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Our March Ayurvedic Wellness Box is packed with holistic wellness supplies to help you feel aligned in body, mind and spirit: Please note the Carnelian stone may be substituted for Ruby in Fuchsite based on availability.

Idiots Guide to Ayurveda by Sahara Rose - $20 Value

An easy introduction to the ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda.

PAAVANI Tridoshic Spritzer - $12 Value

Aromatherapy mist for harmonizing all three doshas featuring lavender, geranium, orange & cedar.

Copper Cup Turmeric Latte - $19 Value

Mix this golden milk powder into hot water or your favorite mylk to help reduce inflammation in your body.

Genieco Sandalwood Incense Cones - $2 Value

Burn these incense cones to create a calm and meditative environment.

Copper Tongue Scraper - $10 Value

Run this over your tongue each morning to remove buildup and bacteria from your mouth.

Balanced Guru Scalp Treatment - $11.50 Value

Relax your mind and body with a gentle head massage using this scalp treatment that delivers nourishing botanicals straight to your roots.

Ahimsa Essentials Zen Oil Blend - $13 Value

Add a few drops of this lavender, peppermint & bergamot oil blend to your diffuser, oil burner or body oil to balance the emotional body.

Carnelian - $2 Value

Good for Pitta imbalance, this stone promotes self-empowerment, boosts willpower, enhances vitality and amplifies life force energy.

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.