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Subscription Box Wishlists Are Here!

Long gone are the days of hoping your friends and family snag you the perfect gift. This year, skip the guesswork and show them what you really want (spoiler alert: it’s a subscription gift box). See a gift box you love? Add it to your wishlist and share!

Cratejoy’s Wishlist feature is easy to use and easy to share. Check out a few of our favorite gift boxes from the marketplace and practice adding them to your wishlist with the tutorial below.

1. Bath Bevy


Price: $36.95/mo __ Why you get: A bath lover’s dream box, lush style bath bombs, bubble bars, soaking salts, scrubs, and more! You’ll receive 6-10 top quality items each month, just add water. This was an easy wishlist pick for our team of bath enthusiasts. Spa day anyone?

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2. Red Velvet NYC


How to make your wishlist

Step One: Pick out your favorite boxes! Add boxes with ease… Click the gift icon to add subscription boxes to your Wishlist. Select “Wishlist” from your account drop-down menu on the right side of the toolbar to view them all together.

Step Two: Share your top picks! It’s that easy. Send Wishlists to friends and family via twitter, Facebook, or a link you can include in texts or email.

You know what mom really wants? To get you exactly what you want (and the perfect box you found for her too because, she’s the best). Happy holidays from us to you, can’t wait to see what you pick out!

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