photo slideshow) to ask and answer questions about the box, and see questions and answers from the seller, other subscribers, and community members. Don’t be shy – our sellers love working with customers (which is why we love working with them).

Share your experience

Has your new box-baby brought you joy? Shout it from the rooftops! Write a product review, and share the flair by taking photos – we make it super easy to upload pics with reviews so other community members can see exactly what they’re missing. Or, flex your dramatic flair and shoot for YouTube stardom with an unboxing video!