The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20 Everyone Will Fight For (2021)

The holiday season is centered around giving, but when Dirty Santa gets involved, the festivities can get downright feisty! Also known as a white elephant gift exchange or a Yankee swap, if you'll be participating in this popular party game, we hope you have a little luck on your side to come home with the gift box you really want.

Unlike Secret Santa, a white elephant exchange is all about unique gifts and funny gifts like gag gifts, impractical gadgets and uncommon goods that encourage plenty of swapping and side eye. Instead of phoning it in this year, get creative with a subscription box gift! Welcome to our white elephant gift guide where we rounded up the best white elephant holiday gifts under $20 to make sure your box is the one people can't get enough of all night.

What are the best white elephant gift boxes under $20 this year?