2 Women-Owned Businesses on a Mission to Empower You

In honor of International Women's Day, we’re celebrating the female go-getters, creatives, and renegades that venture out and build some of the businesses that make up the backbone of Cratejoy. The limitless energy, gumption, creativity, expertise, and problem-solving required to start and run these great businesses allow all of us to enjoy these unique, only-found-on-Cratejoy subscription boxes that enhance our lives in little and big ways.

Whether that means picking up a new (or old) hobby, carving out some time for self-care, or giving back to causes that matter, it’s imperative to invest in ourselves as we seek out ways to live our best lives. Luckily, there are plenty of women-owned businesses out there that help empower their subscribers -- and give back, too, from supporting women's causes to helping women and girls embrace their creativity.

We are happy to introduce you to a few female entrepreneurs who are here to help, with girl-powered subscriptions that make it easy to treat yourself while supporting women! We sat down with these small business owners to learn more.

MOOD by Innocent Bones

Innocent Bones has long been known for their funny, feminist cross-stitch kits for the modern woman. But now with MOOD, the company’s new subscription box, women can relax and recharge their creativity with bimonthly curations of luxury craft and stationery supplies.

Founder Grace’s own experience as a creative informs her thoughtfulness when it comes to curation. “Whenever I'm getting ready to take some time for myself and indulge in creativity, there are a few things that I need,” she says. “The first is the right environment; I like to submerge myself in the right setting, the perfect ambience, [and] surround myself by inspiration.” The second, of course, is “stunning materials and tools.”


The Passionistas Project Pack

The women behind the Passionistas Project Pack are, well, passionate about helping other women thrive. Sisters Amy and Nancy had flourishing careers in Hollywood, first working in advertising and virtual effects, until they each found they’d hit “the proverbial glass ceiling.” So they started anew, together. “Who better to rely on for support, guidance and teamwork than your sister and best friend?” Nancy asks.

This led to the sisters launching a content creation and media company, which led in turn to a career interviewing celebrities (over 1,300!) and, later, a podcast that focused more on feminism than fame. “Around this time, the new women’s movement began to evolve, driven in large part by the courageous women who were coming forward in the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns,” Nancy explains. “Hollywood and other sectors were speaking up about the lack of female-focused projects. The Women’s March protested inequity. It was then we knew that we needed to cultivate our skills and develop a project for the advancement of women, one that would shine a light on the women who were not victims but those who were living their best lives and defining success on their own terms.” Hence, passionistas: women as driven by their goals and passions as fashionistas are driven by aesthetic.

Now, the Passionistas Project Podcast has a more concrete outlet -- and a greater reach -- with Amy and Nancy’s quarterly subscription box. In Nancy’s words, “Our mission is to reach women who are embarking on new journeys in their lives or need some support in following their bliss.” So every box sources products exclusively from female artisans or women-owned small businesses! As you might expect, the curation focuses on what will best serve you and your own goals, such as planners, accessories, self-care items, and more. And uniquely, Amy and Nancy include a brief interview with each “passionista” whose products are featured, so you can get to know the entrepreneurs and artisans you’re supporting while you support your own dreams. Follow your passion and become a Passionista today!