Have You Started Your 2019 Wishlist?

Long gone are the days of hoping your friends and family snag you the perfect gift. This year, skip the guesswork and show them what you really want (spoiler alert: it’s a subscription gift box). 

To help guide you in your search, we’re sharing some of the most popular subscription boxes on the Cratejoy Marketplace, making your job this holiday season even simpler. There’s a reason these are our 6 most wishlisted boxes this year! One of them is sure to be just right for you.

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The 6 Most Wishlisted Boxes of 2019

1. Once Upon a Book Club


Once Upon a Book Club is ideal for the avid reader in your life. In addition to a new adult or young adult book, subscribers will also receive 3-5 bookish items to go along with the reading experience. An interactive monthly book subscription, your family member or friend can curl up with a newly released book and additional gifts that correspond to pages in the book. It’s a gift that keeps giving! Young adult and adult boxes are available, along with questions to promote discussion—just like a traditional book club.

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2. Paletteful Packs


If you’re looking for a go-to mom gift, a craft box such as Paletteful Packs is sure to be a hit, as our survey revealed moms are big into DIY and crafting. This monthly subscription box is packed with art supplies, with options for beginners, professionals, young artists and more. Sketch pads, oil paints and pencils are among the artist tools included in Paletteful Packs. Available in three varying levels, the box comes stocked with supplies meant to ignite that inspirational spark for adults and kids alike.

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3. Finders Seekers Mysteries


Finders Seekers Mysteries will thrill the adventurers and intellectuals who love solving codes and puzzles. Each monthly subscription box delivers a mystery and puzzle by focusing on exploring one location, making this great for those who love to travel. But this subscription box isn’t limited to the travelers—the survey showed that gamers and men are inclined to enjoy this subscription box option as well. (Fun fact: Geek and gaming subscribers are also more often self-employed or students – and much more extraverted by nature.)

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4. Goddess Provisions


Treat someone (or yourself) with a Goddess Provisions subscription box. Unpack 5-7 full-sized items meant to enhance any spiritual practice. Aromatherapy, crystals, natural beauty products and spiritual tools, along with an empowering selection of crystals, are among the goodies inside. This subscription box tends to be a favorite of those who are retired or those who want to awaken a spiritual path.

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5. Awakening in a Box


Spiritual seekers may also enjoy Awakening in a Box. Bringing positive energy into lives and homes, each monthly box brings enlightenment tools right to the front door. This monthly box promotes awakening, positive energy and connection with the universe. Crystals intuitively selected for each individual are included, along with natural soaps, jewelry, energy sprays and more, all selected to support a path of emotional well-being for the spiritually aware.

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6. Introverts Retreat


The name says it all for this subscription box: "introvert's retreat." Introverts can recharge their social batteries and step away from the noise of the world. Relaxation and restoration in a box, gift some me-time with a monthly box containing self-care items and a novel written by a female author. The receiver of this gift can take a moment to disconnect and recharge with other items, such as tea, chocolates, a snuggly pair of socks, body butters and bath bombs.

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