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The American Cocktail Club is a premium cocktail subscription box that curates all-natural and world class cocktails. Being part of the Club is like having the coveted seat at a high level mixology bar. This box contain 4 servings curated by award-winning mixologists around the USA.

  • The art of Mixology - Simplified! Hand crafted by expert Mixologists.

  • Incredibly unique, natural, fresh, low calorie, low sugar juice blends

About the Smokin' Margarita Box:

The Smokin’ Margarita is our take on one of the most popular cocktails in the world, the Margarita. We use organic lime juice, organic agave nectar as the sweetener and spice it up with some smoked hickory, chipotle chili, and maple notes.

About American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club

You’ve heard of mixology—the intimidating art of blending sweet, sour, bitter and salty notes to create an out-of-the-ordinary cocktail. It’s definitely the evolution of alcoholic beverages. But it’s an evolution that’s been available only to a few, until the American Cocktail Club.

The American Cocktail Club is our way of curating exclusive Michelin-star quality cocktails for customers in the comfort of their home. Join us as we take you on a flavor adventure. Cheers.