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Timber Edge Outdoors Photo 1Timber Edge Outdoors Photo 1
Timber Edge Outdoors
10 reviews
Fun and useful outdoor products, needed for every season!
From $39.99 / month
The Original Premium Cigar Club Photo 1The Original Premium Cigar Club Photo 1
The Original Premium Cigar Club
10 reviews
The Premium Cigar Club delivers 5 hand-rolled premium cigars in every shipment.
From $27.95 / month
The Bold Sock Pear Photo 1The Bold Sock Pear Photo 1
The Bold Sock Pear

by Threaded Pear

16 reviews
Amazing Socks | Free Delivery | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
From $13.33 / month
VictoryBox Photo 1VictoryBox Photo 1
31 reviews
#WinTheDay with VictoryBox's high quality men's accessories as low as $22.99 each month
From $22.99$18.39 / month
Box Of Jerks Photo 1Box Of Jerks Photo 1
Box Of Jerks
Take the ultimate craft beef jerky journey without leaving your doorstep.
From $22.75 / month
VINYL MOON Membership Photo 1VINYL MOON Membership Photo 1
VINYL MOON Membership


31 reviews
Discover the best new music and art with out-of-this-world vinyl and crazy deluxe package design.
From $27.00 / month
Novelty Necktie Subscription Club Photo 1Novelty Necktie Subscription Club Photo 1
Novelty Necktie Subscription Club
2 reviews
Novelty Necktie Subscription Club, Delivered Monthly
From $15.95$15.15 / month
A Say it With A Sock subscription box with the words No Drama, Just Llama and a pair of llama socks.A Say it With A Sock subscription box with the words No Drama, Just Llama and a pair of llama socks.
Fun Sock Subscription Box

by Say it with a Sock - Sock of the Month Club

50 reviews
Sock of the Month Club
From $11.99$9.59 / month
Bow Tie Club Photo 1Bow Tie Club Photo 1
Bow Tie Club

by Sharp Crisp Clean

4 reviews
Sharp Crisp Clean Bow Ties
From $50.00 / month
Chiefbox Photo 1Chiefbox Photo 1
2 reviews
If you 'borrow' your mates toothpaste, deodorant and shower gel. Essentials delivered monthly.
SoxCrate Photo 1SoxCrate Photo 1
4 reviews
Amazing designer socks delivered to your door for every gentlemen!
From $12.00$10.80 / month
My BBQ Box Photo 1My BBQ Box Photo 1
My BBQ Box
16 reviews
Monthly BBQ box includes a custom rub, detailed prep and cooking directions, and a BBQ accessory.
From $20.50$16.40 / month
Neoprene Koozie - U.S. Shipping Included Photo 1Neoprene Koozie - U.S. Shipping Included Photo 1
Neoprene Koozie - U.S. Shipping Included

by Cooler Can Monthly

6 reviews
Delivering limited edition koozies every month!
From $7.00 / month
Dad Day Box Photo 1Dad Day Box Photo 1
Dad Day Box
Dad Day Box is monthly box that provides a full day's worth of activities to dads and their kids
From $45.00 / month
The Tie Bar Photo 1The Tie Bar Photo 1
The Tie Bar
1 review
Receive stylish new ties or socks from The Tie Bar's bestselling selection every season.
From $16.58 / month
Pub Shirt Club Photo 1Pub Shirt Club Photo 1
Pub Shirt Club
36 reviews
Limited edition, custom-designed Irish pub t-shirt delivered every month
From $22.00 / month
Daddy and Me Photo 1Daddy and Me Photo 1
Daddy and Me
1 review
Tools for dads to access in order to create bonding time with their new babies
From €42.11€37.90 / box
The Sock And Jock Box Photo 1The Sock And Jock Box Photo 1
The Sock And Jock Box
1 review
A fashionable monthly box packed with a pair of matching socks and men’s boxer shorts.
From $9.00 / month
On Par Golf Balls Photo 1On Par Golf Balls Photo 1
On Par Golf Balls
2 reviews
Mint Condition Used Golf Balls
From $29.17 / month
Fit Lifestyle Box Photo 1Fit Lifestyle Box Photo 1
Fit Lifestyle Box
33 reviews
Best Monthly Fitness Subscription Box for Men and Women
From $21.00$16.00 / month
Nativo Beef Jerky Photo 1Nativo Beef Jerky Photo 1
Nativo Beef Jerky
Monthly Beef Jerky Box will arrive at your door every month containing a variety of flavors!
From $21.00 / month
No-Gi Surprise Photo 1No-Gi Surprise Photo 1
No-Gi Surprise
7 reviews
High end training and recovery tools sent to your door as a monthly surprise!
From $42.00$37.80 / month
Monthly Premium Cause T-Shirt Photo 1Monthly Premium Cause T-Shirt Photo 1
Monthly Premium Cause T-Shirt

by Represent

19 reviews
Monthly Premium T-Shirt with a new design. With every shirt sent out supporting a new charity.
From $13.33$11.08 / month
Items from a Diesel Crate subscription box, including all purpose cleaner, fuel injection cleaner, hand soap and more.Items from a Diesel Crate subscription box, including all purpose cleaner, fuel injection cleaner, hand soap and more.
Diesel Crate
14 reviews
A monthly subscription box for Diesel Enthusiasts containing apparel, additives, and much more!!
From $7.00$5.95 / month

Looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for guy? Men’s subscription boxes are a fun and convenient way to help the man in your life enjoy his favorite hobbies, explore new interests, or build a great collection. Spruce up his tie collection and give him on-trend lifestyle products with subscription boxes for men’s accessories. Outdoorsmen will love the hiking, camping, and fishing goodies in outdoors subscription boxes each month. The best gift subscription boxes for men make shopping for holidays like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays easier than ever.