17 Subscription Boxes Harry Potter Characters Would Love

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How happy would Hogwarts students be if they received monthly subscription boxes delivered by owls?

Our favorite witches and wizards deserve a care package, so we found the subscription box that matches each Harry Potter character perfectly.

Whether it’s helping them get through the school year or preparing them for battle against Death Eaters, these subscription boxes for Harry Potter characters are sure to be a treat (and a great gift for Harry Potter fans as well!).

1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Rebecca Mail

Rebecca Mail

Price: $20.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Harry’s only form of communication during those treacherous summers with the Dursleys was letter writing. Rebecca Mail sends him 5-6 notecards and writing utensils so he can stay in touch with his friends. They also include fun treats and snacks so that he feels cared for too.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S., U.K. and Canada between the 5-8th of every month

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2. Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley



Price: Starts at $12.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Ron lives for meal time. If he had a monthly box of Korean snacks to keep him satisfied between meals, he’d stay amused throughout the school day. SnackFever mails as much as 7-10 popular Korean snacks, noodles, and fun bonus items in one surprise package.

Shipping: Ships worldwide. See listing for details.

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3. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger

Anchor of Hope

Price: $34.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Between S.P.E.W., refusing to tolerate derogatory comments, punching Malfoy, and defying the classist status quo, Hermione’s subscription box has to be as woke as her. Anchor of Hope includes 2-4 handmade goods, the story behind the artisans, and supports survivors of human trafficking and other world events.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 15th of every month

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4. Dumbledore




Price: Starst at $29.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Dumbledore doesn’t have much time to travel between acting as Headmaster, constantly delivering sage advice to Harry, and going off on secret missions to save the world. Postsweet let’s him satisfy his sweet tooth while exploring other cultures with their international candy, chocolate, and sweets subscription box for all ages.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. in the middle of every month

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5. Dobby


Say it with a Sock

say it with a sock

Price: $11.99/mo

What You’ll Get: It just breaks our hearts to see the way Dobby treats himself when he’s enslaved by the Malfoys. Why not give him a pair of high quality, fun socks to remind him that he is a free elf every month?

Shipping: Ships worldwide within 24 hours of purchase

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6. Voldemort




Price: $55.00/mo

What You’ll Get: What do you suggest for the man that has an army, unparalleled dark magic, and 7 places for his soul to rest…but no hair? ManeStream delivers full hair extensions, wigs, or clip-ins every 3 months plus all the hair products and accessories Voldy will need to maintain his luscious new locks.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of every month

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7. Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener

Price: Starts at $9.99/mo

What You’ll Get: Neville feels like he gets the short end of every stick. However, he is gifted in the art of herbology, so he’d love to use his green thumb to grow his own garden! He’ll receive the containers, soil, and 5 seed packs to nurture every month.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 5th of every month

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8. Hagrid


Pet Store in a Box

Pet Store in a Box

Price: Starst at $22.00 CAD/mo

What You’ll Get: Hagrid invites many (legal and illegal) creatures into his house, so he certainly needs to stock up on treats, foods, and grooming items. Pet Store in a Box includes toys, litter, treats, and accessories for cats or dogs. Or dragons or pygmy puffs.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada on the 25th of every month

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9. Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

Robb Vices Membership

Robb Vices Membership

Price: $89.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Draco did start as an annoying, stuck-up brat. But he still doesn’t settle for anything but the best. Robb Vices includes the finest spirits, tech, tools, and foods that are 2-5x the price of the box so he feels like he’s gotten a bargain.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. in the first week of every month

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10. Severus Snape


Nostalgia Crate

Nostalgia Crate

Price: Starts at $5.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Taking one look at Snape’s patronus, you know he’s a bit nostalgic for the past. Nostalgia Crate delivers toys, books, games, and collectables from 1980-2008 that we all knew and loved. He’d enjoy reliving the good times. The simpler times.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 1st of every month

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11. Professor McGonagall


The KitTea Kit

The KitTea Kit

Price: $30.00/mo

What You’ll Get: McGonagall would probably love a few products that bring out her feline side. Although My KitTea Kit is meant for cat owners, animagus cats could use 3 to 5 buttons, stickers, decor, fashion, and stationery items too.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 4th of every month

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12. Fred & George Weasley

Fred & George

Smartass and Sass

smartass and sass

Price: $15.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Fred & George are our favorite class clown pranksters. Everything they do is dripping in sarcasm and humor, so why shouldn’t their swag be too? Smartass and Sass includes 5-7 novelty items (mugs, apparel, notebooks) perfect for the snarky a**holes out there.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 16-18th of every month

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13. Trelawney


Tea Runners

Tea Runners

Price: Starts at $25.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Professor Trelawney needs quality loose leaf tea leaves so she can read your future, of course. She’d be excited about Tea Runners’ small batch black, herbal, and combination tea boxes that contain enough for 30-50 cups a month. The teas come with instructions, but she doesn’t need them.

Shipping: Ships worldwide in the first week of every month

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14. Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley

Letters From Dead People

Letters from dead people

Price: $12.99/mo

What You’ll Get: As we know Ginny has been in contact with the dead before, she might enjoy the air of mystery that Letters From Dead People provides. She’ll receive a letter from 1900’s New Orleans detailing characters, scenarios, and historical events. The plot thickens month over month!

Shipping: Ships worldwide in the 1st week of every month

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15. Remus Lupin

Nova Luna

Nova Luna

Price: $38.00/mo

What You’ll Get: We know Lupin has a fraught relationship with the moon, but maybe a little help from spiritual tools could help him get in touch with his inner human. Nova Luna focuses on delivering crystals, soy candles, journals, aromatherapy, and other items that help you harness the energy of the moon.

Shipping: Ships worldwide between the 5-10th of every month

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16. Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley

Bad Ass Mom Box

Bad Ass Mom

Price: $39.99/mo

What You’ll Get: If there were a Bad Ass Mom in literary history, it would be Molly Weasley. Don’t let anyone fight you on this; she killed Bellatrix Lestrange. She could proudly sport the 3-5 jewelry, apparel, beauty, and home products that come in each box.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. by the 24th of every month

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17. Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood




What You’ll Get: Luna’s mind and imagination are beautiful, so we think she should harness it to become a writer like her father. She’ll receive gifts, a newly released book, and professional writing advice alongside a monthly writing theme with plot, dialogue, and characters.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada on the 21st of every month

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