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Pagan Altar Ego Box by Sage and Amethyst Photo 1Pagan Altar Ego Box by Sage and Amethyst Photo 1
Pagan Altar Ego Box by Sage and Amethyst

by Sage and Amethyst

12 reviews
Handcrafted & curated items for witches pagans, & other spiritualists. Crystals/Tools/Jewelry/Gifts
From $20.00 / box
A hand holding a smooth, rounded, blue crystal from the Crystal of the Month subscription box.A hand holding a smooth, rounded, blue crystal from the Crystal of the Month subscription box.
Crystal of the Month Box by Soul Gifts

by Soul Gifts - A Crystal Subscription Box

9 reviews
A new crystal sent to your door each month!
From $12.00$11.40 / box
Auroras Whimsical Boutique Photo 1Auroras Whimsical Boutique Photo 1
Auroras Whimsical Boutique
Curated to Inspire, Empower, & Encourage The Free Spirited and Intentional Authentic Woman In You💖
Monthly Mini AstroloGift Bag Photo 1Monthly Mini AstroloGift Bag Photo 1
Monthly Mini AstroloGift Bag

by AstroloLIFE

Monthly Moon Energy Gemstones, unique Mantra Card and Sage to clear your house for the full Moon.
From $22.92 / box
Monthly AstroloGIFT Bag Photo 1Monthly AstroloGIFT Bag Photo 1
Monthly AstroloGIFT Bag

by AstroloLIFE

It’s time to pamper your spirit. Your human gets enough attention.
From $45.00 / box
The Spirit Box Photo 1The Spirit Box Photo 1
The Spirit Box

by Sacred Moon Gems

strengthen your connection with the universe.
From $17.50 / box
Moon Box Subscription Photo 1Moon Box Subscription Photo 1
Moon Box Subscription

by MoonChild Co

Each box is curated to the monthly moon cycle & astrological calendar; sage, crystals, oils & more
From $23.33 / box
SpandexBox Photo 1SpandexBox Photo 1
85 reviews
ONLY $9. **CRAZY WEEK SALE** High quality active leggings delivery monthly. Value at $79.
From $22.99$7.04 / box
Geodes of The Month Box Photo 1Geodes of The Month Box Photo 1
Geodes of The Month Box

by Geode Club

Earth's natural treasure delivered right to your door. Geodes are educational & fun!
From $23.99 / box
Spiral Rain's Zodiac Box Photo 1Spiral Rain's Zodiac Box Photo 1
Spiral Rain's Zodiac Box

by Spiral Rain

Gift yourself or loved one with a relaxing, energizing, magickal, personalized experience!
From $118.00 / box
Sacred Space Crate Photo 1Sacred Space Crate Photo 1
Sold Out
Sacred Space Crate
45 reviews
Uniquely Spell Crafted items for the Wise Ones of the Craft
From $50.00 / box
Items from a Herbalism and Ceremony subscription box including small colored stones, oils and fragrances.Items from a Herbalism and Ceremony subscription box including small colored stones, oils and fragrances.
Sold Out
Herbalism & Ceremony
6 reviews
Herbalism & intention focused rituals, tools, and history for beginners and practitioners.
From $15.00 / box
Magical Box Photo 1Magical Box Photo 1
Sold Out
Magical Box
6 reviews
Box for lovers of all things magic, featuring alter supplies, spell jars, tarot decks, and jewelry
The Crone's Cottage Photo 1The Crone's Cottage Photo 1
Sold Out
The Crone's Cottage

by Cat and Crone

11 reviews
Ignite and delight your inner witch every month with a subscription box from the Crone's Cottage
From $55.00 / box
Faith on Fire Photo 1Faith on Fire Photo 1
Sold Out
Faith on Fire
14 reviews
A monthly box created to fire up your faith and encourage you to share your testimony with others.
From $15.95 / box
Purple Peacock Incense Box Photo 1Purple Peacock Incense Box Photo 1
Sold Out
Purple Peacock Incense Box
4 reviews
Incense Sticks and Incense Cones ~ Soy Candles ~ Handmade ~ Vegan ~ Natural
Luna's crafty magick Photo 1Luna's crafty magick Photo 1
Sold Out
Luna's crafty magick
1 review
Monthly delivery of witchy magick
MidnightMuses Box Photo 1MidnightMuses Box Photo 1
Sold Out
MidnightMuses Box

by MidnightMuses™ by SugarMuses®

13 reviews
A unique witchy box with an earthy, gothic style!
From $29.00 / box
SugarMuses® Photo 1SugarMuses® Photo 1
Sold Out
160 reviews
Handcrafted Magickal Monthly Offerings - "Be Brave. Be Powerful. Be Beautiful.™"
From $54.99 / box
Me Time Photo 1Me Time Photo 1
Sold Out
Me Time

by Better Dayz

4 reviews
A Self-Care box that promotes stress relief, good vibes, inner peace and balance.
From $22.92 / box
7SkyesofFire Photo 17SkyesofFire Photo 1
Sold Out
2 reviews
Discover new spells and rituals every month!
The Dark Moon Box Photo 1The Dark Moon Box Photo 1
Sold Out
The Dark Moon Box
2 reviews
Unique and handmade witchcraft tools, kits, and supplies
From $25.83 / box
An Artistic Adventure Photo 1An Artistic Adventure Photo 1
Sold Out
An Artistic Adventure
3 reviews
🎨Uplifting Fine Art Printed on Full Size Wearable & Household Items, to Inspire Joy & Stillness!
From $56.25$28.13 / box
Mystic's Chest Photo 1Mystic's Chest Photo 1
Sold Out
Mystic's Chest
2 reviews
A box of metaphysical thingabobs and whatchamacallits
From $39.58 / box

Make time to learn about magic, Wicca, and alternative spirituality with a high-quality spiritual subscription box or metaphysical subscription box. Try out new tarot card decks, smudge sticks, oils, and the other magic products found inwitch subscription boxes. A high-qualitycrystal subscription box delivers thoughtfully curated items and accessories every month for you to enjoy on your spiritual journey. If you’ve been thinking of exploring a metaphysical subscription box, a selection fromthe best witch subscription boxes for spiritual tools might be perfect for you. With a spiritual subscription box, it’s easy to explore your interest in magic and alternative spirituality products from home.