3 Women-Owned Businesses on a Mission to Empower You

Every year, the gender gap in the United States shrinks a little more -- and supporting other women (and ourselves) is part of how we continue to make progress. We all know how difficult it can be to balance your responsibilities, especially for professional women and parents, and still find time to take care of yourself. So what’s a woman to do when “having it all” requires all the energy they have? And how can she help other women thrive?

The answer is to thoughtfully invest in subjects that are close to our hearts. Whether that means picking up a new (or old) hobby, carving out some time for self-care, or giving back to causes that matter, it’s imperative to invest in yourself as you seek out ways to live your best life. Luckily, there are plenty of businesses out there that help empower women, from supporting women's causes to helping women and girls embrace their creativity.

We are happy to introduce you to three women business owners who are here to help, with girl-powered subscriptions that make it easy to treat yourself while supporting women! We sat down with these small business entrepreneurs to learn more.



Longtime BFFs Brittani and Amber launched MyFempowerment to raise up small businesses and causes that support women. Each product included in their quarterly self-care box -- from sheet masks to healthy snacks, bath bombs to luxury notebooks -- is carefully curated to feature only independent businesses owned and operated by women entrepreneurs.

These female entrepreneurs say the mission of MyFempowerment is twofold: to bring not only “awareness and support to women-related issues,” but also to provide “a new platform for women-owned companies to showcase their products without breaking the bank.”

Ultimately, Amber and Brittani hope to parlay MyFempowerment’s success into launching confidence-building workshops and camps for young women and girls. This goal of creating a supportive community for girls and women underlies everything they do at MyFempowerment. Workshops and camps are just another form of mentorship; a way to invest in creatives and women entrepreneurs before they’ve even started on their journey. And isn’t that something we can all support?

MOOD by Innocent Bones

Innocent Bones has long been known for their funny, feminist cross-stitch kits for the modern woman. But now with MOOD, the company’s new subscription box, women can relax and recharge their creativity with bimonthly curations of luxury craft and stationery supplies.

Founder Grace’s own experience as a creative informs her thoughtfulness when it comes to curation. “Whenever I'm getting ready to take some time for myself and indulge in creativity, there are a few things that I need,” she says. “The first is the right environment; I like to submerge myself in the right setting, the perfect ambience, [and] surround myself by inspiration.” The second, of course, is “stunning materials and tools.”


Grace’s motto is that “beauty creates beauty.” In other words? Using high-quality, gorgeous supplies inspires you to create more and better. We all know how much of a struggle it can be to get into the right mood to be creative; inspiration can be hard to come by, especially when you’re stressed about that new project at work or your child’s upcoming parent-teacher conference. MOOD can help. “I wanted to create something that would help others awaken their creativity, something that felt a little indulgent, a little bit of luxury,” Grace tells us. Think about the motivational magic of a brand-new notebook, fancy knitting needles, or the just-right sketch pen. Investing in these tools allows you to literally -- and emotionally -- invest in your own creative work! It’s a form of practicing self-care.

Each MOOD box includes 5-7 beautifully-designed products to inspire you and evoke the creative muse, from elegant craft scissors and washi tape to candles, luxury notebooks, exclusive art prints, and more. Additionally, subscribers can receive an exclusively-designed cross-stitch kit in their box as well. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and sourced from small businesses and artisans in the UK, so you can help other women entrepreneurs at the same time you help yourself.

As Grace says. “We all need to take time for ourselves, and I hope that these boxes will encourage you to do just that.” We couldn’t agree more!

Plume: A Writer’s Companion

The founders -- and friends -- behind Plume know exactly what women writers need to generate good work. How? Melanie and Jennifer are writers themselves. The two besties met in a graduate program for creative writing in New Mexico and fell in love with the state so much that they decided to stay. However, they quickly found that carving out time for their writing became much harder after graduation. “‘Real life’ picked up speed, and we both experienced just how hard it was to maintain a writing community, as well as to stay inspired about our craft,” Melanie explains. “Writing is often a lonely and difficult pursuit, and for women, in particular, it is sometimes relegated to a back burner.”


From that experience -- and an entrepreneurship course she took at the local community college -- co-founder Melanie developed the concept for this unique subscription box. “Plume wants to support women and the important creative work that they do,” she says. Each monthly box is curated around a chapbook from an emerging woman writer, and the additional items you’ll receive are inspired by her work. In both the Petite and Plus boxes, subscribers receive a letter from that month’s featured author, writing prompts to inspire their own work, a featured tea, and assorted self-care products like stationery, artisanal chocolate, all-natural soap, or aromatherapy. Plus, subscribers receive a book as well.

As Melanie points out, “It’s so easy to put writing aside when you’re juggling different titles and responsibilities.” Unlike other productivity boxes, however, Plume “supports writing as a lifestyle, not as a road map to fame and fortune.” The co-founders refer to this mission as “Self-Care for the Creative Soul.” This intentionality can be seen in Plume’s curation, as most of their self-care products are sourced from New Mexico, a mecca for art and writing retreats. Not only does this help support local small businesses, but gives rise to the spirit of inspiration.

Plume’s ultimate goal, Melanie says, “is to build a creative community of women writers, lifting their literary spirits and unlocking their creative energy with a monthly, curated box of unique, inspirational items.” To that end, the business is thriving: Plume already has “a lively online community” where Melanie and Jennifer can post interviews with featured writers and guides on everything from “querying literary agents to participating in reading challenges.” Their community has grown so much that Jennifer and Melanie will publish an anthology of Plume’s letters from the author, titled Dear Writer, later this year. We couldn’t be more eager to see how the book turns out -- and watch Plume’s writership continue to grow.