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Murder Mystery Game in a Box

A Killing Affair games are just like watching your favorite TV show. You will start with Season 1, Episode 1, and all seasons are 5 episodes long. Each month you will work through secret messages, hidden clues, and evidence, all while eliminating suspects. Once you have your final episode, you will have everything you need to convict the killer.
  • For ages 12 and up; best played in a small group
  • Monthly subscription; receive an “episode” every month; each “season” is 5 episodes long; cancel anytime
  • Internet access is required to engage with an immersive online experience
  • Every episode is packed with hours of gameplay, puzzles, ciphers, and more
  • As a team of investigators, your job is review evidence and case files to eliminate suspects, uncover motive, and eventually solve the mystery

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