The Easiest Witch Halloween Crafts for Kids & Adults (2021)

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter, kids get a little antsy. Ease into spooky Halloween season with DIY projects to keep those hands moving. Embrace their intuition and imagination this time of year. More than any other holiday, fun Halloween crafts and art projects let kids dream up monsters, vampires, and witches of all shapes and kinds.

If your littles are really into witches this year, these are the most-loved Halloween witch craft tutorials from around the web. Happy Halloween crafting!

Easy Halloween crafts for kids

The Spidery Witch

handprint-witch-craft-bestideaforkids.jpg Source: Best Ideas for Kids

A great group activity for a cute Halloween party, this handprint witch craft is one of the easiest on this list. Using construction paper, trace little hands. These will your spooky, spidery witches. Cut out hair, a witch hat, and make a sweet little broom with fringy brown paper. Googly eyes bring real personality to the long-legged witches that preserve tiny hands in time.

Find the full tutorial at the Best Ideas for Kids.

The Paper Plate Witch

witch-halloween-crafts-kids-artycraftykids.jpg Source: Arty Crafty Kids

Turn a paper plate into the witch of your dreams with construction paper. A green witch, a purple witch, blue, anything goes when you start with a blank canvas. Use string for hair or go with pipe cleaners for a spooky snake look.

The full template and tutorial is on Arty Crafty Kids.

The Current Event Witch

witch-halloween-craft-easy-newspaper-witch.jpg Source: Arty Crafty Kids

If you can't bear to bring yourself to buy a paper plate, newspaper will do just fine! Older kids will love choosing the newspaper section as commentary on the brainy, cute witch in their hearts.

Arty Crafty Kids came in with the full tutorial here.

The Flying Witch

witch-halloween-craft-kids-iheartcraftythings-flying-witch.jpg Source: I Heart Crafty Things

Skip the witch portrait and go with a scenic sky ride with paint and a plate as the canvas. The popsicle stick broom is a sweet sensory touch. Encourage the kids to make their own scenes, from flying black cats to a jack-o-lantern on the broom to light the way.

I Heart Crafty Things has the full tutorial.

The Paper Bag Witch

halloween-craft-kids-iheartcraftythings-paper-bag.jpg Source: ​I Heart Crafty Things

Like that one paper bag dress we all own, this tutorial looks so much better on. Dress your witch however you'd like using a brown paper lunch bag. Paint it black and add spider webs for a cute pattern. Maybe your witch loves orange glitter. Act out a witchy play in between eyeball cupcakes and candy corn.

​I Heart Crafty Things knocked this template out of the park.

The Toilet Paper Witch

halloween-witch-craft-kids-toilet-paper-roll-craftymorning.jpg Source: Crafty Morning

Despite its name, I think this is the most treasured craft idea on this list. Cover toilet paper rolls (or upside down paper cups) in black paper and curl construction paper ribbons for a curly hairdo that made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Take it a step further and set up a coven of witches outside a mini haunted house. Like gingerbread, but spookier and not edible.

Find the full tutorial at Crafty Morning.

The Pinecone Witch

witch-halloween-craft-kids-pinecone-witch-momtastic.jpg Source: Momtastic

Bring the outdoors in and go on a scavenger hunt with the kiddos for the perfect pinecone. This tutorial involves paint, felt, glitter, and fabric glue, but I think you can swap out the more in-depth steps with easier ones.

Find the full tutorial at Momtastic.

The Stained Glass Witch Cauldron

halloween-witch-cauldron-kid-crafts-gluedtomycraftsblog.jpg Source: Glued to My Crafts Blog

Every witch on this list needs a worthy cauldron! This paper craft can be as complex or as simple as you'd like. Older kids can use hot glue guns to add sequins and glitter, while younger kids can scribble away the contents of the cauldron. This is one of the more unique DIY Halloween decorations in tutorial form.

Find the how-to craft list on Glued to My Crafts Blog.