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The vinyl record club for the musically curious and artistically adventurous!
Vinyl Record Club
Original Vintage Vinyl Records Monthly Mystery Box with (6) LP Albums
The Voice Box
Luxury products curated especially for singers, speakers, teachers, and anyone who has a voice!
Magic Room Brand
A monthly delivery of eco-friendly drumsticks and guitar picks.
The Era Of EDM Crate
Everything you need from the apparel to the gadgets & accessories for raves & festivals
Cassette Club

Get 3 hand-picked cassette tapes delivered to your door each month

Self Care & Stress Relief Calming Piano Music CD and Adult Coloring Page Relaxation Collection
Vinyl Record Subscription

A personally curated, monthly vinyl subscription service.

Guitar Crate
Guitar Crate is the subscription box for guitarists! Subscribe to get strings, gear, and greatness.
Records Club
Get 3 hand-picked vinyl records delivered to your door each month
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The Music Box
A New Way To Discover Music!

Discover new artists with our music subscription boxes! Whether you like to dance, play an instrument, or jam out to a good tune, you’ll be able to find a music crate that you love. Get a monthly delivery of products that will be perfect for your next music festival adventure, dust off your record player and sign up for a vinyl subscription box, or find the perfect gift for music lovers! You’ll be able to listen to oldies, goodies, and new songs that could quickly become your favorites! And if you like to enjoy a certain herb while you jam out, we've got some great 420 subscription boxes too!