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Exciting projects and experiments in Veterinary Medicine!

  • EXPLORE ANIMAL EAR INFECTIONS as you learn how yeast can infect an animal’s ears. Construct an Origami Microscope(The Foldscope ), learn how to collect specimens, and prepare dry and wet mount slides. Hunt for yeast in your pet's ear and observe the fungi under the microscope.

  • ENGAGE AND ENLIGHTEN as you bake your own dog treats and create a pet ear solution in our Secret Formula section. Take part in our real suturing workshop.

  • BUILD AND DISCOVER how a heart pump works, in our engineering /technology build. Learn how pigs share a number of traits with humans.

  • 22 PAGE FULL-COLOR ACTIVITY MANUAL details all the exciting experiments and activities. Also included, 24 Micro Experiments and Observations, scientists who inspire, science quotes and riddles, and a splash of science fiction. Don’t forget to look for the SCIENCE SURPRISE!

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: For more than 20 years, Club Scikidz has provided engaging and fun STEM experiments and projects to young scientists and engineers around the world. Perfect for homeschool science!

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Club SciKidz

Club Scikidz specializes in sending engaging and fun career-related science kits each month! Each lab kit is a comprehensive collection of STEM-based hands-on activities, experiments, and projects that will help young scientists and engineers explore the wonders of the world around them. Topics include everything from Astronomy to Vet Medicine!